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Fastlane Main Event: Why Brock Lesnar Should Win

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As we skip along the Road to Wrestlemania, I’m feeling ever so conflicted about the outcome of the Fastlane main event match. Should the winner be Dean Ambrose, as the former Shield member has obviously built the most momentum, as it relates to the WWE Universe, in recent months. Should it be Roman Reigns? He has come a long way in a year, and it seems the WWE higher ups are doing everything to help him become the top dog of the company. Today, I’ll dive into why Brock Lesnar winning Fastlane’s main event makes the most sense. Here’s why:

Needs A Solid Win

Let’s face it, 2015 was not a stellar year for the Beast Incarnate. He lost his title at Wrestlemania 31 (albeit, he wasn’t pinned); he lost his chance to recapture that title at the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV); and he lost to The Undertaker at SummerSlam. Sure, he gained some redemption in October at Hell in a Cell; but I feel like a force that use to be unstoppable, seems pretty mediocre (at best) lately. His performance at the 2016 Royal Rumble was okay, but losing at the hands of the Wyatt family has turned Lesnar into a victim, and in a lot of ways, lessens what his character is all about. As a prize fighter, he should be considered a contender, and by winning the main event match at Fastlane, the WWE could really turn things around for Lesnar’s character. He simply seems to be screwed out of every opportunity lately; not the Lesnar I remember from 2014, and early 2015.

Change In Storyline Plans

While it seems that the plan continues to be Roman Reigns versus Triple H to main event Wrestlemania 32; wouldn’t it be nice if the WWE switched things up a bit? Saying, hypothetically, if the Shield brothers turned on the each other, passing on an easy win to Lesnar; where we would see Roman Reigns versus Dean Ambrose, and World Heavyweight Champion HHH versus The Beast Incarnate? Sure, we’ve seen H and Lesnar go toe-to-toe before, but it wouldn’t take much to hype up another bout against these two; especially if Paul Heyman got involved. We are talking about Triple H, now COO of the company versus Lesnar. And wouldn’t it be worth it, to see a solid feud, and match against Reigns and Ambrose?


Raise your hand if you think Bray Wyatt and his clan are going to cost Lesnar this match, and an opportunity to head to Wrestlemania’s main event. I’m pretty I’d see plenty of hands up in the air right now. With the way the story has been unfolding (both during the Rumble, and on television); the outcome seems so predictable. There is plenty of time for Lesnar to face the Wyatt Family; and wouldn’t it be a program better saved for after Wrestlemania? Lesnar wins the WWE title at WM 32, and then gets attack by the cult clan; with Wyatt having his sights set on changing the face of the WWE, into something less mainstream. Whether the Wyatts succeed or fail, the program would have a little more meaning to it. Right now, it’s being set up (much like most Wyatt family programs), that the clan is just attacking another superstar, for no real, concrete reason.

What are your thoughts WNZ fans? Should Brock Lesnar win Fastlane’s main event match?

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Brock vs Bray at Wrestlemania will happen but not for the title. If it was for the title then yeah you would have some people talking about it and hyping it up.

    Ambrose winning the Triple Threat match at Fastlane will be a shocker to me but yet refreshing. I just don’t think it will happen.

    To me, it’s obvious that they’re settling with Roman to have his Wrestlemania moment this year. If they’re going to close out Wrestlemania with Roman vs HHH for the title, then they better pull out everything to make the match memorable and recognized especially for Roman. If it means getting more people involved (such as HBK and The Rock) for the match then go for it because people are already predicting the outcome of the story and the match lol.

  • Jakerams

    I just hope they keep Bray to his character. “Anyone but you Roman” If The Wyatts screw Brock they should also screw Reigns out of his opportunity also. He was just saying it a few weeks back anyone but you Roman. Even though I hate Ambrose he seems like the logical choice if you think about The Wyatts motives.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      that quote should have been a shirt wwe sold.

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