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Eva Marie’s WrestleMania 32: Good, Bad, & Ugly

So it seems that NXT and Total Divas star Eva Marie has once again hit the main roster and has somehow finagled her way onto the Wrestlemania 32 card. I can honestly say I was somewhat disappointed with this reveal on the March 28th edition of Monday Night RAW on so many different levels. As the program was initially unfolding, I saw a match between Brie Bella and Lana: something that would provide a higher-level platform for Lana’s wrestling debut and transition from manager and wrestler; and final hurrah to Brie Bella, as reports are now indicating that Brie will most likely retire soon after Wrestlemania to be by her husband’s side, instead of the summer, which was her original plan.

But now, that has seemed to change. With an addition of a multitude of players into the match, the program seems to be going in so many directions; and once again, I feel the WWE Creative is missing the point when it comes to women’s division. Especially amongst recent rumors that as early as this Monday, the WWE will be announcing a rebrand of the division: throwing diva out to the curb, and referring to women’s wrestling … as women’s wrestling. There will be a new belt and all; a new era is being ushered in, yet, Creative is still handling the women and their stories the same. Mind you, they have been spot-on with the Charlotte/Banks/Lynch Wrestlemania 32 storyline, so I guess there is some progress being made.

Still, there way too many players the Total Divas versus Team BAD and Blonde feud, and so many different stories happening. And then, there’s Eva Marie.

So, here we go: the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to the 10-Woman Tag Team Match.

The Good

A few good things about how this program are rolling out. Originally, it was supposed to be Lana versus Brie, but reports that came out in early March indicated that ‘The Ravishing Russian’ may not be ready for a singles match, and placing her on the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’ surely would be a huge error on the WWE’s part. Too late to turn back the clock, especially since the seed has already been planted; so in came the cavalry. The good about this is Paige, Naomi, and Nattie (rightfully so) participate in Wrestlemania 32 along with Brie. Another huge bonus is that fans saw heel Emma (who is WAY better than face Emma) re-enter the main roster once again, and she too has been included into the mix. Some may also argue that Foxy and Tamina (and maybe even Summer) deserve to be a part of Wrestlemania 32. The face team easily and logically formed, to come to Brie’s defence. Every woman on the main roster gets their WM 32 moment, and the WWE can promote Total Divas. Win-win situation right? Well … not so much …

The Bad

Does Lana’s alliance with Team Bad make any sense? Do any of the ladies (other than Naomi and Tamina) have chemistry? Why did Summer Rae and Emma join them? It seems all mashed together, and in Creative’s defence, if they were building up a singles match, only to realize they needed to bring in some reinforcements, on a small timeline. As much as I love that fact that Emma is back on the main roster, and in Wrestlemania, I question why a five-on-five match was needed, rather than just booking an 8-woman tag bout (i.e. Brie, Nattie, Paige, Foxy versus Naomi, Tamina, Summer, and Lana). While this would eliminate Emma from the equation, it would also eliminate Eva. Which brings me to …

The Ugly

Eva Marie’s return on the March 28th edition of RAW was so awkward I wanted to cringe. Executed perfectly on Creative’s part, the simply brought out the wrong person. I’ve read many comments on social media about this. Is it fair that Eva steps back into the main roster, when its clear she still needs to remain in NXT for a while? She’s gotten better with her wrestling, but she is far from main roster-ready (in my opinion). Is it fair that Bayley, Carmella, Dana Brookes, or even Eva’s sidekick Nia Jax sit on the sidelines while Eva slides in for a Wrestlemania moment she may not deserve?

This is my thought: placing any of these NXT women within the 10-woman tag match would be an injustice to their debut. Yes, Eva fit well, because she is part of Total Divas. And while Eva is certainly not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, I placed her RAW return under this heading, because it was just that, ugly. From the crowd reaction to her trying getting into the ring.

And it was confusing.

Isn’t Eva a heel in NXT? Creative seems to continue to make the same mistakes with these women, and they are not only hurting the talent and their credibility, but also their confidence when it comes to entering a live crowd. Unlike a John Cena (or even Roman Reigns), being a face and getting booed is something they are use to; Eva is still pretty fresh when it comes to WWE crowds and how to work a live audience. Sending her out to help the face team only to get booed had to have taken her aback; and it looked as if it did, therefore the program plays out as if it did.

I have no problem with divas turning, multiple times during the year, month, week, whatever; just let them explain whey they are turning. Give them a chance to tell their story. It doesn’t have to be a 20-minute Authority-esque promo; but one solid minute to say, ‘hey, I’m sick of Lana running her mouth,’ or what have you. The Brooklyn audience booed Marie out of the arena, and then aftermath of the other divas, seemingly pushing her away, was again confusing to me (and I watch Total Divas).

Do I think it was a mistake to bring Eva back, so soon, and for Wrestlemania? Yes, I do. If the idea is to add women to the match, to help carry Lana (as she cannot carry a singles match on her own), then the experienced talent booked in the original bout was enough. WWE could have easily still brought Emma up, booted Summer Rae off the team (or never had her there to begin with), and kept this as an 8-woman match.

As it stands now, there are far too many stories going on in this program, in every direction; and now there are two weak wrestlers on either team for Lana’s debut match, and Brie’s farewell; which also takes away from their significant stories.

WNZ fans: what are your thoughts on the 10-woman tag match? I want to hear the good, bad, and the ugly!

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    Conspiracy: They brought in Eva so that somebody gets booed louder than Roman Reigns.

    • Dorathy

      That actually makes sense. Good one …


        Thanks,you can be a HOAKAMANIAK now.

  • Si Nicholls

    If they extend the women’s division this year and also have the brand split then including Eva makes sense, she is a perfect foil for a strong face for a midcard belt. But that there is the question, when are the women going to get more than 1 belt to compete for? You have mentioned 14 wrestlers in the article and there is also Sasha Becky and kid Flair in the mix, so 17 wrestlers in all, not including if reports are correct The Beautiful people joining WWE soon.

  • jcice13

    it’s one thing getting heel heat it’s another to get jeered out of the building for no talent and people just detesting you..and when you say Eva’s gotten better? well she had to, there was no way to get any worse.truthfully I almost feel bad for her then I stop after a second and just pity her.she has a nasal voice, minimal wrestling skills and waddles like a duck when she walks.she’s just in the wrong business and when you watch the others perform they blow her out of the water and the fans can see that, so they boo the hell out of her……

  • Downy Dutch

    I wish they made a NXT vs WWE Divas match with WWE eliminating the NXT girls quickly to have it 5 against 1 with bailey against the wwe divas and pull of a big upset by winning it all.

    • FacePuncher

      That’s dumb. It just makes the NXT women look weak. Can you really imagine someone like Summer Rae quickly taking care of Nia Jax? Or Brie Bella eliminating the current NXT women’s champion Asuka? Crowds chant “Asuka’s gonna kill you” for a reason.

      • Downy Dutch

        I wouldnt put Asuka and Nia Jax in that match, I thought of girls like: Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Dana Brooks And Emma. Yeah they look weak but its the “Big” WWE against the “Small” NXT and they could just tell the experience story. It would make Bailey an emediate threat for the Divas Title. But hey its just my fantasy booking.

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