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Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: The Biggest Flops in the WWE

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In the world of wrestling, everybody is trying to compete for that top spot and no matter how well certain individuals are marketed, we should not believe everything we are told. There have been boatloads of superstars who have not lived up to their potential, and may have been overhyped in the process. Here is a list of 10 competitors who easily come to mind that did not make the most of their time with WWE, whether it was the brass’ fault or theirs.

1-lashleyBobby Lashley

There is a feeling the company tried to spoon-feed Bobby Lashley all the pickings they possibly could yet he failed miserably at captivating an audience. He won the ECW Championship twice (in the despicable WWE version) and was a United States Champion but he just was not a draw or exciting for that matter. Hopefully the same cannot be said for his MMA career, though it may already be too late.

Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed Johnson was the first African American to win a championship in the WWE and although his size was an accolade in itself, he did not live up to expectations. After being included in The Nation of Domination (and turned on), he was gone right after No Way Out of Texas 1998 and signed for WCW. Maybe he should not have been so rough with the guys in the ring but maybe that is beside the point.

Scott Steiner

‘‘Big Poppa Pump’’ was so over when he rejoined WWE that it was almost destiny for him to secure a title. Thankfully his feud with Triple H ended and we did not have to see those matches yet instead, we were treated to Scott Steiner and Test going at it. Granted, Steiner was so big he could not even move and the quality of performances in WWE is more demanding than WCW or TNA.

Lex Luger

The ‘‘Lex Express’’ took the WWE by storm in 1993, after his introduction as ‘‘The Narcissist.’’ On second thought, he should have stayed as that character, because he was not convincing enough to carry the company on his shoulders – hence a failed opportunity at taking away the WWE Championship from Yokozuna. Maybe a heel run would have been more promising for Luger.


With all due respect to the late Samoan beast, he may have been frightening to children yet we remembered him as Jamal from 3 Minute Warning (another flop in itself). He had feuds with everyone from John Cena to Ric Flair (somehow) and despite winning the Intercontinental Championship twice, he was not a very convincing heel that could do it in a long-term effect.


Once a larger than life behemoth in WCW, Goldberg won gold in the WWE yet he did not have nearly the same success he did in the rival promotion at the time. Was this the work of a mastermind to have him do the job to Triple H at the beginning of his time with WWE? He just was not the same, and his moves even suggested he was getting lazy. His match will Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20 could have been the worst match in history.

Marcus Cor Von 

Monty Brown was a very promising talent in 2004, and during his stay with TNA, he was given main event status but he had to job to guys like Jeff Jarrett who would not just give up their main card positioning. After debuting under his new name with WWE, he had a brief stint with ECW and was forgotten about rather quickly – not even spending a full year with the company.

Nathan Jones

This freak of nature was touted to be a major player in the company, having been a weightlifting champion and had a short stint in PRIDE FC. He was nothing to write home about in the squared circle, and eventually quit the company because of the rigorous traveling schedule. He flat out disappeared after being talked about so much.


The iconic Sabu’s highlight reel moment was when he jumped off the letters that spelled RAW at the original ECW invasion angle in 1997 but his tenure will WWE afterwards was forgettable. To his credit, it was not his fault since management had no idea what to do with him. His match with Big Show at SummerSlam 2006 will go down as one of the worst in the pay-per-view’s history.

mastersChris Masters

‘‘The Masterpiece’’ was a spectacle when he came out in front of the crowd – his ring entrance was longer than usual, accentuating his physique. Sadly for him, he could not hack it in the ring and he was ‘‘suspended’’ a few times (because who knows if he was told to purposely take what he needed to take to get huge). We were then treated to him shaking his pectorals – which was basically his gimmick.

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  • Bite Me You Loser


    • Jay Ess

      I could never understand why Regal couldn’t figure out that name with literally everyone else in the world pronouncing it the way Umaga wanted it to be pronounced. Must have been an inside joke or something.

      • Mario Peralta

        He also says “Triple Haich”

        • Because there’s a H, why would it be pronounced ‘Aitch’?

          • Mario Peralta

            No I’m saying he don’t just say H (aitch) he say “Haitch” like it’s a whole new word that begins with an H.

          • That’s what I meant, you’re suppose to pronounce the ‘H’ as well.

      • Raybags

        Tana Umaga the Rugby Union player’s surname is pronounced Umanga, it’s the correct Somoan pronunciation of the word

        • Jay Ess

          Nice info. “You learn something new everyday.”

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    If they were used the right way they could have been huge in the WWE.

    • mrlaw

      You can only do the whole monster heel thing so far before it gets stale and boring.. They would had never been huge in WWE even if they were used right.. Some have that factor and some don’t and those were are good samples of not being entertaining..

  • CM Punk BITW

    Shane looks like he’s drunk lol

  • I loved umaga. During the first year and a half after his debut he monsterous and devastating I thought he might actually injure someone. He was a lot more agile than most men his size and was really fast paced and aggressive. I think he could’ve been a convincing WHC but WWE ended up making him lose more and more each month. Similar to how they did with the great Khali. Khali was so dominating in the first year of his WWE tenure, then he started losing. Then he started losing more and more and more, now we are stuck with dancing Khali and that has irreversibly damaged his reputation and I don’t think he could ever return to his once monsterous form.

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Add Tensai to the list of monsters slayed by bad booking. Hell add Snitsky and Mike Knox to really rub it in.

      • puckdinah1

        The WWE sure knows how to compromise the credibility of large wrestlers. Smh

  • Bite Me You Loser

    I really do miss Marcus Cor Von he would have been gold to the WWE

    • TheHotDogKing1

      Is it me or does anyone else think that the WWE has missed the boat on as many people as they’ve made successful? Cor Von is a different case because he had family issues, but there are a ton of guys that the WWE could have made stars who the WWE never pushed.

  • mrlaw

    Disagree with Golberg being a flop and why should WWE repeat his career he had in WCW? He was just starting out and got his feet wet. He was far more experience heading into WWE and he had some real competition.. If WWE didn’t want Goldberg to be unstoppable, he would had loss to The Rock on his debut or to Chris Jericho during their feud.. He loss to Triple H twice and he has also beaten Triple H twice…

    I do agree that his WM match with Lesnar was one of the worse matches in WM history and probably in pro wrestling in general but both men were leaving and figured they would screw WWE over..

  • sear

    I think a great idea is to have wade Barrett, Vladimir koslov, William regal and Christian to be anti america

  • Goldberg a flop in WWE? Did anyone watch 2003?

  • Jonny

    This list is retarded. Umaga wasn’t a flop, the guy main evented against John Cena, competed a against Batista at Wrestlemania and was at the top of the WWE in terms of the big bad monster type character. Not a flop. Goldberg was not a flop either in WWE. The guy had a memorable debut, matches with the Rock, Jericho, HHH and was a World Champion. Masters was aflop because WWE booked him bad, but even still I wont consider him a flop as his masterpiece gimmick and his masterlock challenge gained some good heat, before WWE foolishly ended it with a REAL flop as you have with Lashley.

    Again another of many articles that isn’t proofread and written by complete morons

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Calling Goldberg a flop is idiotic. He was World Champion for several months back when the World title was THE championship in the company. He headlined 5 out of 12 PPVs during his year-long stint. I wonder if the writer of this article even knows what a flop is. A flop is a complete and dismal failure with little or no success. Max Moon was a flop. Tensai was a flop. Mike Adamle was a multiple flop. People who win World titles and headline pay-per-views are not flops.

    PS- calling Umaga a flop is not only incorrect, but an insult to his memory. His Royal Rumble match with Cena alone is enough to keep him off this list.

  • Steve F.

    No mention of Heidenreich?

    • TheHotDogKing1

      Ugh! That damn theme.

  • puckdinah1

    Goldberg did not have the same effect in WWE. Even fans turned on him. Sabu was terrible in WWE. Matt Morgan should have made this list

  • mika009

    In the case of Steiner, Goldberg and maybe one or two others are they considered a flop if a certain person or people backstage play the ploitical game and hold them back a little?

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