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Jack Swagger Jumps To Team Blue

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Was anyone else excited to see Jack Swagger, once a RAW recruit, jump over to SmackDown LIVE this past Tuesday September 13th? I was, in fact, I was so impressed, he hit the wins list on my RAW/SD LIVE Review this week.

Okay, so he was shaky on the mic – and the promo wasn’t the best I’ve seen. I will give him the benefit of the doubt; it’s been a long while since he’s had a mic in his hand, alone in that squared circle, so he may have some promo dust to shake off. On top of that, the hat flipped to the other side was a bit cheesy, and I’m still trying to understand who is ‘new’ character really is. That could Creative’s fault entirely. Still, as a fan of the man, who would love to see more from his character, I’m hoping this hop to Team Blue may mean a fresh new start for Swagger. That is, if this jump is a legit push in the right direction and not just a 30-second segment to get audiences excited about superstars now jumping ship and shifting between brands.

Here’s what I what I like about Jack: he’s athletic, passionate (when given the opportunity), has a good catch phrase (but maybe not for long), is over with the fans and has made a solid connection to the audience. He needs some work on the mic, but sometimes that only comes with being given an opportunity. What I don’t like about Swagger? All that Creative has bestowed on him as of late. His win/loss record is terrible, and for the longest time it felt like when they didn’t know what to do with Rusev, they fed him Jobber Jack.

I’m hoping for a slightly renewed Swagger character as he enters SmackDown LIVE. He doesn’t have to be in the main even scene, but Swagger has what it takes to be a solid (winning) mid-carder. Some matches on SmackDown that don’t involve him losing is a solid start. A compelling program so fans can connect with this slightly revised persona, and one where he comes out on top and looking strong. Sadly though, it makes more sense that he’s on the scene to build up Baron Corbin, and his budding rise to the top of WWE’s ladder. I love Corbin, his character, in-ring style, everything really. It’s just hope Swagger’s character is not rail-roaded in the process.

What’s in store for Swagger? Here’s hoping more air time on SD LIVE, and not just a transfer from WWE Superstars to Main Event.

WNZ fans! How do you feel about Jack’s move over to the blue side? Think Creative has anything solid in store for him, or just the same old, same old? Leave your comments down below!

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