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Mark Henry’s Final Opponent

Mark Henry was ready to hang up his wrestling boots in 2013, but Vince McMahon convinced him to re-sign with the WWE. “The World’s Strongest Man” has been clear that he’s done when his current contract expires shortly after WrestleMania 32. With that event less than six months away, here are some final opponents Henry could face to conclude his 20 years with the WWE.
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  • Mike

    If Henry is to face any of these guys at the wwe’s biggest event he will need a solid run between now and then of being the old Monster henry. Back when he was world champion, he was a dominant heel and easily had his best years. I’d like that henry to be defeated by someone like joe, or maybe ryback avenges his wrestlemania defeat to Henry.

  • Michael King

    It will most likely be Ryback or Roman Reigns

  • Reverend Scurvy

    It should be Big E. He broke some of Mark’s lifting records. It could easily be a feud over who’s the real world’s strongest man.

    • CommonSense

      Spot on…

  • wweww

    Cesaro should go on a rampage and absolutely destroy Mark Henry. Uppercut after uppercut to knock him senseless and a monstrous neutralizer to neutralize Henry’s career. #pushcesarotothemoon

  • robvanriot

    Him losing on his way out, as things stand right now, means nothing – because he loses every week. He needs pushing hard for the next six months if they want to give him the send off he deserves.

  • The one and only great one

    I agree that Henry needs a huge push if they want him in a match at Mania, because lately he’s been jobbing in matches that are less than 5 mins. I think the best thing they should do for him is to start pushing him like he’s a beast again and have him win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and give a heart felt retirement speech after the match. The speech should be similar to the speech he gave a few years ago, and let him go out a winner. After all he’s been with the company for so long and should go out on top. I understand that a wrestler usually lose in some sort of retirement match but they should start handling retirements a little differently because watching a retirement gimmick match is too obvious because we all know the outcome…

  • CommonSense

    To All the writers(here) – Please dont put Roman in any of the list, and please don’t say if he did this fans will like him or if he did that then fans will like him….NO majority of the above 20’s(AGE) wont cheer for him whatever he does,PERIOD. It’s simply because of WWE not because of him.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      then who should have Reigns’ spot in this slideshow?

      • CommonSense

        You can put Bray wyatt, even Kane….Thats Not my point ,dont say that people will like Roman if he did this or that…

  • jcice13

    father time, the greatest won loss record in the history of the world

  • WrestlePimp

    I agree that it should be Big E. Mark Henry for all his strength has been the sacrificial lamb. Time and time again they have wasted his potential as an unstoppable monster. He needed to retire a long time ago. He has been the world’s strongest jobber long enough.

  • Rizzy

    The Andre the Giant memorial battle royal seems more likely. If Show won they should let him win in his home state.

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