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What Now For Shane McMahon?

It was one of the matches people speculated about the most: either Shane wins, and runs RAW, or Undertaker wins, and gets to continue wrestling at WrestleMania. Many expected, due to who Shane was facing, that we’d see some form of outside interference, or perhaps a dirty finish.

To the surprise of many, we got…a clean finish, and, a win for The Undertaker. So what does this all mean for Shane?

Does he disappear yet again, not to be seen or heard from for another 7 years? Does he stick around and find another way to wrest control of the company from his father, sister and brother-in-law? Do we finally find out whatever leverage it was, that he was able to hold over his father? Let’s take a look at things, one by one.

On the first two? I don’t think Shane runs away and hides for another 7 years. Given his age, and combined with both his exemplary performance and his overall reception since his return, and my best guess is he’s with us at least a bit longer. Maybe things build up for another clash, this time at SummerSlam (presumably not sooner). Depending on how that fares, I could see him potentially around here and there, as needed. Unless, of course, he is successful in taking control of RAW, in which case his weekly schedule is going to change. I just don’t see how you come back to try and change how the show/company is run, and sacrifice as you did to try and take control, only to give up on that first try.

As for what leverage he had, or still has? I think we might find that out, eventually. If my memory serves, Vince stated as much when the match was made-that if Shane won, he would control RAW, but if Shane lost, he would have to hand over whatever it was that Shane had (I believe he said something about whatever was in that box?). So, if that is something WWE wants to explore, I expect it to be brought up tonight. And assuming Shane isn’t on RAW-which would be wise, to let him sell his insane leap-then it creates a reason for Shane to return to RAW in the near future. Which, of course, then creates the vehicle which helps keep this program going on, if that is the desire. Will Shane bring the item? Will the box have anything left in it? Will Shane tell Vince to go pound sand? Will Shane just air Vince’s dirty laundry? And, for that matter, what could it be? Did Vince make a bad deal? Does he have something he’s hiding from Linda in particular? Or is this something that would rock the whole family? Or, does WWE just ignore it, and hope that we all forget about it?

I can see this one going in so many different directions, but I for one was happy to have Shane back, and I do hope we see more of him, in some capacity or other, for the rest of 2016 at the very least.

WNZ readers, what do you think comes next?



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  • Mike

    I’d love to see Shane again. However he won’t become a regular. I expected taker to win cleanly and he did. Although it was probably my favourite match of the night.

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