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WWE Hell In A Cell: 5 Things That Should Happen

wwe hell in a cell
Hell in a Cell is this Sunday and the WWE looks to have most, if not all, of the card complete. This is the time when we use our own knowledge of wrestling to predict some outcomes. Here are 5 things that should happen by the time Hell in a Cell concludes.

As a friendly reminder, WrestleNewz will have Hell in a Cell play by play coverage this Sunday.

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  • si69

    Here we go

  • Michael King

    Lol not a clean win over Kane

  • Michael King

    I don’t think Samoa Joe will accept challenge

  • Robb Frymyer

    I’m betting that it will be Tyler Breeze to challenge Cena. I say he wins by cheating and then he can fued with Ziggler for the title.

  • Damian Starr

    oh yeah a 5 women championship match for no reason at all…

  • MrKennedy

    5 things that should happen:

    # Big Show costs Kane title taking Kane out of the title picture
    # New Day leaves with U.S and Tag Titles
    # Cesaro or Neville turn on Dolph and form a European gimmick faction with Sheamus, BNB and Rusev lead by Sheamus to spear head his title charge
    # Ambrose turns heel and costs Reigns his match vs Bray
    # Undertaker wins via heel dirty win giving his character a fresh start

  • wweww

    Survivor Series is coming up. Cesaro and Neville should turn on Ziggler and 5 of the Europeans destroy him. This leads to an awesome feud where Ziggler gets 4 more and leads a 5v5 match into Survivor Series. Cesaro and Neville can go for the Tag Titles, Sheamus the WWE World Title, Barret the IC and Rusev the US. It could be compelling TV.
    Rollins needs a clean win where he can finish Kane cause he’s been booked like a weak Champion. Makes him unbelievable as ‘The Man’.

  • Warren Roby

    Demon Kane needs to win the title…. NO MATTER WHAT!!!!
    He is built as a demon and needs to win this match. His character doesn’t have much left. Kane needs this more than Rollins.

  • Mike

    Pointless adding more divas to the mix for no reason. It diminishes any fued Nikki and Charlotte have going.

  • George Aleuropoulos

    “A Samoa Joe could win”. Is it some kind of an animal? Like, “A Tiger”, “A Lion”, “A Bat”. Are there more than one?

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