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Fastlane In A Nutshell: Reigns Wins, Undercard Amazes

This is it. The last PPV before WrestleMania. Tonight should set a few matches up for the big show, so without delay lets get right into it, shall we?

Best Match of the night:

It’s going to be damn hard to top Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler.

Except that Styles and Jericho? They came pretty darn close. And, Jericho with a nice show of respect at the match conclusion.

Honestly, almost the entire card, top to bottom, was better than advertised. The main event, in spite of having it’s outcome telegraphed, was solid if unspectacular. But out of the entire card? Owens-Ziggler and Styles-Jericho were the two best on the evening. Next two best, in no particular order, would likely be the two Divas matches, honestly.

The overall show was much better than I expected, but my co-matches of the night delivered in spades.

Worst match of the night:

I will give this one to the unannounced R-Truth versus Social Outcasts match, because it was short and not worth PPV time-it screamed filler. The one redeeming quality? That it might push forward the idea of an R-Truth/Goldust tag team. Even though no one asked for that team. Ever.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

This is Awesome

Feed me more

Yes! Yes! Yes!

AJ Styles/Y2J

New Day sucks

You look stupid

Suplex City

Star of the Night:

Tonight was a very good night, and a tough night to pick just one. So, I will instead pick two. Hey, it’s my column, I can do what I want to, right?

So my two winners? AJ Styles and Sasha Banks. I think these two, above all other Superstars and Divas, had exceptional evenings. I could have mentioned a few others as well, but as I said, it was a really strong show.

Spot of the Night:

Owens, with his suplex/driver off the top rope.

Styles, nailing a bicycle kick on Jericho-while Chris was on the top rope!

Ambrose and Reigns, harkening back to their Shield days, powerbombing Brock through an announce table. Not once, but twice.

Lesnar delivering a German to Roman, as Reigns was preparing to deliver a Samoan Drop to Dean.

Jobber of the Night:

R-Truth, since no one else really was in a jobber-esque role tonight.

Upset of the Night:

Not on the main card, which was upsetting (different use of the word:). But Kalisto actually retaining? That would be considered a mild upset, as I think a lot expected Alberto Del Rio to win and then defend the title at WrestleMania. So it will be interesting to see where this one goes now, but for the evening, I call this an upset. And a pleasant surprise.

I was also somewhat surprised that Ryback, Show and Kane beat the Wyatts.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

The mic drop moments from the Cutting Edge Peep Show…ripping on Kofi’s fake Jamaican accent, among other things. The “never seen chocolate be so vanilla” line was pretty stunning and funny.

But, otherwise? That segment didn’t reek of awesomeness for most of it. Nope, for most of it, the segment kind of reeked. This was something that honestly should have taken place on RAW.

Botch of the night:

Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. Dolph went for a Fameasser, but looked like it might have been planned to skip that. As Ziggler bounced off the ropes and back to Owens, he was supposed to do his “slide between the legs” thing, but either Owens didn’t allow it, and/or Ziggler didn’t slide too well, and we were left with Ziggler hugging Owens’ leg. I guess the ad-libbed it OK, but that was a really bad botch.

Commentary of the night:

Not much I liked tonight…but here’s what I did:

Show taking them out like Rick Grimes takes out walkers (nice node to TWD, which happened to be starting a new episode at that moment).

JBL, comparing AJ being in WWE to when Dr. J came from ABA to NBA, or Herschel Walker coming to the NFL from the USFL.

Finally, Cleveland gets to see a championship team

LOL Moment of the night:

Ambrose and Reigns, being interviewed backstage, and Ambrose said he already booked his trip to ‘Mania because he got a great deal on Priceline.

Some good lines in the Peep Show open.

Social Outcasts, debating which car each one was.

Noteworthy Moment:

I have to give props to WWE for opening with the Divas tag match. Now, like, a couple years ago? No way we’d get a Divas match to lead off a PPV AND be a hot opening match. But this time things were different, and we got a Divas tag match AND a hot opening match, all in one.

Overall lowlights:

I know it wasn’t just me, as I saw comments in our live PBP feed. The Network feed was really spotty for me, especially early on. At several points during the Divas tag match and IC title match, I had live audio and frozen video. Or, really low quality video.

Outside of my issues with the Network, which were off and on, the show itself was not bad. If I had to give up some Fastlane-specific lows? I would say the R-Truth match, and probably what they did with the Cutting Edge Peep Show. Not that they had one, but rather that they could have done so much more, like, set up a WrestleMania match, and if they did that with that segment, I can safely say it’s a tag match no one is begging to see.

Overall highlights:

The Divas tag match.



The main event.

After the final bell:

I will come right out and say it. I expected so very little from Fastlane, and after virtually every match, I was telling myself that I was impressed. This was a PPV I practically didn’t care about, because I felt it was almost an afterthought. It didn’t even seem like WWE pushed it as well as they could have. However, when it all came together, it was a strong card.

We obviously have our ‘Mania main event, though I figure with over a month to go until the big show, we may get some stipulations added to make things even more intriguing.

I could make a case for a Brie/Charlotte re-match, though clearly Sasha is due for a shot and would be worthy.

If we got Owens/Ziggler again, or Styles/Jericho again? I don’t think a wrestling fan on the planet would mind.

What we don’t know? We don’t know what is going on with the Wyatts, or whom they’d face. Nor do we know what happens for Dean Amrose (does he want an IC rematch?) or Brock Lesnar (does he finally settle his Wyatt score?). So the next few RAWs should make for interesting watching.


Kalisto retains the United States Championship, defeating Alberto Del Rio

Sasha and Becky defeat Team B.A.D.

Kevin Owens successfully defends his Intercontinental title, defeating Dolph Ziggler

Kane, Ryback and Big Show defeat The Wyatts

Charlotte defeats Brie Bella, retains Divas Championship

AJ Styles defeats Chris Jericho

Curtis Axel defeats R-Truth

Roman Reigns defeats Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar, becoming #1 contender.


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  • KingBack

    This PPV was bad..

  • Lisa

    Ambrose simply looked out of place in the main event. He seemed lost to be honest. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dean Ambrose is not a main event-caliber wrestler.

    • Darda Cook

      I happen to like Ambrose,
      and see that he brings things full circle


      Good thing youre not the booker,huh? All we would see is roman vs cena!

      • Mark B.

        OUCH! LoL

      • josh

        You forgot the Dude and Brother, Brother!!


          Oh my bad. BROTHER!

          • josh

            only said it because I know Lisa is a HUGE fan of yours. Have a great sir.

          • LEESUH



            Hahaha….Oh I know she is,it only gets better.

    • Mark B.

      I almost agree. I’m not much of a fan. His Joker imitation and sloppy wrestling skills are too much. But he is better then watching Ziggler.

      • Lisa

        Ziggler is terrible too. Really, really poor.

        • El Marichachi

          Not CenaNuff and Cena 2.0 have no technical prowess. They can’t mat wrestle. All sizzle no steak. Just as Shitty at wrestling as you are at Life.


            Kurt angle? That you?

          • Lisa

            But they draw BIG TIME.

          • josh

            Maybe Cena but not 2.0. Give him time.

          • El Marichachi

            Yea that’s why the only way he drew tonight was to draw blood

    • El Marichachi

      And you are not a freaking model, just A loser posing as such. Oh it’s true, it’s Damn true.

      • Lisa

        F___ off, El Torito.


          Its quite funny,you’re a pretty garbage troll,you repeat the same things over and over,like some kind of programmed politician. BROTHER

          • Lisa

            I’m no Marco Rubio, you fool.


            Well,I guess I have to give you props for understanding the reference,BUT YOU STILL FAIL AT THE TROLL GAME BROTHER!

          • Lisa

            I fail at the troll game because I’m not a troll.


            That remains to be seen dude,from everybody else’s point of view, it looks like a troll,it acts like a troll, must be a troll. BUT I KNOW YOURE A TROLL BROTHER,WITH A PICTURE YOU GRABBED UP OFF GOOGLE.

          • Lisa

            It’s my picture, you m0ron.


            Sure it is brother,but you never give anybody proof….

          • Lisa

            What proof do you need?


            I don’t need nor do i want proof,I don’t care either way.

          • josh

            The agency you work for. Maybe some links to some of your work. Just saying. Not just a head shot that looks like it was pulled from a online video game.

          • MAN OF MANY FACES

            The models ACTUAL name is Emma W.H. and the photographer is named Yuri Arcurs…. You can can see almost 10 thousand photos of EMMA here https://peopleimagesDOTcom/search#Emma-WH just replace the ‘DOT’ with an actual period…..youre welcome….

          • MAN OF MANY FACES

            This troll has been….EXPOSED

          • Mosh “The Eliminator” Jathews

            I agree with everyone else. You’re claiming you’re a widely successful model who’s been offered a contract by the WWE, and you’re apparently comfortable enough to share your face and real first name with random people on the internet.
            If you can do that much, you can show us evidence of other agencies you’ve worked for, campaigns, advertisements, etc. Shouldn’t be a problem, as you said you make a lot of money – your image must be used a lot.

          • Lisa

            Nope. I wouldn’t go that far. I have no reason to do that especially when most of the people here concentrate on posting negative comments towards me.

          • Mosh “The Eliminator” Jathews

            One more thing, pretty obvious you’ve been lying, as at one point you posted “I am ready to work for WWE, I would be great as a valet/ring-girl, or maybe they can just use my image for shows,” and then suddenly later you had been offered a job by WWE, but turned it down because you disagreed with how Vince treats women (yet have no problem slamming the appearance of other women regularly on this site, which is a horribly shallow thing to do).

            The real question is, how do you have so much time to devote to an alternate personality? Why not present yourself as yourself? What is it about the real “you” that you need to hide, through creating an alternate personality?

            Lastly, you’ve said you’re one of the busiest models in America. If that was so, and you’ve already had no problem revealing your face and real first name on this site, you’d have no problem revealing more.

            …Though I know you won’t reply to this comment, as you fail to do when anyone challenges you to provide proof.

          • Lisa

            Why wouldn’t I reply? Your comment makes no sense. I guess you aren’t the smartest person around. As a wrestling fan I obviously always had an interest in working for WWE but when I got an offer from them I declined it because I wasn’t sure how I was going to be used. I’ve never wrestled before and the agent made it known to me that I would be used as an in-ring competitor. I just didn’t want to take chances on my future. I’ll stick to what am doing because it’s working for me. WWE’s treatment of women is terrible too.

          • Mosh “The Eliminator” Jathews

            You lied, by the way. That girl’s name isn’t Lisa. And she’s not from the U.S. You have failed.

            So who are you really? A guy? And why pretend you’re someone else so adamantly?

          • Lisa

            It’s my picture, you idiot.

          • Mosh “The Eliminator” Jathews

            The girl in that picture isn’t named Lisa, and she isn’t from the U.S. – both things you’ve repeatedly revealed about yourself. That would point to the fact that you’re lying, and again, I’m more just curious about why you’re holding onto this false identity so tenaciously.

            You should know that if you’re going to take a photo from online and claim it’s you, it can be verified. I did that, and everything you’ve revealed about yourself isn’t anywhere close to the reality of that model’s life.

          • Lisa

            I don’t argue with fools.

          • Mosh “The Eliminator” Jathews

            There’s nothing to argue about. You’ve maintained for the past 2 years that you’re the person in that picture, your real name is Lisa, you’re from the U.S., etc., etc.

            As none of that is true for the model whose picture you’re using, it shows you’ve been lying, adamantly, for quite a long time.

            Again, I’m just wondering why.

    • siddus

      You’re right. He looked out of place as he bossed it. Not even Lesnar could keep up with how awesome Ambrose is/was.

      • Lisa

        You’re so funny.

    • Mike

      Can I ask are you just trolling ? Like who ever you want sure, but ambrose was brilliant in the main event, the crowd were with him. He is probably at the moment, the most popular guy on the roster in terms of crowd reaction. Is it a big guy thing? All main events need to be big guys it’s a strange one. I like roman reigns too though I must say and i still consider cena my favourite.

      • Lisa

        Ambrose is just not main event material.

        • Mike

          That’s not an answer though. I asked what made you feel that way. He ticks every box except eome outdated concept that main eventers need to look muscular big.

          • Lisa

            He’s terrible in the ring. No athleticism whatever and his punches are probably the worst in the business. His gimmick is stupid too.

          • Mike

            I’m sorry, I’m a fan of reigns sure, no way is he better in the ring or a better wrestler than ambrose. Reigns has that it factor though. Athleticsm, sure he isn’t the most athletic guy, but he is a great technician, and very entertaining. His gimmick is over like crazy with all types of fans. It’s not just ambrose, you don’t like ziggler or Owens or cesaro, Bryan, and I’m sure all the iwc favourites. You seem to be anti iwc just for the sake of it. Which I get a bit as they just seem to not like the wwes chosen guy simply because he is that, which is stupid as well. Also I must say what ambrose does is hardly a gimmick its himself turned up. As most of the best characters are.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        “the most popular guy on the roster in terms of crowd reaction”
        Sorry man, but when Lesnar suplexed Ambrose, the crowd were chanting “ONE MORE TIME”. That’s not a popular reaction you should be getting as a face, for the fans to ask the heel to give you another suplex.

        • Mike

          Name me one current superstar that wouldn’t get the one more time chant when facing lesnar. Lesnar isn’t a heel, he turned face when he fought Rollins and he hasn’t done anything to turn back. When he was a heel he actually used to cheat and use Herman. Now there isn’t any of that. He is a tweener. He could face ambrose or a heel like bray wyatt with his current character.

          • Fat Owens Fat

            Hmm, this website had a lot of people saying Reigns vs Lesnar at Mania was stupid because Reigns isn’t a big enough opponent to have a believable match on the caliber to match Lesnar’s other big opponent that was Taker and his streak. Now, suddenly Ambrose is a “believable” opponent?

            Wasn’t Lesnar booed when he took on Taker the last time?

          • Mike

            Reigns is definitely a believable opponent. Ambrose is too. But only because he made it a street fight. With weapons he can beat lesnar. without their wouldn’t be any way. Lesnar and taker were both cheered. If you remember they tried to make taker a heel or the heel type person in the fued. Who had to cheat to win, lesnar didn’t need too.

  • Darda Cook

    This PPV / Network Event touched me in all the right places… MMMM

  • Mean Dean

    I’m glad I didn’t stay up for this garbage , I think for the first time in about 15 years, I’m not even gonna watch mania

  • Mike

    I thought this was a very strong Ppv. All
    The matches were good. Four really shone, the two mens title matches, the main event and styles vs Jericho. I would of liked to see ambrose win. However if he is wrestling the beast at mania, that’s a great match. Would like to see reigns win at mania now, hhh shouldn’t hold the title past wrestlemania

  • Damian Starr

    Another spot of the night was Styles springboard ddt! Also a personal LOL moment is, in the preview package for the titans vs wyatts, the music was AJ styles last TNA theme haha

  • Zohaib Hassan

    I just hate the fact that wwe uses the same ramp for each of their television events including PPV’s. I couldn’t judge if the superstars were appearing on their matches for RAW or Fastlane, PPV should have a different look, to make it special.

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