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Heath Slater “Free Agent” Angle Has Been Brilliant

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For four consecutive weeks, so-called “jobber” Heath Slater has been able to accomplish something, that no other superstar on both RAW and SmackDown LIVE have been able to do: be on both shows. Let that truly sink in. Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton may be headlining WWE’s second largest pay-per-view (PPV), SummerSlam; but Slater is hands down, getting far more air time, over all. To boot, he wrestled (okay, jobbed to) both future WWE Hall of Famers (Lesnar and Orton) this week, and played a part in building up their SummerSlam program.

I’m not sure what Slater has done to the deserve this, but he’s completely outshining both of his former Social Outcast (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) team mates, who have fallen out of relevancy since the draft. Slater has played a pivotal role in this entire post-draft angle for both brands. He’s added a tremendous amount of humor; am I the only one who thought Daniel Bryan was legit laughing during the *almost* signing of Slater to SmackDown on the August 16th edition … until he referred to Shane as Stephanie? There’s also been a bit of suspense around the angle (will he ever get signed?) Slater has assisted nicely with the return of Jinder Mahal and Rhyno, and even helped to move along and hype up The Beast versus The Viper program this week. Did I also mention #SignHealthSlater has been trending on both the nights that SmackDown and RAW air, post-draft?

All and all, when he was left out of the draft, I thought this storyline was going to fizzle, and be quickly swept under the carpet. But somehow, into week four, I’m finding it funnier than ever. And while an initial cocky Slater was once excited to be ‘free’ of any contractual obligations with WWE; he’s slowly evolved into a desperate man, just wanting to work, and needing a job to support his two, no seven kids (not to mention new pool).

So, Heath Slater is not ‘signed’ on either RAW or SmackDown. He’s not vying for a WWE Championship of any kind; he’s not even in a feud with another superstar. And yes, he’s jobbing significantly in this role, but wasn’t he doing that before? Still, if the goal of any superstar is to ultimately, entertain the audience; then Slater has accomplished this and more these past few weeks. He may not be destined to be the next ‘face that runs the place’ – but he has been memorable these past few weeks, and despite the fact that people may think this storyline has no where to go, it could surprise you all. Yes, it is on the borderline of getting stale, depending on which way it goes next week; but then there are so many other ways to continue to keep it fresh (maybe Slater jumps over to NXT for a bit …).

Either way, kudos to Slater for making the best, out of a potentially awkward storyline, and continuing to keep it moving along. Moreover, kudos to him for being the only superstar on both brands, for so long.

WNZ fans, what do you think of the Heath Slater ‘free agent’ angle? Leave your comments below!

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