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No Logic On RAW … But Who Cares?

Zack Ryder
The WWE Universe was treated to another solid Monday Night RAW on April 11th. Shane O Mac was once again in charge of the show, we witnessed some incredible matches, a number one contender tag team tournament was launched, and Bray Wyatt and his family teamed up with … Roman Reigns?

Yes, it all happened, and from my perspective, it was all wonderful. Was it a jumbled ball of illogical nonsense? Sure. Was I entertained? Absolutely!

The thing is, I too have complained in the past when a storyline doesn’t make sense, or something illogical happens within the world of the WWE. Of course the common retort is, “Why are they insulting my intelligence?” The truth this, when I’m complaining about nonsensical WWE material, it is usual not because I’m concerned over the idea that the WWE brass don’t t think I’m smart; it’s usually because the storyline is ridiculous, but moreover, it’s not entertaining.

Sure, it makes no sense why Vince McMahon would allow Shane to run Monday Night RAW, not once, but two weeks (in a row), after he lost a match to the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, with a stipulation that if Shane lost, he’d be banished from the company. Totally illogical. But wait, haven’t we (and I’m talking on behalf of the majority of the WWE Universe here) wanted Shane to stick around, post-Mania? He’s entertaining, he’s a breath of fresh air, and finally a face authority figure is running the joint. Shane on RAW the past two weeks have made everything … better. No pointless 20-minute promo RAW opener, that leaves everyone yawning and wishing it was 11 p.m. (or whatever the hour the show ends in your neck of the woods).

And why did Kevin Owens have to ‘work’ for his Intercontinental Championship re-match? Don’t all champions automatically get a re-match after they’ve lost their title? Heck, even Zack Ryder got a re-match on the following SmackDown, after he lost his IC title to the Miz on the April 4th edition of Monday Night RAW … and his reign only lasted less then 24 hours. Still, the conflict between Owens and Shane was entertaining. The fact that (storyline-wise) Triple H has handed Owens everything, and now he has to get use dealing with Shane, made for some good entertainment; and his match against Cesaro was incredible.

In fact, all the matches were pretty epic last night: from the tag tourney bouts, to of course the booking of Sami Zayn versus AJ Styles (which was an anomaly for the night, as it totally made sense). Enzo and Big Cass were simply golden on the mic, and looked as if they were simply born to cut a promo. The debut of Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson was surprising; well, not surprising they had arrived at RAW, surprising that they attacked the Usos. Everything just seemed to fall right into place, the show flowed well, from matches, to promos, including the segment were Dean Ambrose took over Y2J’s show.

And then Bray Wyatt, for no real reason, came to the defense of Roman Reigns; the two teamed up together against the League of Nations in the main event match, and won it.

So, the Wyatts turning face makes absolute no sense; but when has anything the Wyatts done, made sense? And you know what, I love it, and I think it is working for them (so far). Why they came down to help Roman, well, probably because their target is the League of Nations, and they had attacked him (wait a minute, I’m turning it into something that is sounding logical). But what was the need for a tag team match? There are enough Wyatts to go up against the LON, and Reigns has beaten up all three members (four actually, if you count Barrett) on numerous occasions.

Was anyone patiently waiting for Wyatt or Reigns to turn on each other at some point in the match? I was. And it didn’t happen, but the anticipation was there, the excitement to see these two, once-enemies, team up. It was entertaining.

So while yes, there lacked a slew of logic on RAW, the storylines, in some ways, did make you think. Was social media the only reason Shane was left in charge of RAW, for the second week in a row, or is he slowly gaining the respect of his father? Could Shane be here to stay?

And I think this, because of the story developing between Owens and Shane. The heel, now attacking the authority of the face management. Interesting plot twist … and could not only spark a feud between Owens and Shane; but potentially something between Triple H, Steph, and Shane.

Now with Wyatt and Reigns, I think having them work together is mutually beneficial. Wyatt is certifiable, so he can get away with doing a lot of things that don’t make sense; and nothing really needs to be explained. However, teaming the two up helped them both. Helped Reigns with the coolness factor, being associated with the Wyatts; and helped solidified the Wyatts as faces.

So, there you have it, illogical nonsense, making the WWE Universe think. Who knew?

Besides, I ask you dear WNZ fans, have pro wrestling storylines ever really been that cut and dry? In some cases, yes, and others, not so much. But at the end of the day, is the WWE in business of creating logical storylines, to really make their viewers think, ponder things, and stimulate intellectual ideas; or are they in the business of entertaining?

I turn the table now, and ask you fans: what did you think of the April 11th edition of Monday Night RAW. Did it make sense? Does making sense matter, as long as you are entertained? Leave your comments below!

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  • cp munk

    I’m trying not to read into it to hard and just enjoy a decent action packed fast paced raw for once. The tag match itself makes alittle bit of sense seeing as how reigns and wyatt have a common enemy in the league of nations. They still kinda seemed wary of each other which makes sense for their characters. Shane himself said that he had never thought to have seen wyatt and reigns co-exist and he wanted more of it so he made the tag match. It’s as easy as that.

  • biz

    Enzo isn’t bad on the mic but big Cass is terrible. He can’t wrestle and he cant talk. He says the same exact thing every night and still, it sounds worse every time he speaks.

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      He can wrestle lol

  • MEH

    I’m actually starting to enjoy Raw again although still hate the 3 hours. The freshness of the past two episodes was well welcomed. We just need Shane-O to change the has-been set now to give it new life!

    • jcice13

      LOL like shane mcmahon is responsible for this

      • MEH

        Kafaybe dude WORK with me

  • El Marichachi

    nothing can save the Samoanshyt Show Roman Reigns

  • jcice13

    story lines with no arc is their biggest problem but what they’re doing right now to pave the groundwork for the next few years is fine.throw some stuff together, check the response and work from there.I had no problem with them putting Reigns and Wyatt together for one match, it made sense for what was happening and things like that have happened many times in wrestling history..the bringing up of new talent is a plus though maybe a few too many at one time but good nonetheless….unfortunately today’s viewers don’t want to spend a lot of time on things they lose interest and miss out of good writing so this is what we’re left with……Ionly wish there was a real viable #2 company where they could show their talents to a large viewing audience..we get sick of the same guys each week year after year and without territories there’s no where to go to get fresh and stay says something about the landscape when a minor league is the second best promotion in the country

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    RIP Balls Mahoney

    • Dorathy


  • Meg Matthews

    Was the actual stipulation he’d be banished from the company? I thought it was he just wouldnt run Raw/the company & reveal vinces secret if he lost. Either way does it really matter why he was in charge just enjoy it while its happening!

  • Bonkerz

    I dont know if it will last though – Ratings showed that Raw was down this week by 500 000 viewers. A 2.5 rating is a troubling number – even if it is based on controversial and outdated Nielsen ratings.

  • robvanriot

    Another great article by the best writer this site has. Thanks Dorathy!

    • Dorathy

      Thank you!

  • paul D Joao

    I have been a wwe fan for a long time now since its debut early 90’s and to see it grow to this scale is something else. I know storylines and be great and no so great what I see is new guys come in and make a name for them selves. While the others either injuries or on the shelve there is still wresting in thier age. The way its view take the indepentant big names a shot at wwe and watch them give us a show a worthy to watch… its best for the bussiness. wwe fan for a long time now.

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