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Fastlane: 5 Things That Will Happen

Fastlane is this Sunday and the WWE looks to have most of the card complete. This is the time when we use our own knowledge of wrestling to predict some outcomes. Here are 5 things that will happen by the time Fastlane concludes.
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    I kind of dig the idea of Strowman going solo,its easy to say he’s boring and what not when he’s in the shadow of the wyatts. If he flops on his own then we know,but can’t be sure until its tried. #BROTHER

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      I think he’ll flop lol


        He might,but what if there’s a diamond hidden inside of Shrek that just hasn’t been squeezed out yet?

        • MikeLo #NewNation

          We’ll see soon

    • biz

      I would rather see Harper Rowan and braun all turn on bray. Harper leading the sheep would be cool and a face Wyatt tackling his former family would be golden.


        I feel like bray deserves a title,but for whatever reason he is always losing. The way he is being booked reminds me of an older guy that’s just there to put over younger talent.

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I doubt there will be miscommunication

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Luke Harper need to go solo

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i like him with rowan. make a great, believable team.

  • MEH

    Too soon for Strowman to go solo plus he’s too green! He needs to continue improving for the push he will get with Brock possibly at SummerSlam.

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