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Fan Comments of the Week, Mar. 4 to Mar. 8, 2013

fan commentsA few weeks back we announced that we would begin giving out free stuff to our readers who posted the best comments every week. We’re happy to say that comments are at an all-time high on WNZ. Thanks to everyone for stepping it up and providing some great discussion.

There were many great discussions on the site this week. Here are some of the best:


“I’m all for nostalgia but I really think the ECW ‘reunions’ are more of a dead horse than anything else.

The way I look at it is this; nobody loved ECW more than Paul Heyman and he accepted ECW’s death long ago. If Heyman can move on, then so should everybody else.

Sure, nostalgia is great. But equally, nostalgia is also the lifeblood of Hulk Hogan. Does anybody want to see Hogan take up precious airtime on TNA television purely for nostalgia?

-You be the judge.

ECW has been revived and relived back to death.
This dead horse needs to be given some dignity and be buried once and for all.”


“To the point that Booker T’s induction may be overlooked in favor of some of the bigger names in this year’s class… keep in mind that Booker T, more than likely to enjoy being shilled as “the Hall of Famer” as long as he’s got that GM role – or any role, for that matter. We certainly won’t forget that Booker T’s in the Hall of Fame, if for no other reason that WWE won’t let us forget it.

And as for who inducts him this year – or whatever year – the first and most obvious pick would be Stevie Ray. But if I were to offer a couple of dark horse (because perhaps WWE might take issue with the fact that Stevie Ray was never actually IN WWE) candidate, it would be Ron Simmons. That said, that would probably be the ’emergency’ option, as I don’t believe there’s any reason Stevie Ray wouldn’t be able or willing to do it.”


“Problem is vince can’t put the big stars on the sidelines like they used too. Stars use to leave for a while and let other up and comers get bigger. Then again WCW was here and some would leave for that. But point is Cena needs to go, he is way passed his stay. He is boring, fans boo you and your the face of the company. he don’t want to turn heel because he has to kiss babies, its silly. Big Show and Shamus need to take a break and let Zig, get a push, hell make Brodus Clay and Sweet T more of a threat, Get Miz and Ryder as a tag team or something and have PTP stop jobbing so we can make the tag belts feel good again. There is no competition for team hell no. that team is to damn good. Get Orton as a Good as Heel and use him while he is still young, Get CMPunk turn face Rebel again and well we will be close to good action. Stop the part time wrestlers, it was cool one time now all the time it is silly. Bring back stables, remmeber when there was like the nation, H foundation,DX, and much more all at the same time. It was a great way to utilize low card talent. Oh and better writers. and ideas FAn…Dango? Really.”


“Would everyone give this character a chance. Johnny Curtis is really entertaining and play a lot of different characters. He has been groomed for a while and is ready for his shot.

You guys remember Idol Stevens and Michelle McCool having a tag team. Yeah thought not, I actually watched them and remember them about as much as Chris Harris in WWE. But funny how that same guy is now, Damien Sandow. One of the biggest rising star in WWE.

Sheamus, Sandow, and now Fandango seem to be creations of HHH and with being trained by Killer Kowalski just gives him even more of an in.
The character doesn’t make the star, the star will make the characer, no matter how bad.”


“Paul is without a doubt one of my fav mangers i woke up this morning saw that and just got up and left my computer he will be missed by alot of fans and by myself look im sure taker wouldent have done all to good in the end without paul for those years so paul/ percy here is one for you ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”


“Due to taker never breaking character, it would mean that much more if taker did the induction. It would show how important everybody at wwe saw him to allow taker to break character.”


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Did we miss anyone? Share your thoughts and favorite comments below. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. Keep up the awesome work!

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