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Lana Versus Brie Bella Is Heating Up

… and I think it’s wonderful!

I’ve been barking it up for a while now, that the WWE divas’ division needed more than one program to really connect with the WWE Universe. As per the way things used to go, the only active storyline for the women generally centered around the Divas title. For the past few months since the divas revolution hit, we have seen smaller sub-plots play out here and there; but Lana somewhat stalking Brie Bella recently, and attacking her on the March 7th edition of Monday Night RAW is big … and for a few reasons.

Reason number one, it seems that the fans are interested in this storyline; and it is not a title race program.

Much like me, people within the Universe could be intrigued, due to sheer speculation. Can Lana wrestle? The WWE has been teasing this idea to fans for a while now. Creative tried to inch towards that direction with the infamous Ziggler/Lana/Rusev/Summer angle; and the program failed miserably for so many reasons. Injuries (moreover for Rusev and Lana’s) helped its downward spiral, however the chemistry didn’t work with the participants involved in the program, and Lana and Rusev going public with their real-life engagement didn’t help the situation. This also did not help Lana’s situation, as she apparently received a tremendous amount of heat backstage for having this engagement leaked in the first place; and her Twitter and Instagram posts with a ring on her finger can be thanked for that.

Speaking of social media, off the cusp of her ‘wrist slapping’ engagement news leak, Lana went on (and went off) on Paige in November of last year, accusing the anti-diva of bullying her during her time at NXT; which also did not go over too well with WWE officials, as Paige is one of their top stars, a spokesperson, and at the forefront of their ‘Be A Star’ anti-bullying campaign. And for the record, I don’t think Paige is anywhere near a bully.

So injuries and heat have kept Lana back from any in-ring action, and it seems that Rusev being in the League of Nations has also kept her away from her managerial duties. Which does make it exciting to think that if Brie and Lana continue momentum around this program, they could make it to the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’. This would probably be the first time ever that the flagship has had two divas matches (it counts even if they hit the Preshow) in it (and WNZ fans, I’m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong this); and it is refreshing to have a divas storyline at WM that isn’t attached to a male superstar or the Divas title.

And should WM 32 be Lana’s debut, I can’ think of a better competitor than Brie Bella. Bella is on her way out, rumored to be retiring this summer. Bella can help push Lana over as a heel, and help her in the ring. But this really depends on Lana, her skills inside the squared circle, if she can be ready for Wrestlemania 32, and if she can keep her nose clean … as all arrows (program-wise) are pointing to a slow build up, just in time for Wrestlemania, where the angle could explode.

But can Lana keep her nose clean?

WNZ recently posted a report, where Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio stated that Lana has had some additional backstage heat recently, and may not be ready for a singles match anytime soon.

It seems at the end of the day, the WWE has provided her with plenty of opportunities, including a spot at Wrestlemania, something many talents on the current roster (male or female) would die for. Forget about Brie Bella, Summer Rae, or even Dolph Ziggler: Lana may be her own worst enemy.

WNZ fans, would you be excited to see Brie Bella versus Lana at Wrestlemania 32?

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  • MEH

    Only in WWE where you get pushed for vulgar photos and actions but get heat for achieving life goals lol.

    But yes I am intrigued as to how Lans (I call her that! something personal between her and I in my head) will do in the ring. Also gives Brie a Mania moment in the process to say aidios.

    • Dorathy

      That’s kind of how I feel re: seeing Lana in the ring, and for Brie.

  • Jonny

    On the Paige thing I could see how she can be a bully or perceived to be one. Just watch her tough enough stint. The way she carried herself , how she talked and so on came of stock up, pompous, arrogant etc to some people. So who knows might have some legit truth to it, or it may be just somone’s persepctive on Paige’s natural attitude.

    • Dorathy

      Fair enough. That makes sense.

    • siddus

      My personal take on Paige’s stint in Tough Enough is that due to her wrestling family background, having grown up in the business she is of an old-school mentality where you have to work damn hard for opportunities and pay your respects and pay your dues so she expects that of the competitors. I also think it was a case of tough love. I remember she kept yelling and yelling at Sara Lee on one episode but Sara just kept smiling, until eventually Sara yelled back and then Paige said “thank you. THAT’s what I was after, a bit of emotion”

      • Jonny

        maybe but most of it for me was that she was being to high and mighty where being hinestly she is only a few years removed from being a rookie herself. Yeah I get that she wrestled when she was a kid and all that crap, but what did that do for her? Nothing. It adds nothing. Only when she got her chance to audtion (twice), tryout with NXT, go to NXT then she honestly made something for herself. And for her being on the diva roster only a few years, it comes across as being really arrogant. She didn’t pay any dues and so on, and in fact how she is being used now and moreso for the past year or so, it shows that she still has dues to pay.

  • Aldrich Yan

    hope lana isnt another eva marie…

  • jcice13

    so another words Lana better get her butt training hard so she can do something, anything, in the ring? cause right now she’s not even close and I can’t see her getting any better in 4 weeks

    • siddus

      You’re basing that on what, exactly? We’ve no idea how much or little in-ring training she’s done behind the scenes at the performance centre. All we’ve seen is 1 move, and there was nothing wrong with that.

      • jcice13

        you may have no idea and I don’t mean that in an offensive way but I have an idea and that idea right now is that she’s not nearly good enough and would have to be carried by her partner big I think she might be able to be decent in the ring in time? yes but right now? no

        • siddus

          Casually ignoring the point of my post:
          What are you basing that on? She’s not performed in the ring in public yet

          • jcice13

            I know someone down there

          • siddus

            Ok. And Lisa really is a model


            LOL brother! Haha

          • jcice13

            so according to you, no one working for the WWE has any acquaintances outside the company? no family members? no friends? nothing, just bubble people

          • siddus

            Of course not.
            I’m saying a) no one on this board is going to know someone in WWE, certainly not anytime on the performance side.
            And b) anyone that did have that sort of information is not going to just blab away to all and sundry that they know. There’s such things as NDAs

          • jcice13

            that weird first you agree and say of course not then you go on and say how no one on this board can possibly be related to someone in the NXT area of the company, are you running for president? look whether you believe it or not it doesn’t make it not true I also can understand 100% why you might think that because it’s the internet you are skeptical of what you read .my debating whether I know anyone is moot, you won’t believe me and it still won’t change the fact

  • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega

    It is refreshing but I have my doubts

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