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New Year’s Predictions

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As many others have done, I felt it was worthwhile to take a crack at some serious, and not-so-serious predictions for what lies ahead within WWE IN 2016. We shall take it month by month, and I will do my best to go with one serious, and one not-so-serious prediction per month. And since we are already into January, let’s get things going quickly, shall we?


Feeling pressure from all around, WWE hits the panic button with regard to the Royal Rumble, and brings in a slew of former Superstars to try and prop things up. Most notable among those returning for the big match? Names like Kurt Angle and The Hardys.

Yet, Vince couldn’t stop there. He showed he just might be senile and also allowed Hogan back in, though Hulk sadly thought he’d have a shot to win the whole thing.

Santino did too, though he ends up being the fastest elimination ever.


As the Road to WrestleMania picks up steam, Fastlane sees the WWE PPV debuts of AJ Styles and his Bullet Club stable.

Though, out of an abundance of caution in a desire to be overly PC, and perhaps tie in a corporate sponsor, someone in Stamford opts to re-name them. Nerf Club wins out, and what was once a hot commodity is now destined to go down in the history books alongside of groups like Spirit Squad.


No PPV, no problem. On the Road to WrestleMania, WWE opts to give us an attractive Network special that solidifies our WM32 Main Event, Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns.

Though, with Reigns relative, and People’s Champ The Rock due to be involved in WM32 as well, fans start online petition having Johnson replace Reigns, in hopes of having a WrestleMania worthy headliner.


In a shock to no one, WrestleMania breaks all kinds of attendance records.

In somewhat of a shock, both Undertaker and Daniel Bryan announce their retirements during WrestleMania Week.

Everyone wishes The Miz would, too, but sadly he continues to wrestle and wear odd things during his segments.


WWE realizes that no one especially loves Payback, and figures it can’t always bring back Elimination Chamber, so this year they finally resurrect (in proper fashion), the King of the Ring PPV. And in addition to the crown, the winner of this automatically earns himself a shot for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

Miz tries to enter, but is entry is denied and he is relegated to Court Jester.


Another Money In The Bank goes to a heel, this one being won by Bray Wyatt. He immediately teases a cash-in that night by interrupting Brock Lesnar’s championship match, but Wyatt has second thoughts and walks away.

Kalisto was due to enter the match as well, but had to withdraw due to suffering nightmares linked to his ladder spot from TLC 2015.


With WWE bringing back older tag teams over the past year, most recently with The Hardys and before that The Dudleys, they use the heat of the summer to bring back another-Harlem Heat return, as yet another group has to take a shot at New Day.

There had been discussion to bring back a team of Doinks, but thankfully the tag team division is no laughing matter anymore.


SummerSlam sees a number of title changes. Brock Lesnar loses to returning Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks captures her first Divas Championship from Charlotte and New Day are finally knocked off, by a reunited and returning Cesaro and Kidd.

Jon Stewart, in a bid to be in two consecutive SummerSlams, challenges injured Superstar John Cena-knowing Cena can’t show up. Cena sends Kevin Hart in his place, and a battle of punchlines ensues.


Unlike SummerSlam, Night of Champions sees just one title change hands. Alberto Del Rio loses the US Championship to Kurt Angle, who after a cameo in the Rumble has come back for one last run before a ’17 HOF induction.

The Wyatt Family, looking to expand their opportunities, signs on with Right Guard as a sponsor. Luke Harper is jettisoned from the group, due to being unable to adhere to the terms of the sponsorship agreement.


For the 2016 Hell In A Cell, WWE goes big. Not only do we get Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns for the WWE Title in the Cell, but we see the tag team, Intercontinental and Divas titles all contested within the demonic structure.

Miz, in a bid to gain attention, attempts to chain himself to the Cell in order to get a match on the PPV, but is unable to find a pair of handcuffs to go with his latest garish outfit.


Once again, WWE gives Survivor Series a raw deal. The PPV goes off as scheduled, but yet again fails to have a wealth of true Survivor Series matches.

Recognizing the fan backlash, WWE aims to give them back Survivor Series. So naturally, they resurrect the Gobbledygooker.


WWE ends 2016 with a bang. Roman Reigns defeats Seth Rollins in a title match, only to have MITB briefcase holder Bray Wyatt end the year by cashing in and becoming the new champion.

At the Slammys, WWE announces that they’ve given R-Truth a contract extension, based purely on his Slammy Award potential. Truth then shows up on RAW a week later, begging for the fan votes for the Slammy that was awarded a week prior.

So, if any of these come true, I will say I had a lucky guess. Feel free to chime in with your own spin on things!




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  • Bonkerz

    Come on Deegan, you’re better than this… Cant decide if this is a smart mark article, or just a complete waste of time.

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      ? I think most it is for shitz&gigglez

    • Damian Starr

      Predicting The hardys and Angle to enter the RR when they’re still under contract…

  • The Shockmaster

    Poor Miz :(

  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    LOL Nerf Club

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I miss New Years Revolution ppv

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