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Happy Trails, Joey Styles

As you may have noticed, Joey Styles is no longer employed by WWE. Styles, the iconic voice of ECW, was let go from WWE for reasons that, as always, we may never fully know-and that’s fine. Suspicion was that some veiled comments he made about Roman Reigns and his push may have led to his dismissal, but I doubt we ever know for sure.

As someone who watched ECW-a lot-as a teen, during a time where I really came back to wrestling, and the business itself got redefined during the mid to late 90s, I have an appreciate for Styles. People might reminisce about the beauty of commentating by legends such as Solie, JR and Gorilla Monsoon, but for me, Styles was up there. Now, to some extent that is of course subjective and opinion (OK, it’s pretty much 100 percent that), but Styles helped make ECW that much more notable. The action was intense and the matches were exceptional (most, not all). But having Styles doing the play by play, being as versed as he was in the move sets of all the talents ECW put out, and of course, his trademark “OH MY GOD”-it’s just hard to imagine ECW without that.

When he came to work for WWE, I was dismayed that he wasn’t given a much bigger opportunity to become a new voice on one of the announce teams. Perhaps his unique style was more suited for ECW than a mainstream show, but I think his enthusiasm, passion and acumen would have been a great long-term addition. But, I do admit my ECW bias yet again. He seemed quite happy with his role within WWE, so at the end of the day, my feelings are moot.

Now that he’s been released from his contractual obligations, it will be interesting to see what he does next-if anything. He posted to Twitter that he was available, but not for commentating, so I would imagine either there is some non-compete in play, or perhaps he’s just not interested in rehashing that part of his past. No matter what, he’s made quite a mark on the sport, and has become an integral part of so many vivid wrestling memories.

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