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Forget Fastlane: Dean Ambrose – Brock Lesnar For WrestleMania

In a three-hour program, that should be filled with entertainment (for at least two out of the three hours), the February 8th edition of Monday Night RAW really only had three highlights: Of course, Daniel Bryan’s incredible retirement speech that closed RAW, The Dudleys’ heel turn, and what transpired between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose.

I loved every moment of their segment, and it has me wondering if the WWE should scrap the idea of Lesnar versus Wyatt at Wrestlemania 32, and replace Bray with Dean. The beauty of the Dean Ambrose character, is he is a legit lunatic, that fears nothing, never backs down from a fight, and will go the extra mile to prove so. He takes the intimidation factor away from some of the most feared personas within the company, and the mind games that are being played with the Lesnar character currently during this storyline is classic Ambrose; he played these same tactics while feuding with Wyatt, which helped to create a really memorable program. Who calls Brock Lesnar out, and demeans his manhood? Who mocks his F-5 move? Well, apparently, the Lunatic Fringe, that’s who. The best part? While it was a low blow (and from Lesnar’s past feud with The Deadman, this seems to be the only thing that can bring The Beast Incarnate down), and despite the fact that Ambrose was thrown around like a ragdoll by Lesnar, when all was said and down, Dean walked out of the ring, while Lesnar struggled.

Sure, there is a whole lot of stories building around Fastlane’s main event. We still have animosity between Reigns and The Authority; we have a tease of dissention in the ranks between BFFs Ambrose and Reigns; however, the best story to emerge from the buildup is definitely what is going on between Ambrose and Lesnar. They’ve never locked up before; they’ve never really been involved in any storylines together; they have no history together; and have never crossed paths. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it’s entertaining to watch Dean refuse to be intimidated by Lesnar.

The only drawback? Fastlane is a Triple Threat match, and these two need to face each other one-on-one. Reigns almost seems awkward in the mix right now, literally like the odd man out. A WM match between Ambrose and Lesnar would be something the fans haven’t seen before, and if well laid out, (perhaps a no DQ/count out idea, to help leverage the match for Ambrose), it could blow WM audiences away. Because let’s face it: Ambrose rarely disappoints, and Lesnar is simply a marquee superstar that many fans love to watch.

Let’s also not forget the potential promo banters leading up to the grand event between Paul Heyman and Ambrose.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Should Lesnar and Ambrose move on to a Wrestlemania 32 match, post Fastlane? Leave your comments below!

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  • Bonkerz

    Good article Dorathy, but what else could be expected?

    • Dorathy

      Thanks. But, what do you mean? Within the match? The unfolding of an Ambrose/Lesnar program in general?

      • Bonkerz

        No, nothing like that, it was a compliment. I always enjoy reading your articles – so I have come to expect nothing but insightful and though provoking pieces from you. Keep it up :)

        • Dorathy

          Oh! Thank you so much, that is nice of you to say … :)

  • Bonkerz

    I have a question for anyone to answer. You see most wrestlers, when they don’t have the “powerhouse” label, are usually either given a high-flying finisher (or in Dean’s case – a signature move – the elbow drop) or a innovative/dangerous-looking submission hold; which brings me to my question. If Dean were to adopt a new submission finisher (to give him a credible looking finish against larger opponents), then which hold would suit him best?

    • Mean Dean


    • BooGonk

      I’m going to go with either the Anaconda Vice, or a Lebell lock.

    • jcice13

      it would have to be something that’s not considered a wrestling type finisher like the sharpshooter or figure has to be something that goes with his character right??? now what that is? I don’t know off the top of my head but I do feel it should be something crazy looking..what do you think it should be..also let me add to that with another question…in Ambrose’s history has he had a finisher that he used a lot, one that he really has done in the WWE and maybe that could be the move for him to bring out?

  • Si Nicholls

    Would you have Ambrose drop the Intercontinental title before the above

    • Dorathy

      Interesting thought. I’d say no. I like Ambrose with a title around his waist, and it could easily be a WM match where the title wasn’t on the line (like what they did at EC {first match} between KO and Cena)

      • Tomo

        Ambrose is my fav wrestler on the roster. But he won the belt claiming he’ll be defending it and is now in a triple threat for a title shot.

        Anothee cock up from creative it seems.

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