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Money In The Bank: The Predictions

Xavier Woods
Well, folks, I don’t know about you, but sometimes you just feel the need to make a change. I tried a slightly different format for my recent NXT predictions, as opposed to my could-would-should that I’ve been utilizing for a while. But, truth be told, I kind of liked the other format, so I am going to try a similar approach for this go-round. And unless there’s a ton of backlash (that I am not expecting), this new format may just stick. And with that out of my system, here we go into the predictions for this year’s Money In The Bank!

The Dudleys versus The Lucha Dragons

I really don’t know what to think about this one, other than it’s a time killer. At face value, a team like the Dragons has no business, at all, being in the ring with Bubba and Devon. Except that, of late, WWE hasn’t been booking the Boyz all that well. So as much as I want to see a win for the most decorated tag team, I am fully resigned to an unlikely victory from Kalisto and Sin Cara.

Golden Truth versus Breezango

I have but one wish for this match. And that wish? For this match to never, ever, happen again after Sunday. Like, ever. Seriously, these guys aren’t even good for comic relief. Someone either needs to fix the gags and make them funny, or pull the plug. Seriously gang, am I missing something?

Baron Corbin versus Dolph Ziggler

As it appears now, as of my writing this Friday evening, it appears as though these two are back onto the actual main show. Which, honestly, is a victory in and of itself. The problem with this feud is, however, that no one is particularly concerned about it. Like, I should be excited about a guy like Corbin, and I’ve liked Ziggler before. But now? These two together? It’s not doing either of them any favors, so here’s hoping this one ends decisively and both men move on.

Rusev versus Titus O’Neill

Either Vince McMahon feels bad about what I still think was an over-reaction of a suspension (unlikely, this is Vince we’re talking about) and he’s making up for it. Or, McMahon is giving Titus a real-life version of Swerved. I haven’t decided. But it’s because of what happened just a few months ago that has me thinking that poor Titus has no chance in this bout, even though I think I’d love to finally see O’Neill get a singles push and do something meaningful. I just don’t see Rusev dropping the belt yet, even though I could see a nice feud for O’Neill if he won. Could you imagine Darren Young, with Backlund in his corner, going after his former tag partner? Yeah, me neither.

AJ Styles versus John Cena

This one could steal the show. But I don’t know that it will. And no,it’s not because I am cynical. Rather, I don’t think WWE is willing to blow us away in this budding feud, at least not yet. Oh, I am sure we will see a lot of good action, and the fans will be hot for the match. But the match won’t end clean. Maybe outside interference (though the NXT feud of Nakamura and Balor likely ices my primary idea), or a count-out, or a general DQ. But this will just whet some appetites. And that’s totally fine.

Fatal Fourway for the Tag Team Titles

This is not a match New Day wanted, I bet. Odds are not in their favor that they retain, but these three have proven to be crafty, time and again. I think this could be a stellar match, but there might almost be too much happening. I’m thinking that The Vaudevillains and Enzo and Cass brawl, basically taking each other out of the match. And then Xavier Woods breaks out the trombone to help put away Gallows and Anderson.

Apollo Crews versus Sheamus

This one has kind of flown under the radar. And I think that’s fine, and that this match ought to be deceptively good. Sheamus isn’t an abysmal worker, and Crews is pretty impressive. All told, I think this one has a chance to be one of the top 4 matches on the card. Taking Crews in this one, regardless.

Charlotte and Dana versus Becky and Natalya

I think this is a step down for the women’s division, because instead of having a showcase match for the women’s title, we are instead getting a tag match. Nothing against these four, but a tag match isn’t moving the needle much. My money is on the faces to win, if only because it’s a meaningless match and Becky/Natalya could use a win.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I really can’t decide who should be winning this match. I’ve been torn between Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio for a bit now, and I still don’t know. I am going heavy on the heels if only because that’s been the recent trend. Which of course means I will have picked wrong, but this one really is a crapshoot. Give me Owens, and I’ll hedge my bet already as I look to Del Rio for backup.

Roman Reigns versus Seth Rollins

I would be stunned if Reigns dropped the title, if only because that’s what so many want, and WWE doesn’t always give the fans what they scream for. I am sure that, eventually, he will drop the title, and maybe it will even be to Rollins. But I am not convinced it happens Sunday. Put it another way, I think there are better odds that the cash in happens Sunday, than of Rollins leaving the show with the WWE title. I’d think a SummerSlam loss and title change is more likely.

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  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    iight my Predictions
    Mood for the matches:
    ?-MOTN Candidate | ?-Hyped
    ?-Decent | ?-IDGAF
    ?-Gonna Suck ?-WTF
    ?-Just End It Already ?-Potential Showstealer
    3D? vs LD ??
    GT? vs BGO ?
    BC? vs DZ ???
    TP? vs O’Neil ??
    AJ? vs JC ???
    4WayTag ND? ??
    AC vs Sheamus? ?
    Team Flair vs Team Battie? ??
    MITB KO? ???
    Reigns? vs Rollins ??

    • Joseph Lisnow

      you got skills with emojis.

      • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


  • Korlith

    Cena by DQ, Wyatt for the save
    Enzo and Cass
    Nattie and Becky
    With cash in from MITB winner

  • DexDude

    Nice article, the format is nice as well.

    On to the actual results, I think you’re pretty spot on with most of them as well. Of course some of them are “random” matches (like the two first tag matches) and can really go either way.. but your logic makes sense for them. Nice read!

    I’m personally hoping for Ambrose or Owens to win the MITB.. but not saying they will as I leave it up to WWE to have someone random win who no one really wants to.

    • jcice13

      well you’re going to be very pleased because Ambrose is going to win this one no doubt

  • jcice13

    new day
    charlotte’s team
    golden truth, and boy do I hate having to write golden truth

    here’s the one thing that’s got to be better to see the odds of‚Ķ.will johnny boy loom at the lights for a 3 count? and I don’t mean in any way cheap, no ropes, no tights, no interference, just a 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring‚Ķ.if he’s a team player? he has to do it so I’ll be very interested in seeing what happens

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