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New Day + The Club = Program Gold

I’ve said for a while now that The New Day has needed a solid program to sink their teeth into. I may be getting my wish, after Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked the trio on the Memorial Day edition of Monday Night RAW. While this week’s RAW itself did not have the spark of those in the past, certainly one of the highlights (and surprises) was Gallows and Anderson going after Kingston, Woods, and Big E.

While The New Day has been known to be aggressive, they’ve never faced a dominant team with the dynamic that The Club has. Sure, Style’s current target is clearly the Cenation leader, still, by turning heel on RAW as well, The Club has officially added one more number to the faction, to equal out the odds against The New Day (for now). And to further the storyline, and how Styles will indeed be playing a role in this feud, AJ battled Kofi Kingston in pretty incredible match this week, on SmackDown.

The New Day has played the role of sideshow, comedy relief for both of WWE’s programs for so long now. They are undoubtedly entertaining, and their promos, even when they are not selling a feud, are stellar. When they have been in a program, or quasi-program (as seen more recently with The Vaudevillians), The New Day have been able to draw in that humor, to help embarrass their opponents, and further gain a connection to the WWE Universe.

But will that work with The Club? I really can’t wait to see The New Day attempt to use humor in this program, only to further ignite the furry within a ‘rules don’t apply to us’ attitude that The Club carries. It will be interesting to see the promo dynamic between these men, and how AJ will get involved. Anderson and Gallows are good on the mic, but it appears Styles just may be their mouthpiece. How will promos unfold between the three showboats (and I mean this in the most applauding way), and three men who use sheer aggression to prove a point?

Moreover, as The Club reunited (did they ever really ‘break up’?) on the May 30 edition of Monday Night RAW, and bonded over the brutal attack of John Cena, how will Cena play a role in all of this, if any? It seems to me, if I can take a peak into the future, that in the end, this program will only help solidify the face and heel status of all competitors involved; and in the end, the fans will be privy to some incredible matches. I do think Anderson and Gallows have a good chance at becoming new WWE Tag Team Champions; as gold tends to be that piece of a puzzle to help further push an emerging faction. While Luke and Karl aren’t rookies, they are still new to the WWE, and tag titles would only further benefit their characters.

The hottest new heel faction, going after the hottest face tag team on the roster, to me, equals program gold; and I cannot wait to see where this all ends up.

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    All Cena has to do is bring up Festus…and any credibility the Club had will be gone. Because the WWE sheep will start some idiotic chant or whatever and kill what little buzz they have left.

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