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Is It Finally Roman Reigns’ Time To Be WWE Champion?

WWE World Heavyweight title
If anyone saw RAW this past Monday Night (or is now caught up on the recaps), then you are fully aware that Roman Reigns currently sits as the Number One Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight title.  After clearing through an elimination match against Kofi Kingston to move onto a Fatal Four Way against Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, and Dolph Ziggler; Reigns pinned Owens, and seemed quite emotional post-match.

Is this finally Reigns’ time to shine? Has he proven himself enough to the WWE Universe to take that next step? Surrounded by controversy earlier this year when he won the 2015 Royal Rumble competition, WWE Officials seemed to have quite the confidence that the young superstar was ready to hold the WWE World Heavyweight title. Leading up to Wrestlemania 31, all arrows pointed to Roman Reigns winning the coveted title, to be the first to knock down ‘The Beast Incarnate’ Brock Lesnar (who had incredible momentum going into the flagship event).

Then, something happened: Seth Rollins shocked the WWE Universe and cashed in his Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase.

Since, Reigns has been on winding road to gain another chance at the title. He seemed to fall off track with his feud with Bray Wyatt; but in a lot of ways, that program was setting him up for something big. I can only report on what I see, and without being at every Monday Night RAW (live in the audience) or SmackDown for that matter; it’s really hard to say. It seems like Reigns’ receives a pop from the crowd; and at other venues it’s clear that he gets mixed reviews. I know that I have been seeing a lot more Roman Reigns’ t-shirts on the playgrounds when I drop off my girls at school, and if you ask these kids who their favorite superstar is, you’ll hear his name in their top three lists. Much like John Cena, he seems to be zeroing in on this demographic nicely. He might be also be gaining momentum with the female demographic of the WWE Universe, as Roman was also part of a Susan G. Komen presentation along with Cena, a few weeks ago on RAW.

Speaking of Cena, if Vince McMahon’s idea has been for Roman to move into Cena’s spots (eventually); then Roman may be well on his way. Who could ignore the polarizing chants during his Hell in a Cell (HIAC) match against Wyatt this past Sunday, as fans were torn; with half the crowd yelling, “Let’s Go Roman” and the other immediately stating “Roman Sucks”  – a crowd chant that may be used for other superstars, but was made famous for Cena. While there are fans out there who can’t stand Cena, and think he’s been shoved down our throats over the years; having a significant demographic who can’t stand the man has actually worked in his favor over the years. Perhaps WWE Officials see a profitable opportunity to use that very same formula with Reigns? Despite what the haters might think, it does work for Cena, and he has carved a unique spot in WWE history as one of the most popular and profitable superstars as it relates to fans, media, merchandise, etc. – despite the fact that there is a significant fan base who can’t stand the man.

In terms of whether Reigns is ready? I think he is. This is just my opinion (and I would love to hear yours!), but he puts on a good match, and if anyone wants to dispute that, I ask that they re-watch his recent HIAC bout with Bray Wyatt. He’s more than comfortable on the mic now, and more importantly, he’s finally accepted the fact that not all fans are going to like him, and I think this is key. When he returned to the WWE late last year from injury, he seemed shaken at the negative crowd reaction. Not so much anymore. He can take the ‘boos’ with a grain of salt, not be thrown off by them, and he’s proven that he can move on. Does WWE think he’s ready? I think they have thought that for a while now. I think it was only a matter of time before they built Roman Reigns up to be the next baby face champion. I think tensions were high during the Road to Wrestlemania, and in order to take some heat of Roman (no one wants to see a crowd boo a face once they have won the holy grail of titles on the grandest stage of them all), they decided to go with the Rollins cash-in; and in a lot of ways that was what was best for business, at the time. The aftermath to that story has been incredible too. Now that the heat is gone, Roman has gained momentum, and made some incredible strides with both mic and in-ring performance, he is clearly ready for the next step.

As it seems, WWE Creative is building up a storyline where Seth Rollins appears to be unstoppable; which might further explain just why he was so dominant in his match against Kane at HIAC. He’s finally gained the acceptance he needs from mom and dad (a.k.a The Authority), and he’s hit some incredible milestones during his championship reign. With that in mind, I think the road to the WWE title will be a challenging one for Reigns (within this budding program with Seth), and when I say that, I mean I don’t think Roman will win the first match again Rollins; rather The Authority will step in to ensure Rollins wins. I think it will be reminiscent of Daniel Bryan’s road to the WWE title; Reigns will be continually knocked off his block, he will get up, defy the odds … yada, yada, yada. But, it will make a compelling story for the younger fans, and I think I might even find it entertaining.

What are your thoughts WrestleNewz fans? Is it Roman Reign’s time to shine? Is a WWE World Heavyweight title reign in the near future for this superstar?

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    Cena 2.0 aka lowman reigns is nobody without Ambrose !!!

    • Fat Owens Fat

      I think its the other way around. If it wasn’t for Reigns, Ambrose would be wrestling guys like Neville, Cody, Bo etc every week on Raw and be a permanent mid-card talent for life. He would be the Christian equivalent of E&C, the Matt of Hardy Boyz, the Jannetty of the Rockers etc. Good wrestler, boring everywhere else. Right now Ambrose is playing the role of an enhancement talent, which i reckon is a good thing for his career instead of getting lost into the oblivion of guys like Barrett, Truth, Slater, Rusev, Ziggler etc etc etc.

  • YoMommasMan

    I’m no Reigns fan but cmon just give this guy the belt already so we can move on. It all boils down to he’s either got what it takes or he doesn’t. It’s really hard to get behind his character because WWE didn’t repackage him appropriately no new theme, gear , or finisher. Due to earlier than expected growth from Ambrose and Rollins , Reigns looks like the weakest of the 3. Also the way he’s booked makes no sense in 3 years he’s been booked against the same people ( Kane,Big Show, and Wyatt ). To me that capped his momentum and he’s just now gaining ground hence the reason why everyone says “he’s getting better “. WWE will once again drop the ball once he becomes champion by doing something like having Shaemus cash in and the process starts all over again and why ? Fans won’t get behind Reigns not fully anyway especially when you see the other talent and realize he’s not as good as half the guys being called up from NXT.

    • Edynol

      Yeah I feel the same way pretty much. I mean, I like Reigns. Not his biggest fan by any means, but I like him. I was getting into his character when the Shield first turned face when he was doing that flirty, Big Sexy type thing, but they dropped that after a few weeks. I think he pulled that off really well and they should bring that back. He’s a good looking kid, they should use that like they did with Nash, HBK, Dolph, etc.

      Get rid of the shield gear, change his theme, and have him be more arrogant like HBK or Rick Roode. The dude’s pretty ripped as well, so why keep a shirt or vest on him? If he had a gut going I’d understand, but he doesn’t. Hell, they let Bo Dallas run around with no shirt. XD

      And yeah, I think they should let him have a run with the title. He hasn’t had one since the Tag titles with Rollins and though I’d like to see him run with the IC title first, I’m game to see what he can do with the world title.

      • YoMommasMan

        LOL Bo Dallas does look like he just had puppies ! But yeah I think he should hold another title first so that at least he becomes believable maybe fued with Owens, Rusev, or Del Rio for now until Cena comes back or write him off T.V for a few weeks and have him come back with a whole new look going into the new year. I agree he has the look and body type but he has to tweak his move set first. I personally think he should use the apron double kick as his finisher with the superman punch as the setup. And for the love of God put him with Heyman so he doesn’t have to talk.

        • Edynol

          Just had puppies?! Geezes meleezes I hope they keep him off TV for a bit longer so I can get that out of head. If a brain could puke I think mine just did. XP


        His new theme will be, IF YOU SMELL, WHAT REIGNS, IS COOKING

  • Mary Lou Golden

    I like roman but as a whole i do not believe he is ready. i have been watching the different promotions of wrestling for 46 years and to me its not about looks and how well you are built i look for someone to entertain me and that is over with the crowd. I think wwe is dropping the ball on this one cause i do believe the best entertainer on the roster today is dean ambrose why you ask cause you need no what he is going to do. i have been following him since his indie days and i believe baby face or heel dean ambrose excel in what ever they make him. put the ic or us title on roman and the hwc on dean i can guarantee the wwe universe will love it.


      Let’s just hope that they are planning a triple threat match with the shield , if not, we’re doomed , but I’ll agree with you , Ambrose is the #1 entertainer, he’s gonna have a hard time going heel cuz he’s so over with the crowd

    • Fat Owens Fat

      he’s the next Ziggler at best. Good wrestler, boring everywhere else. Tries too hard to be the “Lunatic” but isn’t really believable. Psycho Sid was a believable Lunatic. You look at that guy and legit think he escaped from an asylum. The antics, the body language, the way he spoke was natural. Not buying Dean’s character, he’s less Psycho but more SCSA like who wasn’t a lunatic in terms of medical science but more of a angry young man. His lunatic character doesn’t really work on him.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        You serious with this one? Dean’s toned his act down to make it more family-friendly and comedic. Go look at his work as Jon Moxley – or, really, anything he did before the Shield’s dissolution. If the real Dean Ambrose is ever allowed to come out, it’ll be a sight to behold.


    Fact is, the superstars that are actually over with the crowd, seem to always be doomed by getting stuck in the mid card or lower, not a fan of cesaro at all, but once he had some momentum going for himself, he literally gets buried by cena, now where is he? Ambrose, seems to be the guy to carry someone for months, just so that person gets put in the main event. The divas revolution, team bad(except tamina) and pcb elevated the divas division for a few months , just so the Bella’s can bury that try, and it’s becoming what it was a year ago, a joke, cuz cenas girlfriend has to be involved all the time. From the entire roster, cena and reigns are the least deserving to have a top push, but those two will set another record in the near future, the lowest raw rating when cena goes for reigns title at royal rumble … It’ll be the worst title match in history…

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I’m no fan of Cena’s either, but can we please stop with the narrative that he’s at fault for burying people? Isn’t Cena living proof that the WWE’s can push who they want to push, and screw what everyone else thinks? If the WWE really wanted to push Cesaro, there’s not a damn thing Cena or anyone else could have done about it. Cena went out of his way to put Cesaro over as a serious competitor, both verbally and the way he wrestled those matches, which were, for my money, Cena’s two best television matches and, in fact, two of the best matches Cena has put forth in his career. But the mistake made by the booking team just about every time someone faces Cena – they fail to capitalize on the momentum. Or, if you’re cynical, they get scared that someone who wasn’t in their original plans is getting too over with the crowd and they seek to make him disappear. Cena’s not telling WWE to get rid of these guys – heck, the entire U.S. Open challenge was an attempt by Cena to validate himself as an in-ring performer. Why would you remove guys from the picture that could best help you do that? Cena told a crowd that he thought Cesaro should be main-eventing every night after their match in Chicago. But creative either wouldn’t or couldn’t take advantage of Cesaro’s white-hot momentum and instead put him in the same ring as Kevin Owens and Rusev to the expense of all three.

  • Victor82

    I like Roman Reigns, he deserves it. Yes, there are so many people on the roster that deserve it too, but everyone will have his time. Dean Ambrose is going to cost him the title, and i think we’ll have a triple threat match at WM, with Roman Reigns winning the belt. I’m not sure what will happen with Sheamus and with the Royal Rumble. Maybe Ambrose is going to win it.

  • Alejandro

    Eventually he’ll get the WWE WHC Title. I just think some of the fans will never get behind him because of the way he’s been booked and developed. When he was with the Shield, he was protected a little bit. He didn’t talk much and he wasn’t involved that much in his matches until the end of the match. Then when they separated, little by little he was getting pushed until he got hurt. When he came back, they try to do everything quickly to get him over but he got exposed pretty bad and that’s what led to the backlash he received from the fans. Roman has been better in his matches but I’m not sure if the mic skills will ever be up to par. I think it’s unfair that some of the fans are taking it out on Roman. I guess it’s meant for Vince and his creative team lol. Didn’t Vince learn that the best push that the wrestler gets is through the crowd, when they get behind the character. Vince may have the final say on things, but the last couple of years it’s been the crowd that has the final say.

  • Darth Revan

    Roman gets much better reaction now than at the beginning of the year, that’s for sure. For me it seems idiotic that fans chant “Let’s go Roman/Roman sucks”. Fans complain that he’s “another Cena” but THEY are making him that way by chanting this! Chant for example “Let’s go Roman/Let’s go Wyatt”, that sounds better.
    Roman improved a lot in this year and he went full circle to get back into WWE World Heavyweight title scene. Booking since Wrestlemania wasn’t perfect, but his feud with Wyatt gave him a lot of positive reactions, especially Hell in a Cell match, whick was brilliant. Is he ready? I think he is.
    Fantasy booking: Roman wins at TLC, retains at Royal Rumble in a rematch with Seth. Rollins after the match enters Rumble and wins it with Dean Ambrose (like in 1994 Hart and Luger). Reigns holds title to Wrestlemania, where in a Shield triple threat he loses it to Ambrose.

    • Fat Owens Fat

      I’d say Ambrose will cost Reigns the match against Rollins and it will eventually culminate in a Triple threat after Ambrose wins the rumble and then puts the #1 contendership on the line for Reigns to prove himself. Match ends in draw, HHH brings a poll with 3 options, 1)Ambrose 2)Reigns 3)Triple threat and voila Reigns finally triumphs with his first title at Mania. Optimally if WWE wants Reigns to be the top babyface and take over the role of Cena in the long run, they should have him go heel and let him run his own rants against the fans who he can say held him down over the last year and half etc etc. Its what happened to Cena aswell who took to Thuganomics to get over with the crowd even as heel, or how the Rock managed his heel run after a not so good babyface start as Maivia. A heel run now will do him good, a face run continuation would mean there will never be a heel Reigns in the future.

  • MEH

    I like Reigns but I don’t think he is ready, but when I say this, I don’t believe a lot of guys were ready to be World Champ or perhaps I wasn’t ready for them in his position, this list includes guys like Diesel, (believe it or not) Bret Hart, The Miz, Sgt Slaughter (but done due to war on Iraq) and Edge. We all know what great champions Bret and Edge made so they proved me wrong. I’m hoping Roman can do the same. He needs to stop pandering to the crowd pulling off his video game left, right, up, down taunts, at times I start wondering if he’s doing it for the crowd or for himself. He needs to lose those awful contact lenses. He needs to let go a little in his promos as he tries too much to play the cool guy and they are coming off too scripted, the poor guy was like a deer in the headlights 2 weeks ago when he forgot his lines and the crowd went off on him. His move-set has increased a little from just punches and clotheslines so that’s an improvement. The guy has the “look” but not sure if he has the charisma to be the next big draw.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I was just watching the Kurt Angle’s WWE debut match at Survivor Series in 1999 against another technical wrestler in Shawn Stasiak. The Attitude Era fans were chanting “This is Boring” throughout the whole technical ground wrestling match to a point where Angle stopped hitting Stasiak, went off the ring to the announcers table and told the crowd not to boo their Olympic champion. The crowd still chanted boring regardless. Important part of the match was when JR told Lawler that the fans have never seen such technical/amateur style of wrestling before this and hence the audience wasn’t feeling it. And the rest they say is history. If Vince thought Kurt Angle’s style of wrestling wasn’t doing it because the fans said so, he wouldn’t have had such an illustrious career in the WWE.

    • YoMommasMan

      Wait are you comparing Kurt Angle to Roman Reigns ?

      • Fat Owens Fat

        I am comparing the match for those that say Vince should always do what the fans want him to do. If he had sacked Angle after that match because the fans didn’t invest into it, then Angle wouldn’t be the man he is today. Again, fans have very little to say in a reality tv’s storyline. The characters are penned down by script writers and they pay very little attention to what the audience expects of them. If everything was dependent on fan feedback, then it would be even more boring and predictable. Pro Wrestling was built on uncertainty, not predictability. Isn’t that why nobody tunes in to Cena’s matches and segments anymore?

        • YoMommasMan

          I agree. That seems to be a major problem in WWE. Vince brought in too many soap opera writers and at this point I think they’re creatively famished. This has a domino effect on booking. Just using Reigns as an example: imagine if he was booked accordingly or even a Cesaro, Wyatt, etc. Another example was the Ziggler vs Rusev fued at some point you would think they would have seen it was failing but Vince pushed on. Lastly Vince’s ego gets in the way.

  • Michael Breen

    Do I want to see Roman Reigns as WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Yes! Do I think he’s ready? Can’t really say that with certainty, since I don’t see ALL of his matches, only those on RAW. Do I think WWE will pull that trigger? Only time will tell.

  • the_dude

    Why not just randomly throw in rybak to destroy reigns as a mystery masked attacker? It’s out of the blue and would be a lot more interesting than repeating a Daniel Bryan story line with reigns. Just my off the wall thought

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Ryback’s pretty over – at least as midcarders go – as a face. He’s never quite had the same impact as a heel because as a heel he’s got to do more talking, which doesn’t help him much. A Ryback turn would be exposed for what it would be – a sudden, convoluted attempt to put another big obstacle in Reigns’s way so he can overcome it and look strong. It’d have the opposite of the intended effect – not to mention you lose a face out of the midcard, which is in need of some stability as the picture is sure to crowd in the next year or two.

  • will

    I like reigns, he’s improved. But he’s just not ready for a word title run yet. Give him the IC or US title first. I reckon Wyatt should get a word title shot soon. Give him some good wins, build his momentum. The man would deliver some extra creepy promos as champ

    • Joseph Lisnow

      with the current roster, is wyatt the best at cutting promos?

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        Full-time and active? I think Ambrose, if unleashed, could give him a run for his money, but yes. Wyatt’s got two problems, though: One is that his promos are a bit too cerebral and esoteric for his own good sometimes, and the second and bigger problem is that his yo-yo booking undercuts what he’s able to do on the mic. If you talk a big game but you’re losing in every other feud, eventually people start tuning you out to some degree. The attack on Undertaker and Kane and the fact that his ‘family’ is now a 4-man stable has breathed a bit of new life into him but I think he HAS to win his next feud. I also think it’s about time to put a belt on him so he can be a guy that’s front-and-center from an in-ring standpoint.

      • will

        he is one of the top few. His cryptic twisted promos are interesting

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’d love to see this in a way that involves:
    1.) Ambrose turning on Reigns but also making it clear that he’s not on Rollins’s side, establishing him as a wild card/tweener (I’d love to see this happen at Survivor Series – the PPV where the Shield first appeared three years ago)
    2.) Reigns/Rollins/Ambrose for the WWEWHC at WrestleMania.
    3.) The Authority being completely on the periphery of this feud. If they do it, it needs to be about the three former members of the Shield as opposed to the Authority’s involvement.
    Things look like they’re setting up, though, for Reigns/Rollins – again – or Reigns/Sheamus. Personally, I think neither’s a good option.

  • The Shockmaster

    No, I think he’s just awful

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