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Fastlane Main Event: Why Dean Ambrose Should Win

So I recently wrote an article about Fastlane’s main event, and why Brock Lesnar should win the match, and move on to headline Wrestlemania 32. I’m never one to not look at all sides of any situation, and also out of the respect I have for WNZ’s fan base, and their perspective, I’m going to dive into why Dean Ambrose should emerge the victor at Fastlane’s main event, this time around.

He’s Over With The Fans

Dean Ambrose reminds me of Austin Powers: the women want to be with him, and the men want to be him. But all joking aside, that is where their similarities end. In all seriousness, I know the WWE is smitten with Roman Reigns right now, and he has achieved tremendous strides within his fan base over the past year. However, Dean Ambrose is popular with the men, ladies, and the children; which is a difficult thing to achieve at times, with WWE’s varying demographics in this day and age, and what appeals to each. Why he is not being pushed to main event WM 32, is beyond comprehension. I’m a fan of Reigns, but Ambrose has proven within in matches, and on the mic, that he is WWE World Heavyweight Champion material; moreover, the reaction he gets from the fans is even more proof that he should main event Wrestlemania with Triple H, and snag the title for a WWE title reign.

Roman Reigns Versus Dean Ambrose

The aftermath of WM 32 could mean a solid program between Ambrose and Reigns; and would it really matter who was the heel and who was the face at this point? The WWE has been teasing this idea for months. While they could easily partake in a feud if Reigns moves on to headline Wrestlemania, and win the title; the unpredictability factor of having Ambrose move on to WM 32 would allow for something different. I still think that if they do feud, it should be Reigns as the heel, Dean as the face … why? See previous paragraph.

He Deserves A WWE Title Reign

I’ve written this before, Vince himself listed Ambrose as a select few superstars who were reaching for that coveted brass ring during his interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin back in late 2014. They slapped the title on Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (two others on Vince’s list), but why not Dean Ambrose? He’s more than proven he can main event a pay-per-view and tear the house down. When the WWE has been left in scrambling due to superstar injuries, Ambrose has taken the ball and ran with it. Sure, IC and U.S. titles are nothing to snuff at, but Dean Ambrose deserves to be top dog, at some point soon.

What are your thoughts WNZ fans? Should Dean Ambrose win Fastlane’s main event match? Could he? Will he?

Also, look out for my final article on this topic, as I dive into the reasons why Roman Reigns’ should win (or maybe will win) Fastlane’s main event … coming soon.

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  • Bonkerz

    He always stood out to me, even during The Shield days. Rollins was an amazing wrestler, Reigns had incredible power and intensity – but something about Dean always made him stand out more than the other 2. What’s saddest is that hes the only one of them that hasn’t held the title. Dean has always been consistent and its frustrating, as a fan of his, to see him take a backseat.

    For example, I haven’t been hugely into the IC title picture, but since Dean won it from Owens, I have been getting really into it (and not just because Dean won it, I just love how he and Owens performed throughout their rivalry – their verbal exchanges, match at the Rumble etc.) When he won that title, it felt like the title had been elevated, and some Creative interest was thrown into the picture – and that speaks volumes about how much value he can add to a championship – so why not give him the top prize, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship???

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation


  • siddus

    Apart from anything, having Ambrose win would be a major swerve. It could then provide the ammunition for a second major swerve as Reigns turns heel on a victorious post Mania-main event in similar fashion to when Owens beat up Zayn following his NXT Title win.

    That would certainly make much more compelling viewing than any of the supposed plans. Then you could run with either Ambrose as champ – which would be amazing, or you have Reigns win back the championship a couple of months later as the #1 heel – not as amazing, but better than a face Reigns champ.

    Finally, the personal nature of Reigns’ turn would mean he doesn’t need to be aligned with The Authority. With a #1 heel not aligned with them we can start to move away from the dated heel authority figure angle.

  • The Middle Finger

    Ambrose does deserve it! He’s always being screwed over! They try to portray Reigns as the “guy who comes close but comes up short”, but they’ve ended up portraying Ambrose as that when it comes to the WWE Title.

    Payback – About to pin Rollins and gets pulled out by interference.

    EC 2015 – Pins Rollins and the decision is changed to a DQ.

    MITB – Unhooks the belt at the same time but loses grip on the way down.

    Survivor Series – Loses the finals.

    Royal Rumble – Runner up after HHH was already a Rumble winner.

    He deserves his WrestleMania main event moment

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      The truth hurts

  • Crazy_Victor

    And he will be the champ, but not at this moment. Sure he will have his Wrestlemania moment, but not this year. If Reigns is the champ by money in the bank ppv, here are the winner of the MITB match: Dean Ambrose.

  • Lisa

    Dorathy I respect your opinion but Dean Ambrose just isn’t a main event-caliber wrestler. That’s why he is the only former member of the Shield yet to win the world title. He’s never going to win it.

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Reigns isn’t either and we all know the only reason why he was crowned champ is because of Vince

      • Lisa

        Reigns is a million times better than Ambrose.

        • Mean Dean

          He’s so much better, that the crowd barely reacts to him in general, you can’t count the 15 people he passes when he does his stupid entrance

          • Lisa

            Reigns draws more in a day than what Ambrose draws in a year.

          • Mean Dean

            Booooos and that’s about it lmao

        • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

          Thanks Lisa I really needed that laugh !!!

          • Lisa

            Keep laughing like the fool that you are.

          • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

            5 hrs later still ???????

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    The sad part is I believe we will get a heel turn from Ambrose before Reigns smh Vince is in denial about the direction WWE is heading

  • The Shockmaster

    Of course he should win. Reigns is dead wood 😉

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