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‘Mania Mashup: Seth Rollins Vs. Ric Flair

Here’s one that did not jump out at me-at first. Then as I was flipping through the 2K16 roster, I inadvertently settled on these two wrestlers, and the lightbulb went off: few would argue that, in 2015, Seth Rollins was “the man”. But as Ric always says, to be The Man, you have to beat The Man. And with that in mind, we put Rollins in the ring with Ric himself, in order to see just who the XBox thought would be “The Man”.
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The computer gave Ric a lot of credit, it would appear. The match was a hard-fought one, and Ric appeared to push Rollins throughout the night. But in the end, Rollins beat the man, to prove that he was (and is, or will be) the man.

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