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Fastlane Main Event: Why Roman Reigns Should Win

So, I’ve already talked about why Lesnar or Ambrose should win Fastlane’s Triple Threat main event; now onto the man who will probably win. Roman Reigns. There are a few concrete reasons why Reigns should win this match, and so much more than just ‘because the WWE higher ups want it so’. Here we go.

To End A Chapter

Sports entertainment is all about story-telling; and the Triple H/Reigns chapter in their collective stories is nowhere close to being complete. They knew exactly what they were doing at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) in December; and Reigns’ annihilation of Hunter was just the beginning of this explosive feud – with the ending set on Wrestlemania 32’s stage. While I would genuinely love to see Lesnar or Ambrose win, this is just one page in this chapter for Reigns to skip over. For either of the other two to move on, simply would not make sense; and keep this feud lingering … and it needs to end. Triple H and Reigns need to go toe-to-toe on this, and they both need to move on. It just makes sense for storyline purposes for Reigns to win at Fastlane.


Reigns has built some pretty incredible momentum these past few months. While he did get a negative reaction at the 2016 Royal Rumble; anytime he’s gone head-to-head with any member of The Authority (whether that be HHH, Stephanie, or Vince), he’s gained a huge (positive) reaction from the WWE Universe. If the idea is for Reigns to be the top face, then winning Fastlane, and moving onto to defeating Triple H at Wrestlemania 32 will only help to further build on the momentum he is experiencing currently with the fans.

Wrestlemania Moment

I won’t be dramatic and say that Roman Reigns was robbed last year of his Wrestlemania moment, but all arrows were pointing in that direction, and the outcome of the event didn’t really go as planned (for both is character, and in real-life I’m sure). Does Reigns deserve that confetti-flying-everywhere … crowd going wild … as his little girls steps into the ring … while he holds the WWE title in the air-type Wrestlemania moment? All superstars dream of winning the WWE title at Wrestlemania, and soaking in all that energy; and I’m not backstage to determine who works the hardest to earn the opportunity of that kind of moment. What I do know is that the WWE brass (for one reason or another) is not giving up on the Roman Reigns brand, and in a lot of ways, why should they? He does get a huge reaction for a crowd whenever he enters the ring – whether that be positive or negative. Hey, this kind of shtick has worked well for John Cena (and made the WWE a lot of money) … no? At this point, after two years of expecting it, it kinda feels like a Band-Aid to me; time to rip it off and move on. As much as Reigns-haters hate the idea of him main eventing another WM, and being handed that moment (and I’m not implying he is being handed that moment); it’s time to have the moment and move on. It’s time to see what Reigns will do with that moment under his belt, where he will go from there.

So, WNZ fans … should Roman Reigns win Fastlane’s main event? Does it matter? Isn’t just a given at this point? I’d love to read your comments below.

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  • Lisa

    Yes, Dorathy. Roman Reigns will (and should) win at Fastlane and go on to headline Wrestlemania for the second successive year.

  • TheMAG

    Roman Reigns Vs Triple H in a “pass on the shovel” match for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 32. The winner will be the most boring “face” of the WWE since John Cena. Oh wait the dude hasn’t retire yet from countless injures yet Daniel Bryan suffers 1 concussion and he is forced to retire. I’ll wait for Seth effin Rollins to come back and reclaim the title. Roman Reigns sucks!,

    • Chris

      One concussion? Did you even listen the retirement speech? Stop crying and move on!

  • Mean Dean

    Reigns is more a tag team competitor, than singles, in my opinion, putting him in the main at mania could be a disaster for its brand

    • Chris

      And that’s why you don’t book monday night raw

      • Mean Dean

        At least I can see that he’s not a single competeder

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