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For Brock Lesnar, Who’s Next?

Yes, folks, I am well aware of how I set that title up.

And the fans in attendance at SummerSlam had the same idea.

The idea has been simmering for a bit now, since footage from WWE 2K17 surfaced with Goldberg and Lesnar. With Goldberg being a special character in the next iteration of the game, many are connecting the dots, a la Sting, that Goldberg is on his way back to WWE for a couple more matches and, possibly, a Hall of Fame induction.

So how could this evolve?

For one thing, Lesnar obliterated Orton in what was largely a one-sided affair. Not quite as bad as when Lesnar battered Cena to claim the title a couple years ago, as Orton did get in a couple RKOs, but this one was pretty bad. The blood, which I hope was intended (though, damn, was Orton bleeding profusely!), resulted in a TKO, and an almost anticlimactic finish. That is, until Shane McMahon came down, and Lesnar, being Lesnar, felt it was a good idea to F5 the head of the SmackDown brand.

This part? I do think this part is important.

Because, at WrestleMania, one popular theory heading to the event was that Shane would wind up having someone come in and fight Undertaker on his behalf. That obviously did not happen, but now might be just the time for that to happen.

Shane will be out for a week or two, in order to sell the effects of the F5 on a mere mortal (hopefully he does this). But when he returns, he can begin to tease that he knows what’s next for Lesnar. That he has someone in mind for Lesnar. And sometime soon, perhaps this Fall-odds are, coinciding with the 2k17 game release-Goldberg can re-appear on WWE TV, to begin stalking Lesnar for a rematch. Now, this can go on for a while, before it culminates either at Survivor Series or Royal Rumble, perhaps, but it would seem likely to happen.

Whether or not it’s a wise idea? That’s a different story all together. Hopefully, if these two do have another match, it’s one where neither man is exiting the very next day, so that both men actually care about the match and how it comes off-unlike last time, where the highlight of the whole thing was Stone Cold stunning both men and sending them packing out of WWE.

Will it happen? Time will tell, but I do think the signs are all pointing in that direction.

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