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NXT In A Nutshell:

It’s a good Wednesday night, and an even better one because NXT is on the air. And, in light of all the recent call-ups, how awesome is it to see the brand get Hideo Itami back? Here’s a guy who had it all clicking and seemed like he was on his way to the main roster, but then injuries derailed that, and now, over a year later, he’s returning to the ring, to a much different NXT roster than when he left.

Best Match of the night:

For me, it was a toss-up between Itami/Maluta and Revivial/TM61. But, as I am a sucker for good tag team action, I give the nod-ever so slightly-to the main event. Both matches were enjoyable, however.

Worst match of the night:

Rawley and Atkins. Because it was ultra short, and predominantly was a vehicle to get some of Joe’s anger out. And,in that respect,it worked well.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Welcome back


Bobby Roode


Yes! Yes!

Johnny Wrestling

Psycho Killer

Not sure what it was, but the crowd seemed unusually muted tonight. Most unexpected for the usually hot NXT crowd.

Star of the Night

I am going to go out and say, for his promo, Bobby Roode won this spot. It was compelling, it was captivating, and it was his way of announcing that there’s yet another strong, experienced heel in the company.

Spot of the Night:

Maluta with a codebreaker-looking move, off the turnbuckle. Looked pretty slick, and not something I expect to point out for someone not previously seen on NXT.

No spot in particular, but overall loved the strong, old school tag team moves, the teamwork, featured in the main event between TM61 and The Revival.

Jobber of the Night:

Chris Atkins. Easily lands here, working like, a minute of a match, plus a beating after, and getting zero offense in.

Upset of the Night:

Nada. None. Zip. Zilch. Thought TM61 was going to pull one off, but it wasn’t in the cards.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Mojo Rawley, standing up for himself after Samoa Joe ended his match, attacking Joe from behind. He paid for it, but I didn’t figure he was going to answer Joe’s violence.

Botch of the night:

Honestly, if there was one, I failed to pick up on it. I’m willing to say there probably wasn’t a major blunder tonight.

Commentary of the night:

I hope Gargano and Ciampa play Pokemon Go off a cliff somewhere.

Honestly, nothing memorable tonight. Don’t get me wrong, the banter worked just fine, as it always does. However, there weren’t the usual quips, zingers or other one-liners that make me frantically write them down tonight. I guess even these guys have off nights.

LOL Moment of the night:

Not much tonight. I’d give it to the backstage interaction between Gargano, Ciampa and TM61, over the make-believe ticket and make-believe bell.

Ciampa purposefully calling Revival Arn and Ole was good for some laughs.

Noteworthy Moment:

Hideo Itami is finally back. And, he looked pretty good, though that scar was a sight to see.

Bobby Roode has debuted, officially,on NXT. It was only a promo, but it was an interesting one. Started off very complimentary of the product and whatnot, but delved into the heel side of things as Roode declared he was going to have presidents and Fortune 500 CEOs in the seats, instead of the ugly people there now. It will be most interesting to see who is going to step up to challenge the former TNA stalwart first.

Things intensifying between Asuka and Bayley. Asuka expected Bayley to sit at ringside to watch, but Bayley threw the chair over in defiance. Asuka was aggressive, even cocky, in her match, breaking up a few of her own pinning predicaments to prolong things, and she left the Asuka Lock on well after the bell rang, which got Bayley into the ring, but for now, the two didn’t come to blows.

A week after a cryptic video package, another one runs tonight, but now we know that Ember Moon arrives on August 20th (that’s TakeOver: Brookyln, for those of you not keeping score at home).

Overall lowlights:

It was still a good show, but for whatever reason, something felt a little off tonight. Crowd wasn’t as hot as it usually is, the announce team wasn’t dropping the usual good lines. It was an off night, but for NXT, it seems even an off night is a good night.

Overall highlights:

Love that Itami is back.

Love that Roode is officially here. Even though the current NXT roster is taking a distinct TNA feel to it in some respects, it’s still NXT and it’s good for the brand. Love or hate TNA (and personally, I just barely watched it), it’s a fact that they had (and have) some good talent. NXT always needs some veterans, and a guy like Roode can be huge for NXT now, and likely eventually the main roster.

In spite of losing several main tag teams, things are still quite competitive on the show, and Revival has two solid teams vying for their gold. Should be interesting, and entertaining, to see that sorted out.

Bayley and Asuka are fixing to have one more stellar match when things head to Brooklyn. Looks like Asuka might lean to the heel side of things, if only until the feud with Bayley subsides. But the major question is, after Bayley, who steps up? I don’t know that NXT plans on having Asuka and Bayley continue to feud till next year-that just seems unlikely, especially since Bayley had a strong debut on WWE PPV programming recently.

After the final bell:

A solid, if unspectacular show. Things are shaping up nicely for Brooklyn, as we have Joe/Nakamura and Bayley/Asuka headlining, with the women signing the contract next week. There are plenty of other matches to come, so things look good. I saw this as a somewhat transitional period for the NXT brand, with all of the draftees and whatnot, but honestly, they’ve barely skipped a beat.


Hideo Itami defeats Sean Maluta

Mojo Rawley kind of defeated Chris Atkins. Looked like he had the 3 count on Atkins, when Samoa Joe ran in and beat up both wrestlers.

Asuka makes Aliyah tap out, with Bayley at ringside to observe.

The Revival take out TM61


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