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Did The Miz Go Too Far On Talk Smack?

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Let me start off by saying, I’m not sure who in Creative came up with the Talk Smack concept, but it is brilliant. Actually, everything coming out of Tuesday nights as of late, has become the highlight of my wrestling week.

Still, I digress.

For those who may not be aware, Talk Smack is a show that airs on the WWE Network, after SmackDown LIVE. Host Renee Young is joined by SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan, and they sit behind a table and chat about their thought around highlights from the SD episode that just aired, and they sometimes dive into RAW, and other WWE storyline-related issues.

In general, the show has been incredible, with Daniel Bryan being the main highlight. The DB character in recent years seems so much of a natural extension of who Daniel Bryan “the man” is, and this genuineness shines through on Talk Smack, weekly. From declaring that John Cena offended him during a SmackDown promo in the very first episode, to putting Cena on the spot last week, while he was being interviewed: Talk Smack is so much more than some of the cheesy programs where WWE superstars are interviewed, while in character. Below is a sample.

YouTube Preview Image

Daniel Bryan specifically, and Talk Smack in general, has walked a fine line since its debut. As a WWE enthusiast, I realize everything is scripted, but sometimes with Talk Smack, I do wonder. Well, last night is a fine example where I had myself wondering once again, after The Miz ripped into Daniel Bryan. Check out the YouTube video, below.

YouTube Preview Image

Social media has exploded since then. The consensus is, The Miz just spewed the promo of his career. If anyone didn’t take him seriously before, then they do now, and he has just solidified his douchebag persona, that much more.

The entire scenario seemed so much more like a shoot, then a promo; although I’m finding it so hard to believe that Bryan didn’t see any of that coming. But, the altercation, how it escalated, DB storming off, and The Miz (riled up, more that I have ever seen him), was executed flawlessly and was very believeable. If that was scripted, hats off to both men. If it wasn’t, well, at the least they both have the wrestling world buzzing.

But man, The Miz though? Implying that if Bryan loved wrestling so much, he’d fight in bingo halls? Everyone knows just how sensitive this issue is with DB, and how he would jeopardize his health by stepping into that ring. Even more so, everyone knows Bryan is still bound by a WWE contract, and his hands are tied in that regard as well. It’s been nice to see DB back in the WWE, despite the fact that he’s made it well-known just how much he misses in-ring competition. Besides, it wasn’t the first time someone has accused The Miz of being a coward …

Regardless, if people weren’t watching Talk Smack, they will be now. Did The Miz go to far? Maybe. But if people are now talking/posting/buzzing about Talk Smack, then does it really matter?

WNZ fans … what your thoughts?

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