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Brock Lesnar + UFC = ?

In what I can only say was most unexpected, news came out over the weekend that WWE Superstar-and former UFC Heavyweight Champion-Brock Lesnar would in fact be fighting at UFC 200 in July. What’s even more interesting is that he is indeed still under contract with WWE, and doing this with the company’s blessing-as he will be appearing at SummerSlam in August.

So, putting aside the hows and whys of the deal, what might this all mean? Who benefits most? Is this the beginning of more cross-over to help boost each business? Let’s take a stab at each, shall we?

In terms of what it means? On the surface, I would say it’s just business. Brock might have wanted one last UFC match, and while under contract with WWE, and as he’s closing in on 40, sometimes you have to get creative. It’s also possible that, in order to have had Rousey appear at last year’s WrestleMania-or perhaps as a “thank you” for being OK with it-Vince, Hunter et al are allowing Lesnar to return to the Octagon. Or, as Dorathy opined on Sunday, perhaps this is an effort to open the doors for future cross-promotion. We can only speculate for now, though this is one point I fully expect to see more clarity on as things move forward. People talk, after all.

In terms of who benefits most? Or who is risking more? I have to think in the long run, in terms of benefiting, it would be WWE. Short term, probably WWE and possibly Brock, too, though that all depends on who he fights. And this is key, folks. While everyone knows Brock is a beast, and a legit tough SOB, perhaps WWE agreed to this with the idea he gets fed a UFC jobber. That is, what if all involved thought it would be a great way to rebuild Brock’s monster edge by having him step into the cage and destroy someone, just for old time’s sake? Not saying they did that, but if they did, it would be an excellent business decision for WWE. It’s not as though they want to particularly see Lesnar going up against Overeem, a man who has previously beaten Lesnar. Put it another way, WWE especially does not want to see Lesnar lose at the UFC event-to do so might not be devastating, but it would not be helping his brand value at all. It’s this risk that tells me it will be someone who can’t be a threat to Lesnar. However, if that’s the case, I think folks will question either the legitimacy of the bout, or whether the opponent was given a certain set of instructions for the evening. So I think UFC’s credibility is definitely on the line here too.

And of course, everyone wonders if this is a true one off? Or payback for Rousey’s WM appearance? Or is this the start of something new? I think a lot of folks are probably hoping it’s something new, but to what extent no one can be sure of. I think some cross-over could be mutually beneficial, but Dana White will be extremely cautious  about just how far that goes, because having UFC fighters work in WWE will be hard to handle. UFC fights are, of course, real, while WWE’s are predetermined. White won’t want the legitimacy of his bouts called into question, and it’s not exactly like many WWE stars are ready, willing and able to step into the Octagon right this minute. That could be an experiment that goes as badly as Mr. Gunn fighting Butterbean.

But, there is also the 800 pound gorilla in the room, isn’t there? That being, there’s a WWE Superstar heading back into the Octagon in July. And there’s a former WWE Superstar now working for UFC, who has yet to make his debut. Now, the biggest snare to this would be the weight class, but I suppose they could allow CM Punk to fight up in order to challenge Lesnar. But would they? It would be…could be….a pretty big fight for all involved. Think about it: if it were Punk/Lesnar, WWE fans would instantly be expected to buy the fight. UFC fans would be intrigued for a number of reasons too. But I think such an attraction bout comes with too many questions-specifically, if you have one current and one former WWE talent, fighting against each other in a UFC match, is this going to be a legitimate fight, or will this have been booked? If it’s a legitimate fight, would  that even make sense? If Brooks defeats Lesnar, it’s horrible for Brock. But if the bigger Beast dominates Punk? It practically ends his UFC career before it starts. It wouldn’t make him un-bookable for future UFC engagements, but if your debut was getting destroyed by Lesnar in a special event? It might be hard to recover. Of course, the reward could be huge, if Brooks shocked the world and beat Lesnar. But, from where I sit, the risk outweighs the reward, and I think the likelihood of this happening is slim.

So, what does Brock + UFC equal? Not quite sure what to expect, but I am thinking folks who struck this deal are thinking its going to equate to a very good gate.

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    problem here is that Lesnar isn’t facing a jobber. It’s Mark Hunt. So if Lesnar loses, he loses all credibility when he returns to WWE. To big a risk, unless the fight is fixed somehow.


      lmao….”He loses all credibility”. He has lost before,one of which was his last fight. That sure didn’t hurt his “credibility”….Brock Lesnar is a man beast,a genetic freak. NOTHING will ever change that,and NOTHING will take away the fact that he was already UFC champion. EVERYONE loses. Welcome to the real world.

      • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

        Yes he does lose credibility. WWE built him up so much since the streak. Him losing this fight would be a disaster. People would have ammo to dig brock lesnar in promos, plus to most wwe fans it is still sort of real to them so having a guy like hunt beat the one who beat the one will take some creative genius to fix


          A guy like Hunt? That dude is a beast too. These are the top fighters in the WORLD. The true issue is them trying to mix theatre with stunts,with A REAL SPORT. If the wrestling nerds cant handle the reality,then they need to GTF over it. EVERY fighter loses. Rousey lost and has all but vanished. McGregor lost and is going right back at it. This is the issue mixing real athletes in a real sport,with actors in a make believe “sport”…

          • Tomo

            The story writes itself either way.
            Lesnar returns, still a beast after a win.
            He loses, and a superstar runs their mouth saying how he’s a has been blah blah and.brock destroys him


            Exactly. It just seems like everyone is missing the fact that Brock is a legit athlete. Ken Shamrock was a UFC guy too. He’s lost,didn’t tarnish his image any. Brock lost the last fight in the UFC he had,nobody seemed to care then,but now all of a sudden if he loses he is ruined. The smallest guys in UFC would tear WWE guys apart. I don’t get the comparison.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            No one is disputing he is THE athlete right now.

            Shamrock had little cred wen he went back to ufc after wrestling, he lost and its been downhill. Poor example. Hunt is not a beast. He is when he feels like it other times he is like the pillsbury doughboy.

            Brock lost his last fight in ufc sure. But his aura was beginning to fade a little UFC wise. His wrestling aura hadnt, combine that with some genius promo work from heyman , and u have the beast we have today.

            Now take all that hype and have it come to a screeching halt in a legit fight. It takes a lot of shine off lesnar. Lesnar when he left ufc to the lesnar now are 2 different levels of star power

          • Edynol

            Lesnar was also not 100% healthy during his whole UFC run. You have to take that into account. He is in the best shape of his life now, both fitness and health wise.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            This has nothing to do with the conversation at hand tho. But yes he is healthier now


            Yeah,he is less of a star now. Mark Hunt is a beast,Samoan people are just built like that usually. Mark Hunt stats : Boxing W-2,L-1,D-1…Kickboxing:W-30 L-13…MMA W-12 L-10 D-1…Now let’s compare that to the legend Randy Couture…W-19…L-11….are you going to try to tell me his loses tarnished his image? Wrestling is scripted,like tv….the opinions of Brock Lesnar from pro wrestling fans don’t matter one bit when it comes to Brock lesnars reputation. Mark Hunt is on a 2 win streak.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            You’re still not getting my point. A loss would tarnish his WWE image. Why? Because of the cross dimesnional nature of the two franchises, reality era, new era and all that garbage. WWE will hype this to the moon. Brock is their guy now. Brock is bening promoted as an unstoppable beast. You think WWE will mention Hunt in the same manner. No way.

            So you have your monster with all this hype going into a fight and he loses. WHat happens. Nothing from a UFC perspective. Hunt gains a win , extends his streak. Lesnar loses, no big deal. He as out for a long time, pushing 40 and so on. They have lots of excuses. So from a UFC point a loss doesn’t hurt him.

            Now from a WWE standpoint where does that leave them. Their “boy”, their beast just lost, and just a couple months before Summerslam, where he is heavily advertised for.

            Now you tell me what sounds better….Lesnar returning after so many years to the UFC, kicks HUnt ass and so on. It extends his persona, if it hasn’t already, that Brock can go any where he pleases and kicks someones ass. Yes we all know that he can probably do that regardless, but a win at this stage in his career at this point in the season will solidify that on so many levels.

            Or would you have Lesnar just got his ass handed to him by Hunt…and you are now trying to promote your beast now, when in actuality he has been tamed.

            Yes the whole thing is major money. But being cross promoted now, it is a gamble they are taking win or lose.


            I agree,this whole thing is a mistake in my opinion. I understand what you’re saying about his wwe image being a little hurt if he loses. Hell,Brock Lesnars pride and ego will be hurt more than anything if he loses. WWE has more to gain AND lose from this. Yeah,Dana gets his biggest draw EVER one more time,but that’s it. It might actually make UFC look bad doing business with WWE. MMA fans tend to look down on pro wrestling. I like pro wrestling,and even I think it’s the goofiest damn thing on TV. Only reason I watch it is out of habit. So doing business with WWE could make UFC look like its going down the same road.

          • Edynol

            Well I think WWE are smarter than that. All the things they do wrong, they know how to promote and know how to keep things buried. Most MMA fans are adults and know the ins and outs of it as well as pro wrestling. If Lesnar loses, WWE just won’t mention it and most of the WWE universe would remain ignorant. Just like how him having his ass handed to him when Cain dominated him, WWE never mentions it and people still see him as a beast. And sorry to say, but Mark Hunt isn’t anywhere near Velazquez’s level.

            I think Hunt is a good choice. He’s done well enough that he has cred, but in all reality, barring a lucky shot or Lesnar slacking on his training, he is not the odds on favorite in this fight. That’s why Lesnar has been away for so long, he’s been training and getting rid of any rust he may have. So I’m pretty confident he’ll destroy Hunt, probably in the 1st round.

            Having said that, it is not out of the realm of possibility for him to beat Lesnar if he’s having a really good night or Lesnar is off for some reason. That’s why he’s a good choice here. As safe as you can get without it being seen as a job.

            And let’s not forget, Vince has money. He’s worth many times more than the entire UFC. Wouldn’t put it past him to pass a few mill Hunt’s way to throw it. And yes, it happens in UFC.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            First off this talk isnt about lesnar winning his chances and so on. This is about if lesnar loses and if it will have any impact or not. You keep posting in response along the lines of lesnars opponent and if he has a chance. I dont care about the fight . I care about the aftermath of the result.

            And in saying that. WWE at the time could care less bout UFC and watever happened to lesnar. His star was fading in the ufc. They took the little hype he had , got heyman and created the mega star he is now.

            So now, this lesnar losing matters a whole lot more than the lesnar 6 years ago

          • Edynol

            Really? How so? How is it any different than him getting destroyed by Velasquez? See you think Lesnar losing in a totally different sport means anything in pro wrestling. And you keep saying his star was fading, no it wasn’t. It still hasn’t. It’s on main stream news, which normally doesn’t give two $hits about MMA. So what if he loses? Everyone loses. Even Lesnar.

            He got beat clean by Cena his first match back. Did nothing to his cred. Got beat by HHH, didn’t hurt him. Got beat by Taker last year, didn’t do nothing. Everyone loses, and unless they start losing all the time and become a jobber, it does nothing to their image. Everyone knows Lesnar, despite all the hype and bells and whistles, is still just a man and he can lose just like anybody else. Losing in the octagon will do very little, if anything at all, to damage his image. Plain and simple. You’re just being paranoid.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            Apparently you’re not following the converstation properly or not reading or something.

            Again this has nothing to do with Lesnar’s ability, his chances in the match etc. All we are discussing in this conversation you interjected yourself in, is the effect (if any) of Lesnar losing.

            If this was 6 years ago, Lesnar losing in the UFC would be no big deal.


            It is a cross promotion. Both outlets will be promoting it. Hell WWE even started saying he is still under contract and after UFC 200 he is going to be at Summerslam. So as of right now, as it pertains to that fight, it isn’t two separate enitites.

            And yes his star was fading THEN. You understand that right , THEN. When Cain beat him, he was down and out. Then Overeem kicked his ass, his gut and everything else. Illness aside, he lost 2 big matches. His threat that he came in to the UFC with was fading away. That is why he took a break, left and got healthier.

            He would have jumped back to UFC, but WWE offered him more money.

            And losing to Cena and losing to HHH did hurt him. Lesnar’s character then was all over the place, and lost. It was only after his beating the streak that Brock really started gaining big time momentum. This led to his title reign, Royal rumble triple threat, wrestlemania and the birth of Suplex City.

            So this BS you are spewing about everyone loses, well no S$#t sherlock. But from a business standpint for the WWE a loss would be bad.

            From a UFc standpoint a loss is no big deal. In fact a lot of UFC purists expect him to lose. They even have built in ready fallback reasons to draw on if he does. Lesnar was away for so long, Hunt is on a winning streak blah blah. It doesn’t hurt UFc. They still make their money and life goes on.

            But WWE. Especially since this is cross promoted and Lesnar being advertised for Summerslam. You think his beast persona would really stick after a highly publicized loss in a supposedly legit fight? If you think yes, you are the one being delusional.

            I would really like to see creative work magic around that to keep Lesnar’s star power as it is going.

            Brock lesnar 6 years ago isn’t the mega star he is now

          • Edynol

            Yeah I’m following it quite well. You’re just an idiot who lacks basic comprehension. You’re wanna me smark with a boner for Lesnar who thinks anytime someone loses it’s a burial. Come off it and use what few brain cells you have left over from wanking to Lesnar videos of him breaking the streak.

            No one in this conversation agrees with you, you’re just showing off your true ignorance, and every post you make trying to discredit me just takes away from your own credibility because everyone here knows I know what I’m talking about. Unlike you, I have actual experience in the pro wrestling industry. You do not, otherwise you wouldn’t be spewing all this Lesnar fanboy bulls– and telling me I’m not following the conversation.

          • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

            By this comment alone means you are not following the conversation. And everyone is just one person i am talking to, who in fact understood the point i am makin and where i am coming from..thus “gets it”. But you probably realized that since you were following.

            Further more where is all this fanboy nonsense coming from? Dude if you like to ride lesnars d@#k that is fine but dont go throwing it on other people.

            Who was talking about burial? No one.

            Wanking to the streak. Where did that train of thought come up lol. I need to know that one lol.

            And where am i discrediting you? What credits have you presented to me to discredit.

            So defensive and angry over what.

            So funny and sad man. And you still dont get the jist of the conversation you put yourself in.

            I applaud you on being the biggest ass on this site. Well done.

          • Edynol

            Lol. You just described yourself. My work is done. Nice try kiddo.

          • Edynol

            Well, to be fair, just because you’re an MMA fighter doesn’t mean you can beat a pro wrestler in a legit fight. Most pro wrestlers who transition to MMA succeed very well, but most MMA fighters who try to transition to pro wrestling fail hard and go back to MMA. That’s just statistics. Wrestlers are made to take punishment and keep going, even if some punches are pulled. In MMA you have to avoid damage as much as possible, so they can’t take a hit like an experienced wrestler can. So saying the smallest UFC guy would tear any wrestler apart is not really accurate.

            Having said that though, I agree with the rest. Brock losing won’t hurt him. And while Hunt is a beast as well, I don’t think he can beat Brock. Remember Brock was still suffering from diverticulitis when he fought his last UFC bout. Brock is 100% healthy now and could very destroy Velasquez if the had a rematch. Is it possible Brock could lose? Of course. But I don’t Hunt will beat him unless Brock has been lazy with his training.


            Oh I don’t think he’ll beat him either,I’m just trying to prove a point. Also yeah,I may have exaggerated a bit on ANY MMA fighter. Just tired of seeing all of these posts and articles from clueless people all of a sudden having an opinion and saying nonsense like,”Oh CM Punk or undertaker should fight him.”…. Get real..

          • Edynol

            Yeah Undertaker in his prime might’ve made a good fight of it, but Punk would get destroyed. What bracket is Punk in? Middle Heavy Weight?


          Brock Lesnar would MURDER anybody on the WWE roster right now. An Olympic gold medalist has stated he wouldn’t want to fight him now.

  • wooooooooooo!

    I dont think it changes anything if he loses. It will all be forgotten like those a– whoopins he took while sick before leaving ufc. Yes it is best for him to win but wwe hype machine wint stop for the 1 in 21 in 1.

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