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Money In The Bank 2016: 5 Things That Will Happen

Money In The Bank is this Sunday and the WWE looks to have most of the card complete. This is the time when we use our own knowledge of wrestling to predict some outcomes. Here are 5 things that will happen by the time Money In The Bank concludes.
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  • MatthijsKlerkx

    I hope Bray Wyatt returns. Why did they stick his name in the preview for last RAW and didn’t he show up? I hope he’s in the MITB match after all, he’s the only guy that can make the briefcase interesting at this moment.

  • Mike

    Things that will happen. so you’re sure Jericho is gonna win? I’m quite sure he won’t. Ambrose or Owens to walk away with the briefcase for me, cesaro is a dark horse but outsider of the three. Yeah I’ll say either the club or new day for the tag match. Styles v cena is 50/50.

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    Jericho definitely doesn’t stand a chance of winning MITB. Top 3 confirmed candidates that I believe will win is Owens, Ambrose, and Cesaro. If Bray Wyatt ends up being in the match, then I believe he has a significant chance of winning, but no, Jericho stands about as much chance of winning as Stardust or Adam Rose has of winning.

  • Edynol

    Granted, Jericho isn’t likely to win, but it would be pretty awesome if he did. One more title run and feud with Seth Rollins would be a great way to show Y2J some appreciation for all he’s done for the younger talent over the years. He wins MITB, goes on tour with Fozzy, makes everyone think WWE has forgotten about the briefcase, then suddenly, out of nowhere, here comes Jericho to cash in and have one final run with the title. I mean, if HHH can make it work, Jericho sure as hell can.

  • Mark B.

    I was happy when you said end of Dolph Ziggler, then I read the rest. :(

    • Joseph Lisnow

      hater of Ziggler?

      • Mark B.

        Lets just say, he needs to change his act. Maybe towards being a heel and not such as a baby face. His matches bore me.

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