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With John Cena Injured, Who Wrestles Undertaker

The WWE roster has been hit with a case of the injury bug just as WrestleMania 32 nears. Now, they’ve lost their biggest star in John Cena. With Cena injured for 6-9 months, there go those WrestleMania 32 plans with Undertaker. On that note, here are some replacements the Undertaker can challenge at WrestleMania.
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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Balor really

  • The Shockmaster


  • Zack

    Depends on Sting’s status. As highly debatable as it is for us wrestling fans, at this point I’d like to see Taker go out the way he came in. Since the streak is gone, the appeal of one on one has waned.

    If all wrestlers are healthy, I’d like us (in some fantasy world) to get a one time only WarGames Match. The Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Undertaker, Sting, and Finn Balor. It would take place in the Hell in a Cell instead of the traditional WG cage just as a nod to Taker.

    If Sting were healthy, I’d see him or Taker or both being a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. The Raw after, Sting announces that because of his injury to Rollins, he’s willing to admit that this is a young man’s game and It’s time to retire. He makes one final request, to have a match with Taker at Wrestlemania. Taker comes out and accepts. Later on, Triple H denies their request, saying the time has passed and now other guys should get a spot on their biggest show. They concede and say it doesn’t matter where it happens, they just want one final match. So a Retirement Match is booked as the main event at Fastlane.

    Currently, Kane has reignited his feud with Bray Wyatt as it seems. They’ll be in the Rumble match so it doesn’t matter at that PPV. At Fastlane, Kane faces Bray Wyatt earlier on the card. Finally in the main event, we get 20 minutes or so, whatever works, of Taker vs. Sting. However, the Wyatt Family’s weird music hits and the lights go out. Lights back on and the Wyatt Family storms the ring, laying out both men. The PPV ends with the Wyatts standing tall over Taker and Sting laid out. (I don’t think we need a winner between Taker and Sting. They’re both legends of mass respect and the ending works for me I think.)

    Now we’re leading up for a Wrestlemania Match. Kane gets a rematch against Bray on Raw but this time, Sting and Taker return and even the odds. Shortly after, we’re booked a 4 on 4 match. Speculation goes about on who their fourth man is until they reveal it as Finn Balor. The next big surprise is it will finally be in a first ever WWE WarGames Match, held inside the Cell.

    As previously noted, the appeal of Taker going one on one has lost its luster over the past two years and he’s showing his age. The multi man concept will aid Sting and Taker who can’t go like they used to. I also like the idea that Taker, who debuted in a Survivor Series match, is going out in a similar fashion. I’d say he’s the final entrant so he gets a spectacular entrance (which also gives the other guys a breather while they await Taker to enter). As for Finn Balor, I think this would be the ultimate rub to be selected by three other legends to be on their team. And I think Kane should join Sting and Taker in announcing it as his last match too (the joke to monster to joke again is draining his gimmick, even though he can still go in the ring). After a climatic victory, we have a collective raise of arms between three legends retiring and one new phenom who has just been introduced to the main roster. Without creative screwing it up, Balor should be revered from that day on and we can have a triumphant farewell to a cast of timeless superstars. I know a lot of people reading will hate the idea though. That’s cool, I’m just giving my perspective.

  • Joseph Lisnow

    Sting is done. He needs neck surgery at his age.

    • MikeLo #NewNation


  • Trace Harston Hanner

    If they want to sell out Dallas, he will wrestle somebody.

  • Mike

    I think jericho is a good shout. He should certainly turn heel, if he were to face taker. Kevin owens is also a good one. Not brock or bray again though.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Come On. Didn’t they say Taker and Lesnar had their very last match? I know about the Rock-Cena thing but given that the feud has been put to its death I see no reason why Lesnar should waste another Mania wrestling a guy who should have been retired by now.

    If anything, a Kane vs Taker feud for all times sake can do it and Taker can then leave the biz in one piece.

  • robvanriot

    I could buy into Kevin Owens wrestling him. Failing that, if it is Taker’s very last match, I could also buy into Taker-Kane for one last time as a double retirement deal. Sting, as others have said, is a no-no because of his neck. He’s done, we’ll never see him wrestle again.

  • Eliot Tirado


  • Darsow44

    “Injuried”? More top-notch editing on WrestleNewz.

  • Mean Dean

    Even Obama is saddened

  • Meg Matthews

    I hope it ain’t Jericho. How long is Orton out for, is there no chance he’d be back by then or is summerslam more likely a return for him?

    If it was an open challenge kinda thing i say Bo Dallas just for the giggles ?
    Would someone like Aj styles or Samoa Joe be to big a leap for a suitable opponent?

  • J-Rillz

    My guess for the Wrestlemania main events:

    Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt (c) for the WWE Championship

    – The Wyatt family is the only force I can see stopping Lesnar in the Rumble match.
    – Bray wins the title after Reigns gets screwed over by Triple H.
    – Lesnar wins #1 contenders match at Fast Lane (he was just announced for the event)
    – Bray probably gains the most for Cena’s injury, and really thinking about his career, hes gained nothing from his feuds with Reigns, Taker, and Bryan. Plus he was repackaged after his feud with Cena. Bray is one of those guys that needs to be evaluated due to so many injuries.

    Triple H vs Roman Reigns

    – Hollywood won’t allow the Rock to wrestle, so this is the only match that makes sense for Triple H.
    – Having the title in this match makes no sense. Fans won’t believe the idea of Triple H winning the belt. This match should be about survival for the authority, like Survivor Series ’14.

    Undertaker vs. Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman

    – I don’t believe there is any interest in another Bray / Undertaker match (at least among the fans), but if they want this feud to continue, the Wyatt’s powerhouse would be more intriguing.
    – See above for Bray
    – I think Sting is in the same situation like Daniel Bryan. They’ll be very cautious with his injuries and is probably ruled out for the event.
    – A feud with Owens would be fresh, and would make for a interesting story line, probably similar to Punk at WM 29.
    – With Cena out, I think a retirement angle is gonna be avoided. They’ll either recognize it some other way or even wait til next year. If Taker thinks he can go another year, they’ll follow his word.

    Other Matches

    Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho
    AJ Styles vs a member of the League of Nations
    New Day vs some combination of the NJPW signs / NXT stars
    rest of the card: w/e

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