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Nattie/Charlotte Program Will Usher In A New Era In Women’s Wrestling

The WWE’s women’s division (oh, I so love typing those words together), just experienced a tremendous weekend, at Wrestlemania 32: saying goodbye to Brie Bella, hello to a beautiful new title, and holy $h!t to an incredible Triple Threat Title Match that tore down the house.

So, where do you go from there? Well, the post-Mania edition of RAW on Monday night was a wild one on so many levels, but one that also teased a potential program between Natalya and new WWE’s Women’s Champ, Charlotte; which in my opinion, is the perfect way to usher in this new era in WWE women’s wrestling.

Ditching the word ‘diva’, and creating a new title was not only a justifiable re-branding strategy; it was symbolic in many ways. Gone with the fluff, in with taking the women, and this division, more seriously.

Perhaps a light bulb clicked in the heads of WWE Creative during the Roadblock event that took place March 12th in Toronto; Nattie + Charlotte = women’s wrestling gold. And it’s nice to know that something has finally clicked.

Charlotte and Nattie’s matches in the past have been incredible, and one could point out that their NXT TakeOver match in May of 2014 as probably one of the greatest women’s matches of all time; and potentially another match and milestone that helped moved the division to what it is today. The two not only have a certain chemistry inside the ring, but they also have a chemistry when it comes to face-to-face dialogue, and their respective family legacies allows a program to dive oh-so-much deeper, and that much more personal.

All the while, main roster audiences haven’t really been exposed to seeing these two wrestle (that much, with Charlotte’s RAW debut on the December 8, 2014 as an exception, and of course Roadblock); this opens up a fresh program for the newly named women’s division, that also provides an opportunity to re-hash the women’s past rivalry in NXT. One the greatest elements of the WM 32 Triple Threat build up was using the women’s past NXT histories to create a deeper story. While some of the main roster audience was familiar with this, some were not, and the WWE used older footage and video montages to bring them up-to-date; and I thought this was a brilliant technique. Most times, when an NXT star has been called up to the main roster, it seemed as if their NXT history was erased; and in a lot of ways, this erases the connection some main roster audiences (who are also NXT fans) have to these superstars. If Creative can pull the same mindset they had for the Charlotte/Lynch/Banks match, as it relates to Natalya and Charlotte, they could create something really special for the very first Women’s Championship title race program. They may even be able to have a heel Charlotte mock the Total Divas star for her association with the reality show, and promote Total Divas in the mix; also killing two birds with one stone.

The best part? Nattie finally gets a one-on-one program, and a shot for the WWE Women’s title. And it seems that the WWE has heard their fans, and is finally ready to #GiveNattieAChance.

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  • MEH

    I think the Women’s division is the best thing going in the main roster right now and has been for the last couple of months. The women’s title match should have been the main event of WrestleMania. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months and to see if Sasha finally captures gold as that’s my girl!

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