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Former ECW Champion Possibly Returning to WWE

– Former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley recently put feelers out to people in WWE and is interested in returning to the company.

There is said to be at least some interest in bringing Lashley back but he put word out as WrestleMania season was beginning and a lot of thought wasn’t put into his return. A source says Lashley popping up before next year is a possibility.

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  • MenkelChel

    I miss him, I was so happy for his success back in the day. Hope he replaces Cena as the face of the company, but how is his return possible? wasn’t he like a black version of Lesnar? They had the same entrance and similiar wrestling style..

  • Coolquip

    There probably like “sorry bobby, but that guy we made u a ripoff of is back so you and Batista aren’t welcome here”

  • Peter Ballack

    Bobby Lashley seems like a nice guy.
    -But he is just another big man who can’t work a match.

    Even as a babyface, he was getting jeers on a weekly basis.
    In the ring, he looked like a black Brock Lesnar clone without the realism or danger element.

    In short, the guy sucked.

  • ReVeLaTeD

    I don’t agree that Lashley could not work a match. It comes down to who he’s in the ring with. His feud with Umaga, for example, was exciting to say the least. The problem is that he could only be in the ring with someone large and dangerous; he could never go with someone like Kurt Angle and look credible.

  • manning

    a good wrestler can make any opponent look good. Thats why Cena’s so great, his in-ring skills are so bad that anyone he faces looks like a technichal wrestling mastermind

  • ReVeLaTeD

    Don’t agree with that either. Zack Ryder looked godawful against Cena.

  • Andrew

    I’m notquite sure cuz everyone is bashing him, bu didn’t Lashley wrestle in like the army or navy when he went to college

  • Sneaky

    I’d mark out if he came back, yeah he was a High school,Collegiate and Millitary Wrestler, Former US(and ECW but they won’t mention it)champ.

    BTW he’s not the black Lesnar, he’s the African American love child of Lesnar & Goldberg, his name is Bobby Lesberg, you Bathturd :)

  • Crowell

    I think bringing him back before SummerSlam would be great and having him face the prick Brock Lasner. It would be a great match and it would put Brock in his place.

  • TheNo1Studda

    WWE or TNA should hire Sabu again.

  • raven

    Sabu …loved ecw loved the homicidal genocidal suicidal sabu….hes OLD AND DONE …NO ONE SHOULD BRING BK SABU FOR ANY SERIOUS RUN OF ANY KIND…

  • T-Strings

    I think they should bring back Lashley and Batista as a tag team super force

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