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Fan Comments of the Week: September 28-October 3

Another week in the books, and what a week it was. We are in the home stretch leading up to Battleground, and the WWE, at least on paper, has put together a pretty solid and absolutely intriguing card thus far.

Without further adieu, here are some of the best fan comments from the past week:

From Jonathan Essington’s Viper Reborn :

The Devourer of Dimensions: “Because Orton’s best work has always been heel, his best reactions have always been heel and his best promos have always been heel. Orton might be in the top 5 heels of the last 10-15 years”

From Alex Giardini’s  The Best WWE Talent Under 30:

Poppy’s Hammer: “It’s funny how Darren Young is on there, considering WWE is only pushing him since he came out of the closet and they are milking it until the cow runs dry. So many other options out there, but I guess going for the obvious ones helps cover the casual watchers.

Also this Chelsii and Mrs. Ambrose feud is hilarious.”

From Jonathan Essington’s  Challengers for the Intercontinental Title:

Abudadein :”No, I agree, Ryback is a bona fide monster in a similar vein to guys like Batista, Lord Humongous, and Nikita Koloff, who came before him. Sadly, I think it will be Curtis Axel who finds himself lost in the shuffle — like Ted DiBiase Jr. — within a few months, and it will be Ryback headlining as he continues to gain momentum and show his capabilities in the ring. That’s my prediction”

From Alex Giardini’s 10 Most Underrated or forgotten stables:

Sean Patrik : “Don’t see how Brood is underrated or forgotten when it launched one of the Top 5 tag teams of all time. And the Nexus simultaneously launched a whole generation of Superstars, one of which has his own stable now in Slater, another being the current IC champ, and one being the first openly gay WWE star.”


Sonik:  “What about the APPLE (Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything)? It consisted 2 future World Champs (Henry, Bryan), future WWE Champ (Bryan), future US Champ (Marella) and future Tag Team Champ (Bourne)”

From Alex Giardini’s Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Biggest Flops in WWE

Bork Lazer Living Legend : “I loved umaga. During the first year and a half after his debut he monsterous and devastating I thought he might actually injure someone. He was a lot more agile than most men his size and was really fast paced and aggressive. I think he could’ve been a convincing WHC but WWE ended up making him lose more and more each month. Similar to how they did with the great Khali. Khali was so dominating in the first year of his WWE tenure, then he started losing. Then he started losing more and more and more, now we are stuck with dancing Khali and that has irreversibly damaged his reputation and I don’t think he could ever return to his once monsterous form.”

From my own Examining the ECW Influence :

Joseph_Rocha “ECW had some great tag teams with the Eliminators, the Dudleys, the original FBI, the Pitbulls, the Gangstas, and Public Enemy (RIP Rocco and Jonny). If only the WWE could currently have half as many dynamic tag teams….”

And….drum roll please…this week’s comment of the week came from…The Devourer of Dimensions!

Congratulations, Devourer! Please e-mail us at to verify your identity and give us your mailing address.

Please keep the debates and discussions going, but keep it clean and respectful. Much better to attack the opinion as opposed to the individual making the point. If you are looking to win the argument, make a good case with valid points, not derogatory comments. Let’s keep it entertaining folks!

Have a favorite comment from this week that wasn’t included?  Chime in with your opinions!

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  • puckdinah1

    Congrats Devourer!

  • TheHotDogKing1

    A few things

    Why do get the sense that the WWE is already starting to forget about Axel? Having him play second fiddle to Ryback in this Punk/Heyman feud does nothing for him, IMO. He’s getting quickly lost in the shuffle because Heyman’s dynamic and Ryback looks like the monster heel. Like he was on Monday, more and more, he’s being the fall guy.

    Umaga was great. He convinced the world that a thumb spike could be devastating dangerous. Nothing more needs to be said.
    Never heard of APPLE before. Must google them and find out more.

    • puckdinah1

      i agree on Axel….i think as the IC champ, he should be getting a lot more pissed off that he is in that role. he’s a title holder…he should be in a position of prominence, and he’s not.

      either have one turn on the other and set that up, or break away from heyman and shine.

  • CatchWrestler

    I think Darren Young has talent, there’s no question about it. However coming out played a major role in his push. We’ll only see his true abilities to draw once he is a singles competitor.

  • Joseph_Rocha

    ECW’s best tag team was Justin Credible and Lance Storm…a great clash of styles combined to make a great team

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