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Great Balls Of Fire 2017: 5 Real Losers

The WWE returned to pay per view with Sunday’s Great Balls Of Fire, where no titles changed hands and 9 matches were shoved down our throats. Overall, the three plus hours moved along but the show felt bland at times. Somewhere in that mix of ordinary, five wrestlers left Great Balls Of Fire as real losers.

If you missed Great Balls of Fire, check our play by play.

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  • Robb Frymyer

    They made Samoa Joe look like a bitch. Jumping Lesnar from behind then pulling the ref in so he could hit the low blow. To me that made him look weak, I know he’s supposed to be a heal but still Joe was always the no nonsense I’m gonna kill you, I just think the tactics made him look weak and like he couldn’t win without doing that. Bad Booking.

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