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Jinder Mahal’s Next Feud Should Be With…

WWE Championship

Whether you read the spoilers or not, SmackDown was truly shocking. We kept hearing about Jinder Mahal possibly holding the WWE Championship until WrestleMania and he was already booked to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in a few weeks. Then AJ Styles came along and flipped everything by capturing the gold. Going forward, here’s who Jinder should face.

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  • Mike

    I doubt we see jinder Vs cena now. I think jinder will sink without a trace be a lower mid card heel. Maybe have a face run at some point. He’s not good enough.

  • Santa the Villain #TheElite

    Jinder will reclaim the title right after Survivor Series. The news is WWE wants to promote Mahal for an upcoming tour in India and they don’t want to risk having him hurt by a stiff worker like Lesnar.

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