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New NXT Champion If Finn Balor Badly Injured Is…

The WWE isn’t in the clear about Finn Balor’s ankle injury, though he seems to not have done major damage. When the news broke, especially with the way injuries have been occurring the past six months, I feared a long layoff and new champion.

It’s doubtful WWE needs to crown a new NXT Champion; but these are some acceptable names.

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  • Jimmy

    I just adore these articles when they’re riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. It seems as if this author didn’t even try to correct himself.

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


    • The Shockmaster

      That’s Lisnow for ya. He has a bad case of Ravensitius

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    This actually could be a blessing in disguise this is the perfect time for Reigns to go to NXT ! I know some of you may know me as a Reigns supporter lol but, after WM of course. WWE creative could repackage his character and a fued with with Crews,Aries,and Zayne would do wonders as far as his in-ring technical skills. WWE could then give Ambrose his push and a fued with AJ Styles.

  • Mark B.

    The plan is for Samoa Joe to win the NXT title and some time shortly after Mania he will show up at Raw. Things change fast in the WWE. Samoa Joe vs Undertaker would be a great match at Mania.

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