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Fan Comments of the Week, Feb. 25 to Mar. 1, 2013

fan commentsA few weeks back we announced that we would begin giving out free stuff to our readers who posted the best comments every week. We’re happy to say that comments are at an all-time high on WNZ. Thanks to everyone for stepping it up and providing some great discussion.

There were many great discussions on the site this week. Here are some of the best:


“To be honest, I think this whole celebrity wing shouldn’t exist in the hall of fame. I understand its purpose, and why the WWE does this. Business-wse it’s understandable, but I’m not the Hollywood/celebrity type of guy and I’m not sure a lot of passionate wrestling fans don’t want these celebrities being inducted either. In my opinion wrestling should be all about wrestlers and people who truly share passion in this industry. Not about those who temporarily popped their ratings… I’d like to see the celebrity wing gone. Wrestling legends is what it’s really supposed to be about.”

“I don’t think there’s a wrestling fan born in the 80’s who hasn’t reenacted the Savage/Steamboat match a dozen times as a kid. I can’t count the times I suffered a Macho Man Elbow from my brother off the top bunk… I mean rope.”

“It’s to the point now where The Streak is bigger than the title match at WrestleMania. It should never be broken. His streak is what makes WrestleMania stand out and be such a big event…”

“Yes The Streak is great but truth is Undertaker has never wrestled some of the biggest stars in WWE history. That’s why he’s undefeated. A lot of people who faced Undertaker at WM were either midcarders, jobbers or just too old to end to end The Streak. For example:

– Big Boss Man (R.I.P). Big Boss Man was a midcarder his entire career. There’s no way he could beat Undertaker at WM

– Big Show and A-Train (Tensai). Big Show is a man that always loses big matches. He rarely wins when it matters the most. His WM record is a joke and Tensai aka A-Train or Albert is a joke so beating these men is not impressive or something to be proud of.

– Giant Gonzales. A man who never accomplished anything in WWE. Even Khali is a former World Champion.

– Mark Henry. He was a jobber back in 2006. Hall Of Pain didnt exist back then.

Ric Flair, HBK and HHH. Too old to end The Streak.

Orton. Too young to end it. He was only 24. He was also just a midcarder back then.

I would respect The Streak a lot more if Undertaker was able to beat these men at WM:

-Stone Cold (face of the WWE 1998-2000)
-The Rock (face of the WWE 2000-2002 and big movie star)
-Bret Hart (face of the company 1994-1997)
-Hulk Hogan (most overrated wrestler ever)
-John Cena (most overrated now)
-Brock Lesnar (WWE and UFC legend)

Clearly Undertaker hasnt beaten the biggest stars of each era since his debut in 1990.”


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Remember: debate and arguments are encouraged, as long as there’s a level of mutual respect. Attack the opinion, not the person. If you want to win a debate, the best way is to make a solid case for your opinion; the worst way is through name-calling.

Did we miss anyone? Share your thoughts and favorite comments below. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Rahul Aijaz

    Well, I just so want to disagree with DoingMaThing because no one ought to speak against the Streak but man, you’ve got a point.

  • CMmox

    I don’t tend to agree with his thoughts when it comes to Punk-Rock debate, but I admit that he usually has good points when it comes to other wrestling matters. Congrats on winning comment of the week!

    • DoingMaThing

      Thanks man

  • Danny Morgan

    I have a lot of things I wanna get off my chest . .

    I don’t hate your comments doingma thing, I dont even dislike them, infact i like them a hell of a lot more than most of the other comments on here. I hate this idea that your comment is the best because its not – my comments are the best! but there is one thing your better at that I am and thats kissing admins ass, your as a good as ass kisser as chelsi was not sure you as good as lisa though shes a pretty good ass kisser. always was and still is ;) I am the best comment poster in the world. I’ve been the best in the world since day one when I first commented on this site and I’ve been vilafied and hated since that day because . . .
    haha hope u like what i did there. well done doingma thing always has comments worth reading

    • CMmox

      Nice try copying CM Punk. But the fact is YOU’RE NOT! Let the guy have his moment he sure as hell earned it with his comment.

  • zip

    I wouldn’t give DoingMaThing anything if you take his continued flame and insult posts into account. Trolls shouldn’t be rewarded.

    • DoingMaThing

      I’m not a troll Zip. You just don’t like me and i don’t care

  • Dalathan

    DoingMaThing made some good points, but such a disrespectful person should never be awarded, he has earned the kind of reputation that he deserves. In my opinion Sean Patrick should have won, I think a lot of Golden Era fans could reflect to his comment, it even made me smile as I remember reanacting those matches myself.

  • Chelsii

    Considering I refuted his comment that it wasn’t very thought out, this is a crock of brown stuff.

  • Guest

    Congrats to DoingMaThing well deserved, Buddy!!! I am maybe to aggresive or to angry about WWE’s current booking to be mentioned here with one of my comments, am I?

  • Thatoneperson

    I’ve been trolled by the WNZ staff.

  • Sean Patrick

    Great comment, but I think DMT just became the Jack Swagger of WNZ: Breaks all the rules set forth, but is doing something good RIGHT NOW and thus rewarded. But bottom line, a comment that deserves the top honors this week. Well done.

    • CMmox

      Great comparison.

    • Rob

      What is he doing that’s good?

      • Jerichoholic3

        Apparently “HisThang” lol

  • Demetri G.

    DoingMaThing, or anyone else, should NOT insult the Undertaker’s streak. So what if some of the victories were against wrestlers like Giant Gonzalez or Mark Henry before the hall of pain? Wrestling results are fixed before the match, usually by Vince Mcmahon himself to determine where a feud or story is going. What makes the Undertaker’s streak special is that becauae of the previously mentioned backstage politics, it will be almost impossible to break. Had Undertaker faced Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 8 or Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 9, backstage politics would have caused him to end up losing. If someone were to start a new “streak” at Wrestlemania, he would almost certainly run into a backstage decision in which he is booked to lose to John Cena, or someone else who the company feels can’t lose because they are the top star. Undertaker was lucky because he was able to avoid that until his streak became so big, that you couldn’t play booking politics with it. Instead, all you can do is feed him the next big name. In closing, while Shawn Michaels and Triple H were old and near or at the end of their careers when they faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, they still made the fans watching think the streak was going to end. How many people were sure that Shawn Michaels, Mr. Wrestlemania, would lose and be forced to retire? I look forward to tge Undertaker’s match this year, against CM Punk. Maybe this will be the year the streak ends? Either way, it is going to be exciting!

    • DoingMaThing

      I just wanna say that i did not insult the streak. It’s my opinion

      • Chelsii


        • DoingMaThing

          How am i a coward Chelsii? I say things that no one else has the balls to say. The Streak is great but not the greatest thing ever in pro wrestling.

          • Chelsii

            Because you reply to everyone except me when I stated I took apart your ‘opinion’.

          • DoingMaThing

            And…what do you want me to say? As always, you don’t agree with my opinion and that’s ok because you dont have to.

      • Y2J

        You did insult the streak, idiot.

        • DoingMaThing

          I didn’t insult the streak. Stop being butthurt

          • Y2J

            “A lot of people who face Undertaker at WM were either midcarders, jobbers or just to old to end to end The Streak” is insulting it, moron. BTW, you should proof-read.

          • DoingMaThing

            Dude how is that insulting it? It’s the truth and i explained why. Big Boss Man was a midcarder, fact. A-Train, now known as Tensai was and still is a jobber, fact. Ric Flair was too old to end it, fact.

            Stop being so sensitive man. Just because it’s Undertaker doesn’t mean i should just worship him. The Streak is great but not as great as people think. It could have been better.

          • Y2J

            What do you thing is “greater” then the Streak? The Rock?

          • DoingMaThing

            You honestly believe a streak is better than Rock’s entire career? I get it, you hate The Rock but enough is enough. You need to be realistic.

            Undertaker himself is better than the streak. Wrestlemania is greater than the streak. Bruno Sammartino’s reign as WWE Champion was greater.

          • Y2J

            Actually, I love The Rock, peice of sh!t. But, the 22 year Streak, is better then The Rock’s 6 year carrer. And I’m talking about The Rock, not the 100% fail Rocky Maivia.

          • DoingMaThing

            Just because The Streak has lasted longer doesn’t mean it’s better dude. People didn’t care about The Streak before 2005, but The Rock became an Icon in just 6 years. The Rock has made a bigger impact. The Streak didn’t safe WWE from WCW, it was Rock and Austin who did that.

            Rocky Maivia didn’t fail. Rocky Maivia won the IC Title 2 times and was IC Champion for a long time. How is that 100% fail?

            Seems like you can’t spell or do math bro. The correct spelling is piece and career. You need to proof-read lol. Also The Rock’s WWE career lasted for 8 years now if you exclude Rocky Maivia, not 6. Since Rocky Maivia wasn’t a failure, I will include his 2 year run and make it 10 years in total. Part-time career counts too you know lol.

          • Y2J

            You’re fúcking idiot and I’m done with you. I can’t stand people who think, because (in this case) it’s not The Rock, it’s worthless.

          • DoingMaThing

            I didnt say its worthless, stop being so sensitive dude.

  • Rob

    Lost all respect for this website…

  • Y2J

    Fúcking bullshìt that this åssclown DoingMaThing wins anything. Fúck you WNZ. I’m done with your shìt.

    • Rob

      Finally more outrage…. this is insane

      • Y2J

        Insane that he won anything? Yeah, I know.

  • Steve Lord

    I have one question ? How is Triple H too old when he is five years younger than the Undertaker ? and Shawn and Undertaker are the same age ?

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