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Night of Champions 2013: As it Stands Now


Just over a week to go before Night of Champions, and the card is rounding into form. There are still some matches yet to be finalized, but here is what we know, right now:

WWE Champion Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan

This, of course, is your main event. Since SummerSlam, it’s been beatings galore for the American Dragon, with no end-and no help-in sight. With the Corporate Calvary circling their wagons against the challenger, the deck sure seems to be heavily stacked in Orton’s favor. I am sure Bryan will get in some offense and put on yet another stellar performance, making Randy look good in the process, but at the end of it, whether by way of outside interference or just a plain old RKO, I see the Viper slithering his way out of the PPV, title belt firmly in hand.

WHC Alberto Del Rio versus Rob Van Dam

This ought to be another great RVD match, and Del Rio is no slouch. But, this honestly screams “cash in”, and has for about three weeks now. Why do I say that? Well, for one, RVD and Sandow just went at it this week, so I see that as a bit of a tease. Second, I doubt ADR wins and is cashed in on (again). If RVD pins and wins, I fully expect Damien Sandow and his leather-clad contract to come hustling down to the ring, ref by his side, to cash in and go home with the gold.

IC Champion Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman versus CM Punk

I am waiting for this to be confirmed as an actual title match-crazy thought, I know, seeing as the PPV name is Night of Champions…but we shall see. I fully expect this to steal the show, or at least be a solid 1A when ranked against all other PPV matches (only the main event would come close). Punk has already laid the foundation for this to be a brutal exhibition, and if it is going to be a non-title, gimmick 2 on 1 handicap match, then why not allow it to just be a street fight. I say just when you think Punk is finally getting his revenge, an unexpected Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring to protect Paul. This is still on the fringe of possible, as the last word seemed iffy on Brock being back in 2013. With the heels expected to go over in the two world title matches, it makes booking sense to give one of the top faces a victory, however, so I would be fine with Punk going over here, with no Brock involvement.

Diva Champion AJ Lee versus Natalya, Brie Bella and Naomi-Fatal Four Way

As much as you could justify putting the belt on perhaps one of the other Divas (I am partial to Natty), the reality is AJ Lee is earning every minute of this title reign, and I would hate to see it stop now. I see no reason for a title change right this minute. In fact, I don’t think the woman who will dethrone AJ is currently on the WWE main roster.

US Champion Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler

This one right now is a tricky one. Given how the Corporation is going, I’d fully expect them to do whatever they had to do in order to keep Ambrose as champion. However, giving Ziggler the US title could be a nice consolation prize for his most recent, and all too brief, WHC reign. Just over a week away, I am still undecided how this one ought to unfold.

(Not yet announced) Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns versus ?????

This is a match that, again due to the notion of all belts being defended on the PPV, is kind of expected to be there. The problem for WWE Creative? Who is worth pitting against 2/3rds of The Shield? A month ago, you probably would have easily said that the Uso’s were primed for a push and a title reign. After SummerSlam, it was looking more likely to be a newly formed union of Mark Henry and The Big Show. Henry pulled a hammy during a house show, which put his status in jeopardy (though he was recently cleared)

So does WWE go with with Usos? Henry and Show? Or perhaps Prime Time Players, an emerging team to be reckoned with? Why not all of the above? Copying the theme for the Divas title match, all of those teams would have a reason to want a piece of Rollins and Reigns. Allow a stipulation where The Shield could lose the belts without actually getting pinned even, and it keeps things interesting. Ultimately, if the trio is destined to serve as HHH’s muscle for the time being, having belts on them is somewhat pointless, and they could end up getting overlooked or lost in the shuffle in the near term. I fully expect at least one Shield-related title change during NOC.

Really at this point, we are waiting on the tag title match. Maybe some added stipulations for some matches, but otherwise the championship matches are shaping up, and should provide an entertaining card

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  • lol

    good to know all these guys are gonna be arround for the next 18000 years

    • Sir William McCormick

      This HHH regime is going to rule for that long?

    • JMD


      • lol

        the title was
        Night of Champions 20013: As it Stands Now

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I am interested in three matches, the first one is Dean Ambrose v.s. Dolph Ziggler I know that Dean Ambrose is going to win. The Fatal Fourway Divas Title match, I hope that Naomi or Natalya wins. And The WWE title match I know Randy Orton is going to win. But it will be interesting to see how it goes.

  • Tsall13

    Expect to see a heavily heel dominated Night Of Champions as I see no faces of the company coming out on top in this ppv just cause the corporate storyline has put down any and all faces since Summerslam for the simple fact of making the fans get more behind all of them once they all get their revenge down the road… RVD getting cashed in on is more then likely as ADR time is done carrying the strap for awhile and Sandows time is finally coming so he can show how good he truly is all around… plus allows Rhodes a straight shot at him once he’s back from his honeymoon… great way to create two stars off of an already established one in RVD…

    • Chelsii?

      All the heels have the titles. :I

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        No! No! No! No!

        • Andrew

          Yes l yes yes

          • Trey Doss


    • JMD

      i do agree that, assuming the corporate tyranny angle is going to have staying power, it makes more sense to keep the heels with the gold. IF any faces exit with a belt, it could be the tag belts or US strap. As of now, the IC title isn’t even on the line, and i doubt Orton loses it.

  • JH

    I don’t expect Sandow to cash in for at least a few more months, the past few years they seem to like having one guy cash in early and the other waits a long time before cashing in, it’s effectively another opportunity to advertise a guy like another title, the Money in the Bank contract holder, or uncrowned WHC as Sandow would say.

    • JMD

      valid point, though i think they are doing some foreshadowing of late. not to hedge a bet, i wouldn’t be surprised if he cashes it in, or if he waits until 2014. part of that is just smart booking-until it’s cashed in, it looms large. Only when kennedy/anderson had won it and declared he was main eventing the following ‘mania (only to lose the briefcase) and cena telegraphing things by challenging a week ahead of time (and losing) was there sorta no suspense. it goes hand in hand with the briefcase.

      • JH

        I think Cody is going to come back and some how get in the title picture, it seems the best scenario for him to cash in and feud with Cody, with HHH backing Sandow as he doesn’t think Cody is best for business.

  • godngreatnwoo

    hope aj stays champion and keeps cutting pipebombs only other diva deserving of that title besides aj is natty maybe naomi but not right now

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I agree that Natty deserves the title and Naomi but i think that Naomi is ready to become a champion right now.

      • godngreatnwoo

        Your right it would be cool to see naomi win the belt shes really onr of the few likeable divas on the show and shes fun to watch in the ring my only 2 things are 1: as fun in the ring as she is we’ve never seen her cut a single promo and 2: what would it do to cameron

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          You are right I never, seen her cut a promo. And what would a title win do to Cameron.I see it as a heel turn for Cameron.I always thought that her and Naomi will be in a feud.

          • godngreatnwoo

            Your right cant believe I didnt think about that a feud between them will be cool hey I know this may sound dumb and I might get heat but has anyone other then me wanna see a paul hayman girl???

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Honestly, it would be refreshing to a Paul Heyman girl, but I heard that he was looking for a new client and they were speculating that it would be a girl. So I don’t know what they are planning to do.

          • godngreatnwoo

            Maybe paige or another nxt girl hell natty and a heel turn would be nice but I doupt they will turn any of the total divas heel

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Everybody say it might be Paige but you never know. Ain’t the Bella Twins and Eva Marie heels?.

          • JMD

            Only thought about Paul Heyman getting another member of his stable..well its a multi-faceted thought…but the way HHH was teasing last week, it is not inconcievable that they try to muscle Paul out. giving paul another member, on top of Axel and part-time Brock, unless Heyman somehow allies himself with the Corporate side of things…would be interesting to see it play out

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I never thought that he could align himself, with the corporation but anything can happen .

  • Hopeless

    “In fact, I don’t think the woman who will dethrone AJ is currently on the WWE main roster.”

    Way to be subtle. Haha. It’s totally Paige right? I love the idea but having Paige straight away win the title is actually a bad thing in my opinion. It should be at least a few months, possibly have her chase for it with AJ a bit, coming short a few times and finally winning the big one at Wrestlemania or something. It would mean so much more.

    • JMD

      There’s def. some rumblings of that…though no, I wouldn’t just have a new Diva come in and take it from AJ. Unless it was someone well established like a Beth Phoenix or Kharma, its just smart to build up to things

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