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No Freedom of Speech in the PG Era

This week on RAW, fans witnessed an epic confrontation between Daniel Bryan and Stephanie McMahon to start the program. McMahon continuously gave Bryan backhanded compliments, calling him a B+ and saying what husband Triple H did was right for business.

Bryan eventually became upset and slapped the microphone from Stephanie’s hand before being escorted from the ring by security, but not without first saying the word Stephanie reminded him of began with a “B.”

Despite the fact that the segment was engaging and entertaining, I could not help but think back to the Attitude Era, realizing just how limited the writers are now that the WWE has toned down its content. Instead of having Bryan do something that was actually provocative, we are supposed to accept that knocking the microphone from her hand and saying she reminded him of a word that begins with “B” (perhaps he meant beautiful, but that seems highly unlikely for a number of reasons) is some act of grand defiance.

Had the same segment occurred with Stone Cold Steve Austin during the Attitude Era, Austin would have called her a bitch, stunned her, showered her in a Steveweiser, and walked out of the arena flipping off the crowd with security at his side. Obviously this is no longer the image the WWE is trying to portray, but it would be much more entertaining if fans could turn back the clock a decade and a half.

So, as the WWE revives The Corporation angle they have relied upon in the past, it has to make one wonder how far they can really take it with the current state of WWE writing. If they want Bryan to be the new Austin, it will be hard to portray him as a badass when he isn’t even allowed to say bitch on television. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m advocating the revival of the Attitude Era. Maybe I’m just a disgruntled old fan who grew up watching wrestling during the 90’s reliving the glory days. Nonetheless, no matter how one may feel about the current state of the WWE and its writing style, it is almost impossible to deny how limited the writers are with what they can do on television during the PG Era.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Didn’t stop CM Punk from dropping bombs on the fat guy ho ho ho!

    • dafo1126

      Was censored though..

      • JH

        Those words would have been censored whether it’s pg or tv14.

        • Jeremy

          Exactly, but don’t people on the internet are idiots.

        • dafo1126

          Im in the UK it would have been fine here but I guess with timezones and stuff it affects it

  • Kyle

    If a wrestler cant find a way to be provocative in a PG environment, it’s their own damn fault. PG is not an issue whatsoever.

    • Jeremy


  • Mr. Creative

    Let’s remember that though Bryan did not actually say the “B” word the crowd was smart enough to catch on & they were the ones that ended up chanting the “B” word towards Steph. Perhaps PG may keep Bryan from saying certain words but clearly it didn’t stop the crowd from calling Steph a B****. Surprised you didn’t mention that fact into your article.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I actually think it was funnier with the whole crowd screaming ‘BI***! BI***! BI***!’ at the top of their lungs.

      • Mr. Creative

        I agree. It was great!

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I don’t see what is the fuss about?

    • Bork Lazer Living Legend

      Why do u put a question mark after every comment u make? Even if it’s not a question u still put a question mark. That’s weird

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I know im a weird person but it is just a habit

  • JH

    I don’t want to see Daniel Bryan try and do his best impression of Stone Cold, that segment was very entertaining without D-Bry having to swear and beat up a woman, I’d say that segment plus the end of Raw was the most entertaining thing I’ve seen from the WWE since Punk’s pipe bomb.

  • Sean Patrick

    Another thing to consider is that Bryan legitimately does not like to swear in real life, so I found this to actually be some clever dialogue for him.

    • Seanzviewent


  • Devon

    People nowadays in general are fuckin pussies. U say a fuckin swear or people font like your opinion and people throw a fuckin fit about it. Society has gone so fuckin downhill. As for pg I don’t fuckin care if they swear or not. There should be some like punk said a few. I can’t be mad at heel Steph cuz she is the hottest woman of all time and she is so nice in real life I have heard

    • AuctionPicker

      Removing vulgarity from our lives is a step uphill, not downhill.

      • Devon

        What u just said is the most liberal g rated shitstack I have ever fuckin heard

    • JH

      People that swear like that just sound ignorant, if you think the quality of content should be based on how vulgar it is you’re an idiot.

      Watching your language, especially in public is something you should respect. I swear all the time in my personal life when appropriate, but I hold people that needlessly drop f bombs and other vulgar language in public, around kids, and on TV in very low regard.

      There’s nothing worse than being out at a mall or a game or an event with a kid and having someone swearing constantly. It’s about the most inconsiderate thing I can think of.

    • Darsow44

      You have just proven that excessive swearing weakens an argument rather than strengthening it.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        Maybe to you

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Hasn’t Cena said “b*tch” about once a month or so? Not to mention Punk, who used the word rather… liberally in this promo (one of the funniest things he’s ever done on a mic IMO, and that’s saying a lot):

    I guess my point is, the top stars are given some leeway anyway, and if Bryan’s going to be pushed as a top star, he’s probably given the same. WWE’s just lucky that the majority of his ROH fandom didn’t follow him to WWE programming, or else they’d be getting an awful lot of this:

  • Miroslav Mates

    Bryan is a person who does not know his limits…do you remember? As NXT he was so brutal he got suspended for a month for choking a camera man or somebody…but I agree that she is a B and still he has got more verbal skills than Cena.

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      He choked Justin Roberts with his own tie then spat on Cena during a segment as well. Justin Roberts is one of the announcers with Lilian Garcia.

      • Daniel Vollmer

        which is pretty incredible, since his personality is the total opposite, he’s very gentle in real life apparently.

        • Poppy’s Hammer

          Daniel Bryan doesn’t do things half way, it’s either all in or nothing at all.

          • Daniel Vollmer

            i think his matches are amazing..and he’s come along way, super funny too. just my preference.

    • YM5

      Bryan got released for choking Justin Roberts

    • Jeremy

      You are dumber than the person who wrote this joke of an article.

  • Mark Henry’s poop bag

    Freedom for my people!!

  • Jeremy

    Keep it stupid writer, it’s what you do best.

  • Alejandro

    It’s funny to me how there’s an article on WNZ about how supposedly there’s no freedom of speech in the WWE’s PG era, but yet a couple of weeks ago there wasn’t any freedom of speech in this website. Very funny and hypocritical if you ask me….

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    No freedom of speech in America period. Obama saw to that

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