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Is John Cena Entering His Own ‘New Era’?

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Not to jump in on John Deegan’s WNZ Open Season, but I had to pose this question to you WNZ fans. Especially after John Cena’s (surprise) save on the July 11th edition of Monday Night RAW, when The Club ganged up on Enzo and Big Cass. Anyone else taken back a little, when the entire Detroit arena was chanting Cena’s name (with no ‘sucks’ at the end of it)? Caught my attention, and WNZ’s attention on Twitter:

It’s no secret, I’m a John Cena fan, and for someone like me, it’s hard not to be. I find him entertaining in the ring, on the mic, and the work he does outside the ring for kids, tugs at my heart. I respect his work ethic; how he presents himself inside and outside the squared circle.

I also respect the opinions of the fans out there who aren’t fans of John Cena. I can’t and won’t speak for all of you, but I feel like I’m almost seeing a shift in the general attitude of how John Cena is viewed, as of late. He’s undeniably the top face of the WWE, the most recognizable for main stream audiences, is a draw for casual fans, and has a huge fan base. But, he also does have a polarized popularity; and for the cheers he gets, an arena can be rocked with the boos, when his entrance music hit.

It could be just me, but there seems to be a bit of a shift in this “Cena Sucks” movement, and momentum seems to be increasing, slowly, but surely, since John Cena held the United States Championship last year, and launched his U.S. Open Challenge.

The momentum seems to be pointing in the direction, of people actually wanting to see John Cena, and that perhaps he is starting to earn some respect. I’m not implying those who don’t like John Cena have become full-fledged fans, who buy his merchandise and don’t miss an episode of Total Divas; I mean, maybe – just maybe – there are those out there who might not like John Cena, but see the value in his brand, what he does for the company, and what makes him the top face of the WWE.

Now, the unanimous “Cena” chant on July 11th could’ve just been the venue, or the crowd getting lost in the moment; the WWE Universe as a whole didn’t expect to see John Cena on RAW, so it was a bonefide shocker when his music hit. We also all didn’t want to see Enzo Amore become the Club’s next victim and trending hashtag (#BeatUpEnzo); so Cena’s save came at the perfect time.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps Cena’s long absence has fans and haters alike missing him … just a bit. Add into the mix the distain many fans have had for Roman Reigns, his WWE Championship reign, and his so-called Cena 2.0 persona; and many Cena doubters might be seeing the value Cena brings and has brought to the table.

WNZ fans – Cena lovers and haters alike – do you think John Cena is entering a new era in his career? One that will see more cheers than jeers? Leave your comments below!

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  • Si Nicholls

    I also think some of it has to do lately with how great as heels The Bullet Club are, they are arguably the first faction of heels for a long time that doesn’t rely on cheep heat, and there attacks on Cena seem to be galvanising audiences and engaging audiences far more than the normal Cena chants we have heard for years

    • Dorathy

      Good point!

  • Tomo

    I think the fact he’s been out of the main event scene for a bit has helped. It had become so predictable.

    Instead he made the US Title relevant. Put on some really good matches, improved as a wrestler and didn’t bury anyone.

    He’s now in meaningful feuds that aren’t stopping young talent taking the opportunities.

  • saimcheeda

    I think there is immense value in Cena in that his fans obviously want to see him and those who aren’t fans realize they just love booing him. In either case the entire arena wants him there.

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