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Hell In A Cell 2013: The Showstealer

In what should be one of the most anticipated tag bouts of the year, the three way tag match between the Shield, the Rhodes, and the Usos could easily be most talked about match after Hell In A Cell comes to a close. The cumulative talent assembled in this match is staggering. Cody Rhodes broke out as a singles face star with his performance at Money in the Bank and the subsequent feud between his family and the McMahons (sparked by his firing), while Goldust has performed well since being brought back into the fold. For the Shield, Seth Rollins continues to impress on an almost-nightly basis, while Roman Reigns is steadily developing. Last but certainly not least, the Usos have stepped up their collective performance level in the past few months to show themselves as one of the best tag teams in the WWE.

When you combine these three tag teams, it’s easy to see that the groundwork is laid for a great match. Despite the fact that Cody and Goldust have accrued impressive accomplishments as singles stars, they’ve seamlessly transitioned into teaming together—probably due to the fact that Cody’s been in countless tag teams before. They’re work as a tag team does bring some credibility to the division, as whoever beats those two gets a certifiable boost. Although it would be unlikely to see them lose the title so quickly, they are facing two very credible threats in the Shield and the Usos.

While we’ve become accustomed to seeing the Shield work together well, we haven’t seen them in this capacity where they’re no longer in a position of power. Announcers have bantered about how the Shield have been in a bad mood since losing their titles, and the WWE went through the trouble of having Rollins and Reigns Tout a promo along those lines. With the Hounds of Justice on the hunt for goal, we should see a more intense, focused, even rabid variety of these two. At the same time, the Usos have ascended nicely into the limelight, functioning smoothly and effectively as a great tag team. With all that they’ve done recently, they’re feeling overlooked and unappreciated. That they won a #1 contendership match but are not getting a direct shot at the title is baffling enough and legitimate cause for them to feel somewhat cheated. This gives them a chip on their shoulders that should be conveyed through the way that they go after the tag titles on Sunday night.

After the great match that the Usos had with the Shield on the Money In the Bank pre-show, those teams are colliding again but this time with the added talent of the Rhodes brothers. In one match we have these forces all colliding against each other: the hunger of the Usos vs the wrath of the Shield vs the sheer ability of the Rhodes. The storytelling and psychology will be great, the spots will be well thought out and appropriate, and the finish may be decisive or highly contested (in order to set up a match at Survivor Series). After Hell in a Cell 2013, don’t be surprised if many people are talking about the greatness of the tag title match more so than any other bout on the card.

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  • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

    I want The Uso’s to win the tag team titles.

    • Jay Ess

      Guess you’re just a fan of Ambrose and not the Shield by extension?

      • Dean_Ambrose_Fan

        You’re right I am only a fan of Dean Ambrose.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        I like the Usos and the Shield, but seeing as the Usos are very good wrestlers who actually have seniority on everyone else on the main roster in terms of Tag Team wrestling, I think it’s a travesty that they haven’t been given at least one run with the titles. Plus, WWE as a whole is better off with Cody and Goldust as singles competitors, IMO.

    • D.M.T

      Me too!

  • Bite Me You Loser

    I fear that the Usos are in the match to give the win to the Shield.. They win the titles and the Rhodes family doesn’t look weak.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I don’t think the Shield’s getting the titles back. If so, then why take them off the Shield in the first place? If the Shield do win the belts back, though, that could provide an indication that one of the other titles is changing hands. Remember, the rumored reason the Rhodes Brothers won the belts was because Vince didn’t like the idea of having all heel champions.

  • CatchWrestler1

    It would really not make sense for Goldust or Cody to lose the title right away…but, this new style of WWE booking does not surprise me whatsoever.

  • puckdinah1

    On paper, this is a good card. I think any match could really steal the show on this one…Hell in A Cell PPV matches are not even in the same family as the ones we used to see, so emphasis on matches outside the cell should be noted. I’m actually excited for this event, and then it’s Survivor Series. Not too shabby.

  • Me

    Maybe I missed something but I thought the Uso’s had won the right to a title shot a few weeks back by beating a bunch of other teams. Then they put the titles on the Rhodes.

  • gta4801 .

    regardless who wins i really hope wwe keeps this feud between the three teams keeps going because i haven’t felt this much chemistry between three teams since edge and christian the dudleys and the hardys

  • TheHotDogKing1

    It will only be a matter of time until The Usos win the titles. I wouldn’t mind seeing them go heel, and feud with Los Matadores actually

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