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WNZ Open Season: Going Away Quietly

In case you missed it-and it’s extremely easy to have done so-Brie Bella has effectively hung up her boots following her bout at WrestleMania 32. Considering how her twin sister is on the sidelines with her surgery, and a less-than-ideal prognosis in the long-term, it’s not a tremendous stretch to think that WWE has seen the last of the Bellas, in-ring.

In a way, it’s oddly fitting that Brie would fade away so quietly. For someone who was, for so long, the face of the now defunct Divas division, for her to just ride off into the sunset? It’s not how I would have predicted it, but it’s an elegant way. Now, in fairness, there hasn’t been the typical pomp and circumstance because, apparently, E and WWE are saving that for a future episode of Total Divas-something that she and her sister really built up.

As they say, timing is everything. In the past year, WWE will have lost it’s three most notable female talents of the last five or six years, in the persons of AJ Lee and the Bella twins. And while each loss is a bummer, the timing in this case could not have worked out better. The Divas revolution of 2015 has given birth to a new women’s wrestling movement within WWE. The Divas title has been retired. And the roster is, at present, enjoying it’s most impressive collection of women’s talent, possibly ever. While it’s hard to see someone who was so influential walk away, the timing cannot be disputed. Neither she, nor her sister, may much be missed because of the state of women’s wrestling, but we can’t let that diminish her accomplishments, or her importance in the grand scheme of things.

So, we as fans get to enjoy the best women’s wrestling many of us have ever gotten to see live. And Brie gets to enjoy whatever is next in store for her, without taking the bumps or beatings anymore. She did her time, she carried things a long way, but she’s passed the torch and is happy letting the next group of talented women push things further than ever.

She may have retired quietly, but it was only out of choice, not a reflection of her worth. Here’s hoping that, at some point soon, WWE really plays up Brie’s retirement and gives her the send-off she has earned.

WNZ readers, are you sorry to see her go? How significant was her career?

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  • bigfoot3169

    For me, her career was meh… Her and her sister did not do a lot for that divas division. I didn’t watch divas or women’s matches for the Bellas. I’m not a fan of either woman. They have made improvements to their craft, but I was pretty much bored with both of them.
    When I think of women’s wrestling of late, I would connect the dots to Nattie, AJ Lee (Brooks now), Paige and the women from NXT. The only thing that I really saw from NIkki was her sex appeal, as that she has a nice spin at the top of the stage and would do well as a valet or manager. As for Brie, she was more like the one you’d take home to momma.
    Total Divas did revolve around the Bellas and I can say I have never sat down and watched an episode of that show, because of the Bellas. It is a drama filled show and it does bring another light unto the women’s division, but not something I’d strive to watch.
    That’s my rant. I wish the women of wrestling the best for all of their achievements and good luck to the actual women known as the Bellas. I’m just glad that they’re gone and we can now focus on the real women of wrestling and I can’t wait to see more matches with Becky, Sasha, Nattie, Charlotte, Bailey, Paige and other women of NXT ( Oh my Alexa Bliss!)

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