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Finn Balor Becomes First-Ever WWE Universal Champion; Brock Lesnar Defeats Randy Orton Via TKO

Zack Ryder
Live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Finn Balor became the first-ever WWE Universal Champion by defeating Seth Rollins, via a three-count pin at the 2016 SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV). In other SummerSlam news, Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via a TKO, after he knocked him out in the middle of the ring. As well, Dean Ambrose retained his WWE World title, beating Dolph Ziggler. SummerSlam also marked the surprising in-ring return of Nikki Bella, who had been out with a neck injury since late 2015, and was recently cleared for action. Bella joined the six-woman SmackDown tag team match.

Full results of the 2016 SummerSlam PPV, below:

American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable), The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley), and The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) defeated Breezango (Fandango and Tyler Breeze), The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor), and The Vaudevillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) – Pre-Show Kick-Off 12-Man Tag Team Match

A perfect way to showcase the SmackDown tag team division, the 12-man match provided an opportunity for each tag team to shine on the SummerSlam stage. Mid-way, all heck broke lose, with all teams fighting in the ring; resembling more of a Battle Royal, than a tag match. When all was said and done, the face team won, when Jey stole The American Alpha’s thunder, by pinning Simon Gotch, before either Jordan or Gable could get to it, by slapping in with a quick tag. Regardless, a win is a win, and while a program between The Usos and American Alpha may be on the horizon, all four face tag teams, celebrated, post-match.

Sami Zayn and Neville defeated The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) – Pre-Show Kick-Off Tag Team Match

As RAW’s match for the Pre-Show Kick-Off, the tag team bout provided some solid action, and a great way to warm up the crowd for the SummerSlam event. Unfortunately, due to some miscommunication between Bubba Ray and Devon (where Ray hit Devon, instead of Neville); the face team won the match. A Red Arrow sealed the deal, where Neville got the three-count on Bubba Ray.

Sheamus defeated Cesaro – Pre-Show Kick-Off: First Match, Best Of Seven

First match, of Mick Foley’s ‘best of seven’ series ruling, was as physical as they come. The two men got right into it, with action taking place inside and outside the ring. Some intense moments include: an almost count-out for Cesaro; Cesaro kicking out at a two-count, after Sheamus laid his White Noise signature move on him; and then when Sheamus missed his Brogue Kick, allowing Cesaro to hit him, off the top rope … but then only get a two-count on Sheamus, when he tried to pin him. However, Sheamus ended up winning the first match in this seven series, after another Brogue Kick; getting the three-count on Cesaro. Only six more to go …

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens (Jeri-KO) defeated Enzo and Big Cass

The perfect way to start SummerSlam, especially with Enzo and Cass cutting a promo before the match hit. Evenly toned at first, Enzo and Cass started off strong, and then the team of Jeri-KO were able to wear down Enzo, and create some separation between him and Cass. That tide changed though, when Enzo was able to duck a Cannon Ball by Owens, and tag Cass. Still, this wasn’t enough momentum to win, as Owens was able to launch Enzo in a Codebreaker later on in the bout, and get the three-count on Amore; winning the match for his team.

Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to become two-time Women’s Champion

The match started off on an exciting note, with Sasha able to get her Bank Statement on Charlotte from the get-go. Still, lucky for Charlotte, she was able to break the move, by rolling out of the ring. A fall from the top rope on Banks’ part, and the Women’s Champ was dealing with a storyline-related (minor) lower back injury, early on in the match. As such, Charlotte dominated the majority of the bout, working on that so-called lower back injury on Sasha. However, the tide changed in Sasha’s favor, when she was able to counter a Razor’s Edge, of the top rope. While Charlotte attempted different maneuvers, for one reason or another, she could not get a three-count on Banks. Frustrated, she began to try anything and everything. Still, while Banks placed the Cross Face submission on Charlotte – Charlotte (shockingly) in turn was able to push Banks’ shoulders down, and gain the three-count; winning the match, and becoming two-time WWE Women’s Champion.

The Miz (with Maryse) defeated Apollo Crews to retain the Intercontinental Championship

In a solid match, The Miz was able to get the three-count on Apollo Crews, thanks to a little distraction from Maryse. After a minor mistake from Crews’ part, Miz laid his Skull Crushing Finale finisher, and the rest was history.

A.J. Styles defeated John Cena

With the Barclays crowd going wild; A.J. Styles and John Cena locked up, with a few matching words for each other, that continued to rile up the entire arena. John Cena dominated the match early on, giving Styles a Five-Knuckle Shuffle; however, Styles was able to avoid an Attitude Adjustment, countering, and laying Cena with a Styles Clash, instead. Still, AJ wasn’t able to pin the Cenation leader. The match continued, as Cena continued his assault; and as both men continued to try and pin each other. Cena tried to lock in his STF submission, but Styles was able to counter, and laid an AA on Cena – but still wasn’t able to pick up the win. The two even had a counter-upon-counter situation between submissions, as Cena tried to get Styles to tap out to the STF; while Styles tried to get a win through the Crossface submission, among others. After several attempts to try and pin Styles, Cena sat confused, in the corner of the ring. Then, after a Styles Clash and a Phenomenal Forearm, Styles was able to create a career-defining moment: he beat John Cena, cleanly, by pinning him in the middle of the ring. #PhenomenalOne

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) retained their Tag Team Championships, when The Club (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) won via a DQ – Big E Returns

With Jon Steward coming out to state that he would be in The New Day’s corner, Xavier and Kingston battled The Club; and were somewhat successful at neutralizing Gallows, initially. Still, after a minor distraction from Anderson, Gallows was able to capitalize, and the team began to wear Kofi Kingston down. The match seemed to go downhill from there, until Jon Steward ran into the ring, to try and stop Gallows and Anderson from pinning Kingston. The Club turned their attention to Steward, and grabbed the comedian, proceeding to try to give him a large case of ringpostitis; until Big E returned, to stop the entire thing. While the match ended in DQ, The Club was stopped, and The New Day retained their WWE Tag Team Championships. Post-match ended, a dance celebration ensued between Kingston, Woods, E, and Jon Stewart.

Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The match started off to a very intense start, with both Ambrose and Ziggler, slapping each other in the face. Still, Ambrose was on the attack, early on in the match, looking to intimidate Ziggler, and potentially end things very quickly. Ambrose also played some mind games, mocking Ziggler and ‘his moves’; while Ziggler persevered to try and get a pin and the win. In the end, it was a little Dirty Deeds from Dean that was able to get him the three-count on Ziggler, and retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship title.

Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and (a returning) Nikki Bella defeated Carmella, Becky Lynch, and Naomi– Six-Woman Tag Team Match

The match started off with a bang, when Eva Marie’s suspension was mocked, as it helped set up the return of Nikki Bella; which shocked and surprised the WWE Universe. The heel women’s team was predominantly in control for a majority of the match, wearing down a tired and battered Carmella. The tide changed a bit when Carmella was able to make a tag to Lynch, and a highlight of the match was when Lynch laid a triple springboard side kick on Bella, Bliss, and Nattie; one after the other. In the end, Nikki Bella lead her team to victory, when she pinned Carmella, for the three-count and the win.

Finn Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become the first WWE Universal Champion

The match started off with a bang, as Balor attacked Rollins, even launching himself onto Seth (who was outside the ring), from the top rope. Seth Rollins came back, and the match became an incredibly physical one; with action taking place both inside, and outside the ring. While Balor attempted to lay the Coup de Grace on Rollins, Seth was able to hit his Pedigree on the Demon King; but, was unable to get the three-count, kicking out at two. Moments later, Finn Balor hit his Coup de Grace finisher, got the three-count, and won the match. In the end, Finn Balor was able to make history, by not only becoming the first WWE Universal Champion, but also the first WWE superstar to win a title at his debut PPV event.

Rusev versus Roman Reigns bout did not go as planned, as Rusev got injured prior to match starting. Therefore, Rusev left SummerSlam, still the United States Championship

An aggressive Rusev attacked Roman Reigns, before the bell even rang to start the match. The move ended up biting Rusev in the butt, as Roman quickly recovered, and began an attack on Bulgarian Brute. Using extreme force, and a chair, Roman continued his assault, despite the fact that a slew of referees tried to separate the two. The match ended before it even began, with Reigns being sent to the back, although he did return one last time, to lay a Spear on Rusev.

Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via TKO

These two future WWE Hall of Famers got right into the action, and Lesnar did not hesitate to take Orton to Suplex City from the get-go. As such, Brock dominated the match early on, with at one point, Lesnar throwing Orton into the first row, and then through an announcers’ table. Still, Orton did come back, laying an RKO (outta nowhere, no less), when Brock went to lay him out on another announcers’ table. While Orton was unable to get a three-count off of Lesnar, despite the fact that he laid a second RKO on him in the ring; Lesnar too could not get a three-count off of Orton, after he laid his finisher, the F-5, on Randy. As the match progressed, Lesnar’s punches led to an outpouring of blood coming from the head of Orton, and seemingly knocked him out; where doctors needed to come and check on Randy (although this was probably storyline-related). Lesnar continued his assault on Orton, despite the fact that more doctors came into the ring, trying to stop the match. The bell eventually rung, the match was called off, and JoJo announced that Lesnar won the bout, via TKO. Still, despite all this, Lesnar continued to beat on Orton. Shane McMahon came out, to check on Orton, and Lesnar stopped him, and then laid an F-5 on him; as Paul Heyman begged Brock to stop. SummerSlam closed, with Brock Lesnar at the top of the ramp, wearing an smirk on his face.

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