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Farewell League of Nations

In case you missed SmackDown last week, you missed the implosion of the League of Nations. The group, which had already tossed aside King Barrett a few weeks back, decided to just beat the hell out of themselves, thus ending what was a bizarre and relatively pointless run as a faction. I can’t say that I will miss them.

What’s most frustrating to me about this coming to an end? The group had a chance to be something interesting. I would have never imagined these four guys getting together, but they did, and it should have worked. Did they goof by becoming corporate stooges? Or were they just not villainous enough? Should Del Rio have been the lead dog, instead of Sheamus? The answer could be any of those. Or all of those. Or even none of those.

Look, I never expected much from the Leauge, because individually, none of them had a really amazing hook. Oh sure, Sheamus and Del Rio each held the world title at one time or another, and Del Rio and Rusev had a run or two as a minor champion, but no one really ever cared about them, did they? No favors were done when they ended up doing the bidding of The Authority, a move which, in my eyes, castrated the League, something I don’t think they ever came back from.

Ultimately, these four (or three) could have been a lot more, could have done a lot more, than they ever had a chance to do. Did they perhaps need a manager? Did they need to be more vicious and assertive? Any one of those probably could have helped them avoid being a fizzled mid-card attraction, but that’s what they ended up being. Considering how their formation and introduction to us went, they went out rather meekly.

Farewell, League of Nations. We hardly knew ya. We certainly never got to see you live up to your full potential.

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  • Dorathy

    Rusev looks like Sheamus’ girlfriend in that picture lol! Another great article John!

  • Meg Matthews

    Good riddance

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