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Hell In A Cell 2015: Early Thoughts

With October past the halfway point, Hell In A Cell draws closer with each passing day. While there’s still a whole week of RAW and SmackDown TV, here are some early thoughts on the 2015 Hell In A Cell event.
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  • si69

    Here we go

  • jcice13

    give the divas some time before getting too worked up saying the angle needs spice, and I also think that you’ll see Brock/Taker tonight to add a little extra for sunday, and you’re right 2 HIAC matches tarnish what they want to push for the main event…how many other stips could they have used instead? lots…as for the title match there’s always the possibility Shameless can make an appearance even if he doesn’t try to cash in he could make it seem like he will by just coming out at the right moment

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I’m well past snoozing on the Divas revolution. 3-4 factions every week wrestling in circles is not a revolution. They’re spinning the same wheel with different characters every month. The storylines don’t even make sense and Paige’s pipebomb was weaksauce. I’ve seen Jim Ross deliver a more compelling statement in the ring than that.

  • Rob

    2 HIAC matches are too much? I think the whole PPV should be in the cell…..if 2 is too much then get rid of the PPV. Change the name. And make the cell a stipulation used at any PPV to settle a fued.

    • FightNewDayFight

      That’s indeed what they should do. No PPV should be named after a match stipulation, it takes away the suspense and, in the case of HIAC, the mystique around it. It’s pointless. I could have even cared about Reigns if he came out all of a sudden and announced “And it will be a HIAC at [Insert generic PPV name].” It used to be like the coolest thing ever. The perfect situation would be to have the Big Four and give the rest powerful names (Backlash, No Mercy, etc). And I LOVE the concept of Night of Champions and what used to be Cyber Sunday. It adds to the nature of PPVs and offers diversity. On the other hand, naming PPVs after stipulations comes off as unimaginative, resourceless and not only makes the matches themselves feel like ‘it’s that time of the year again’, but it forces WWE to insert gimmicky matches with no need whatsoever (I’m still laughing at the ’13-year rivalry’ ad).

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