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Losing Never Looked So Good

Wyatt Family
Yes, a week later and I’m still reeling from the 2016 Royal Rumble. This week, the WWE Universe has been buzzing about AJ Styles, Triple H’s 14-time WWE World Heavyweight Championship win, and of course, The Rock’s return to RAW. And rightfully so, heck, I’ve been talking about these things too. But there are three people that I don’t want  to get lost in the shuffle, who deserve some Royal Rumble nods, honorable mentions if you will. While they didn’t come out of the Rumble as winners, I do think they made tremendous strides, as, well, uhm … losers. Here we go:

Damien Sandow

I can’t remember the last time I saw Damien Sandow at a WWE pay-per-view (PPV). Sure, he was on the Pre-Show Kickoff match (I still think that counts), and he and partner Darren Young lost said match; but the reaction Sandow got, was pretty amazing. I mean chants of “we want Sandow” during the match, and the pop he received when his music hit was incredible. I know the Orlando crowd was fired up, but the audience’s reaction to him was probably the only entertaining thing about that bout. How is he not on RAW and SmackDown more often? I’m not saying a title picture of run of any kind … just screen time? Do we need to get a hashtag trending for this?

Kevin Owens

He lost his rematch for the Intercontinental title; but what a way to go out. While it is still to early in the year to declare it the best of the best for 2016; one can go out on a limb and say it’ll probably be a contender. Ambrose won the match, and he’s obviously an a tremendous in-ring talent (who rarely disappoints), but Owens really blew me away with his performance, once again. And while he didn’t last long within the Royal Rumble, his elimination of AJ Styles, with a little ‘welcome to the WWE’, and then mocking his signature entrance move, was a classic way to gain heat. Owens plays the role of heel to perfection, and while he didn’t walk away with any title post-Royal Rumble, #FightOwensFight continues to impress me.

Bray Wyatt

Speaking of impressing me, I love the story that unfolded at the 2016 Royal Rumble around The Wyatt Family, and specifically, Bray Wyatt. All three of his sheep (a.k.a Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, and Erik Rowan) unfortunately got eliminated before Bray could even step foot in the ring; once again proving that (storyline-wise) the other three are simply nothing without their ring leader. Once Bray did enter the ring, he was able to salvage everything they had lost, by getting them to help him eliminate Lesnar; foreshadowing a feud between Lesnar and Wyatt, and also an idea that perhaps only an entire stable could really bring the Beast Incarnate down. I’ve already mentioned in an earlier article how Wyatt’s slapping of Triple H seemed significant (to me anyways) in terms of his character development; and it almost teased a potential face turn for Bray. While he didn’t come out champion as I hoped, I truly expect to see bigger things on Bray’s horizon come 2016.

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    Article Title: “Losing never looked so good”

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    Whoever booked the PPV should have gotten a raise IMHO lol

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