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Hell In A Cell 2017: 5 Real Winners

The WWE returned to pay per view with Sunday’s Hell In A Cell, where titles changed hands and 8 matches were shoved down our throats. Overall, the three plus hours moved along but the show felt bland at times. Somewhere in that mix of ordinary, five wrestlers left Hell In A Cell as real winners.

If you missed Hell In A Cell, be sure to check our results.

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  • Mike

    I agree with all the winners. However I don’t agree hiac was lackluster it had two brilliant cell matches, the Usos Vs new day was probably the best tag match in many years. The us title match was really good and rusev Vs Orton was solid as was roode Vs dolph. Others were ok
    But not poor. Also the new day will have their rematch you realise? I assume they’ll just regain the titles straight away.

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