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Introducing: ‘Mania Mash-Up

WWE 2K16
WNZ readers, as we approach WrestleMania, I had an idea. Actually, I had several, but in this case, only one idea matters.

With our trusty XBox One, I think we can have some creative fun on this Road to WrestleMania. I have a few ways this can go, so I wanted to put it out there to our wonderful readers, to see which option appeals more to your interests.

Option 1-We take all of the past WrestleMania main event wrestlers (who exist in WWE 2K16), and we have our own WrestleMania-themed digital tournament-not unlike the recent tournament of champions we ran. It could certainly lead to some interesting matchups between legends and modern day stars.

Option 2-We take various past WrestleMania participants-primarily focused on winners from the main events, but keeping an open mind. We again come up with a tournament bracket-perhaps some random, perhaps some more obvious matches for the opening rounds. And the winner? He’s the WrestleMania champion.

Option 3-We follow the same premise as #1 and #2, but we skip the tournament and just focus on the most interesting possible matches out of every WrestleMania, ever. And if you like this option, feel free to suggest some match ideas to be simulated or discussed!

I know it’s all just an entertaining exercise, but it surely can be fun and in some cases it should surely lead to some spirited debate. If the digital wrestlers don’t exist, then we can end up doing some pros and cons of who would win-such as debating Andre versus Big Show.

So, I am asking you the readers to sound off in the comments. Whichever option of the three gets the most requests, is the direction we go in. Have at it!

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  • Trace Harston Hanner

    How about the main events of each go against each other or the best rated match on each wm card, have them face each other then go in a tournament?


    3,no need for a tournament when you can just have an awesome card of epic past matches. It’d kind of be like turning mania into a glorified king of the ring,with gimmick matches. The matches would outshine the tournament, and it would become an after thought…… I think I just over thought a virtual simulation entirely too much..

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