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Goodbye John Cena … Hello New U.S. Champion?

As reported last week on WrestleNewz, it seems that U.S. Champion John Cena has requested some time off from the WWE (due to personal reasons), starting shortly after October’s Hell in a Cell (HIAC) pay-per-view (PPV), and lasting until December. While many fans will miss seeing the Cenation leader on WWE programming, this also gives some other superstars the opportunity to shine. Who could dethrone Cena and become the new United States Champion? Here are some of my picks:

Dean Ambrose

Both Ambrose and Cena are not currently booked for HIAC, so why not make it official? Last year around this time, Ambrose rose to the occasion when Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan were out of action due to injuries; and as one of the top faces of the company, back then, the WWE Universe was treated to some main event matches that featured Ambrose. With Cena out of action, and Reigns most likely hitting the title picture scene after his feud with Wyatt; WWE will need Ambrose to once again step up to the plate, to help move programs along in Cena’s absence and keep fans tuning into RAW and SmackDown.

Bray Wyatt

Speaking of Wyatt, yes – he’s already in a match at HIAC; and yes, Wyatt seems so much bigger than the U.S. title scene … but at one point in time, John Cena did as well. As of this writing, John Cena has not been booked in a HIAC match, so who is to say that he will be participating in the PPV? Maybe he drops his U.S. title on a Monday Night RAW before HIAC … maybe he drops it on the Monday night post-HIAC and then takes his leave? It’s no secret, I think Wyatt deserves some gold around his waist – and taking the U.S. Championship from John Cena would serve as a solid feud for the top face of the company to return to, once he has finished his leave.


Has anyone else been missing Cesaro as of late? It seems shortly after his incredible feud with Kevin Owens, he has dropped off the face of the WWE Universe. Yes, Cesaro has jumped into John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge on more than a few occasions and failed; but fans aren’t keeping score. With ‘Cesaro Section’ signs that flood the arenas, it’s time that WWE Creative listens to the fans, and #giveCesaroachance.

Heath Slater

Now speaking of hashtags, Slater has this thing he’s doing on Twitter, where he is trying to get #GiveSlaterAChance and #HitSlatersMusic to trend on the social media platform. There was this storyline that seemed to be developing earlier this year, where Slater was trying to accept Cena’s challenge – but something would always stop him. He was quite confident that if given the opportunity, he could beat Cena. The storyline just fizzled, without Slater ever entering the ring and actually fighting John Cena. While I am not a huge fan of Slater, I have to admit; a Slater win would come right out of left field, and could produce some interesting entertainment.

Dolph Ziggler

If you are a fan (or follow) the reality show Total Divas, then you may know that this past season finale’s cliff-hanger was Dolph Ziggler proclaiming his love to John Cena’s girlfriend, Nikki Bella. Fellow colleague Stephen Nixon wrote a great article outlining how a feud between the two would be incredible, and I agree. Ziggler could easily beat Cena for the U.S. title (cleanly or otherwise). If he did cheat, or cross the line, the match could potentially create a storyline-related injury where Cena had to take time off so he could be written out of storylines; and when Cena returns, they could pick up where they left off and have a solid program in place.

Who do you think should or could be the next U.S. Champion?

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  • Mike

    I think it will be ziggler. We saw him rake the eyes of cena in thier fantastic raw match. It was a heel turn tease. It will happen at hiac, dolph turns heel and maybe takes cena out, to write him off tv.

  • KingBack

    Dolph Ziggler is going to take the title for sure. He teased a heel turn on RAW with the rake to the eyes and WWE has been highlighing ZIggler’s past with Nikki Bella on Total Divas.
    Ziggler will turn into this jealous kind of character who’s main goal is to make Cena’s life as bad as possible because Cena stole his glory and his girlfirend

  • Orbit Storm

    Isn’t Ambrose and Orton scheduled to face Harper and Strowman at HIAC?

    Personally, I’d rather see Cesaro take the U.S. Title (again). The guy is just too good to not be in the title picture and although I’d like to see him with the WWEWHC at some point, having him continue to set a gold standard for the U.S. Championship would be best for business.

    I like Ziggler too but he rarely stays healthy. I feel the program with Rusev, Lana and Summer was poorly handled and he sorely needs a new angle but a title run with the U.S. Championship isn’t it.

    • Dorathy

      yes, but just for the record, i wrote this article last week :)

      • Orbit Storm

        Doh! Didn’t notice the timestamp, that’s my fault. I apologize. To be fair though, the article is showing as featured on the site index, over other more recent articles; thus the confusion.

        • Dorathy

          Oh no Orbit Storm! It is of no fault to you. I just meant i wrote it before RAW, and it was published today. This happens to me a lot :) RAW ALWAYS burns me whenever I write an article before it airs :) Thanks for the comment! Always like reading them :)

      • jcice13

        then why does the date say Oct 13th at the top? did Ravens have a hand in it?

    • jcice13

      wow that angle with the 4 of them sucked from the get go..ruined all the characters, and poor RuRu, he went from being a monster to getting bitched slapped by a horse faced ex football queen

  • Starman

    I’d love to see Samoa Joe answer the open challenge and basically leave Cena a bloody mess as good ole’ JR would say.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      JR had the best puns.

      • jcice13

        the old Watts show was where JR always made me laugh with his sooner quips..but damn, if he didn’t make you want to tune in the next week to see what happened, awesome announcer

  • Michael King

    Lol Ambrose is booked

    • Dorathy

      Yes, i wrote the article last week. Ah, this always ends up burning me! lol

  • Michael King

    Who ever Cena drops the title to I just wonder will the quality be the same

  • jeff

    Albertooooooooooooooooooo Del Rioooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Dorathy


  • YoMommasMan

    Cesaro , Samoa Joe , or even the newly signed James Storm which imo would be epic. Also I hope this opens up more opportunity for other guys to shine but personally I would like to see if Reigns could be champ just to see how fans react and to it before Vince pushes him to the top

    • jcice13

      no way james storm gets it off Cena, he’s not even around, and unless they bring up Samoa Joe to come out and answer the Cena challenge it won’t be him either..if he’s taking time off soon then that means they have to have a guy soon

  • Rg41982

    Give it to slater. It would be so entertaining and give him a nice push.

    • jcice13

      yeah and watch the ratings drop

  • Alejandro

    I’m fine with either Cesaro, Heath Slater or Damien Sandow getting a run with the US Title.

    • jcice13

      heath slater? damian sandow? are they even around?

      • Alejandro

        They’re not around anymore. They got lost in space…

        • jcice13

          with Dr. Smith?

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