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Fan Comments of the Week, Mar. 11 to Mar. 15, 2013

fan commentsA few weeks back we announced that we would begin giving out free stuff to our readers who posted the best comments every week. We’re happy to say that comments are at an all-time high on WNZ. Thanks to everyone for stepping it up and providing some great discussion.

Once again, there were many great discussions on the site this week. Here are some of the best:


“I didn’t even notice they weren’t there and to be honest who cares. The feud for CM Punk and Undertaker is starting to shape up really well.”


“I can’t “blame” Maddox but how can you send a guy SOOOO awkward out there in front of people. I know people like him but really?

I don’t think Vince should ever have anyone “bury” a segment because burying anything and anyone isn’t going to help the situation.”


“The reason they keep having rematches year after year at Wrestlemania (ie Taker-HBK, Taker-HHH, Rock-Cena) is because the WWE roster has a severe lack of depth and they only have a handful of guys worthy of being in high stakes matches at Mania. And to think we were also very close to getting another Taker-Orton match. As a result I have stopped ordering Mania and if more people do the same WWE stands to lose A LOT of revenue trying to bank on these lousy rematches. If they were able to book more compelling matches I might start watching again.”

And the winner this week comes from a post that had many great comments…


“The Zab/Swagger angle, while definitely fresh and intriguing, is too one-dimensional for my taste. This is mainly because it will only illicit responses from certain places while it shall mean nothing (hence the ‘boring’ chants) to other people.

I mean will Del Rio be cheered as much (And Zeb/Swagger hated as much) in the Northern states or even when WWE goes to Canada or to some other overseas country (Like Australia or UK)?

At least gimmicks like Ryback (Hungry predator), Shield (Revolutionaries), CM Punk (Anti-Hero), Ziggler (Show off) and Daniel Bryan (Nerd) speak a more universal language.

There were other gimmicks in the past which catered to a certain demographic like Bret circa 1997, Luger Circa 1993 and Muhammad Hassan/Daivari but in those cases it was relatively easy to choose sides. In Zab/Swagger’s case the WWE isn’t giving ‘most’ of the people, ‘much’ to care about…. Plus Swagger was never ‘over’ to begin with.”


Congratulations, Syed Omair Rehman! Please e-mail us at to verify your identity and give us your mailing address.

Remember: debate and arguments are encouraged, as long as there’s a level of mutual respect. Attack the opinion, not the person. If you want to win a debate, the best way is to make a solid case for your opinion; the worst way is through name-calling.

Did we miss anyone? Share your thoughts and favorite comments below. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Keep up the awesome work!

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  • IamLisa

    This is the last time I’ve read this. I don’t think there’s fairness in the selection of the comments of the week.
    So yeah, I’m done with it.
    And before some idiots start making their stupid conclusions on this matter, my decision isn’t based on the fact that I’ve never even got an honorable mention. I just don’t think it’s credible at all.
    And by the way, WNZ Staff, despite the fact that I’ll keep posting comments on this site, I do not wish to ever be in the running for ‘comment(s) of the week.’ So no matter what, do NOT include me.

    • Thatoneperson

      Don’t worry you’d never win anyway. Have a good day.

    • Marc Middleton

      You came very, very close to getting a mention this week Lisa. But we’re trying not to feature comments that lead to a “flame war” and your best comment this week did just that.

      • Thatoneperson

        If y’all were to EVER feature her comments, myself and a lot of others on here would lose a lot of respect for this site.

      • Rob

        If Lisa is ever on this list then it would mean nothing.

    • Rob

      Who cares

    • Rg41982

      Damn. Get her a award before she jumps.

      • Y2J

        Hell no! Let the b!tch jump. .

  • Y2J

    Two of these four don’t deserve to be on here, IMO.

    • Thatoneperson


  • Gortex

    congrats everyone mentioned and to Syed for winning

    • Thatoneperson


  • Jason Michael Lockett

    Eh, my post about Bearer wasn’t mentioned, but no biggie. I’ll still be reading, still be commenting.

    • Y2J

      Hell no! Let the b!tch jump.

      EDIT: Sorry, wrong person!

  • JH

    Maybe they have such a problem with roster depth because they always put Cena in the main event of everything at every almost every pay per view and rarely let any of the younger talent really shine in big spots. For example a few weeks back when a cena promo was the main event and they spent a good 10 minutes of the show trying to promote Cena’s promo, while they kept Ziggler off the show completely.

  • Chelsii

    So many children who want their macaroni picture put on the fridge. You weren’t on it, deal with it.

  • Jerichoholic3

    is it just me, or is the people who win these things people you have never heard of before, or people who just rarely ever comment.

    • CMmox


      • Jerichoholic3

        I know they aren’t, but it kind of makes you think they are rigged! but I don’t see them doing that

        • CMmox

          Neither do I, but the thing is people that usually comment don’t get anything and that is an injustice IMO. BELIEVE IN THE VIRTUAL SHIELD!

          • Darsow44

            the site has only been doing this for a couple of weeks, so it’s kind of early for people to be feeling butthurt about not winning…

          • CMmox

            lol I’m not. I’m just saying…
            I will keep commenting no matter what, because I like the site.

          • Jerichoholic3

            Hey, im not complaining, id rather someone i don’t know win than lisa, but i want to see some of the originals win, like rob or XxwindsofchangexX, even chelsii deserves it, the people that have been here more than a year

          • Rob