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Finn Balor Makes History At SummerSlam

So much to talk about, with less than 24 hours since the 2016 SummerSlam event took place. There was the return of Nikki Bella; the bloodied (and lame) ending to the Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton main event; a Universal Championship reveal to terrible reviews; and a less-than-epic performance from most participants and matches (with AJ Styles/John Cena, as well as, the Finn Balor versus Seth Rollins bouts, being the exception). With all the drama that unfolded, all the stunning moments, and all the anti-climatic finishes, one major thing that stuck in my mind, was Finn Balor.

His debut on a WWE main roster pay-per-view (PPV) was not only incredible in performance, but also in the aftermath. While the entire SummerSlam PPV was nothing to write home about, and one could hear a pin drop at Barclays when it came to certain matches (I’m looking at you, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler); Seth Rollins versus Finn Balor delivered. I had originally thought that Balor’s debut of the Demon King character on the August 15th edition of Monday Night RAW was an epic fail, and that brass should have waited for SummerSlam for this. I was wrong, and I can admit it. His walk down the ramp, well walk/pseudo-crawl, was amazing, and one that gave me goosebumps; and seeing the thousands upon thousands of fans in the crowd raise their hands up in the air, when Balor did and the lights came on, was a magic moment as a viewer watching from home – and I’m sure quite a special moment that Balor too, won’t soon forget.

But, the outcome, though. Sure, I pegged a Balor win during WNZ’s SummerSlam staff predictions; but, even I was somewhat shocked by the results. Finn Balor did something incredible last night. Not only did he and Rollins put on a match that led the pack (which some may argue wasn’t a huge feat, considering the terrible storytelling in the ring last night); he was also able to become the first WWE Universal Champion in history, and the first WWE superstar to win a major title, during a PPV debut.

He was the first NXT superstar to get snagged, hitting the first-round pick, during the brand extension draft; Balor won a shot at the WWE Universal title and a chance to co-headline SummerSlam (WWE’s second largest PPV of the year) on his first night on RAW; and now, he’s at the top of the WWE ladder, holding a major title in the organization (albeit, an ugly one at that – still, in theory, it is rather prestigious). It’s mindboggling to think, that only two months ago, Balor was in NXT. It’s surreal to know where he is at now.

To say that WWE brass is high on Balor, would be an understatement. And they have every reason to be. He’s popular, he’s athletic, good-looking, and has a unique character that brings a mystic and charm that resembles something that hasn’t been seen, dare I say, since The Undertaker. I mean, one can’t help but compare their entrances, the feelings that are evoked from them walking down that isle, and their incredible build up to entering the ring. Yet, the fact that he is Finn Balor and has an alter ego of the Demon King, adds a new depth to his persona. For the most part, the WWE Universe found the Corporate Kane/Demon Kane switch up to be entertaining and for the most part, comedic. Balor adds a unique spin on this concept that is taken seriously, not mocked, and allows for layers to be added on the character. It also allows for new heights to be reached, something that may be unachievable or believable for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, or Finn Balor to do, can be done, via the Demon King.

Wow, so where does Balor go from here? I don’t know, to be honest. Everything this superstar has done and accomplished since his debut on the main roster has been nothing short of incredible, and surprising. Does he have a solid title reign? I mean, I hope so. Would I be shocked if he were to drop the title in a month or two? Not really, all considering the talent that is stacked on RAW right now, and just how new he is to the organization. I would really like to see what this talent could do, as the face of RAW. He’s got a unique character; and while I have loved the appearance of the Demon King, I would also love to see more of what Finn does, as simply Finn Balor.

Regardless, his win, his main roster accomplishments, have been outstanding. Here’s hoping for a successful title reign.

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