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NXT In A Nutshell: Recaps Galore

It’s our first NXT since TakeOver, and if you haven’t seen that show yet, just stop and close this one now. If you are still with us, then be warned. It’s not my fault if we spoil something…though, seriously, you should have watched TakeOver by now.

In any event, the show opens with a video recap of the awesome weekend action that was TakeOver: Brooklyn II. The matches we are taking in this evening also happen to have been taped in Brooklyn, so there’s just New York everywhere. We get things kicked off with the Perfect 10 himself, Tye Dillinger.

Best Match of the night:

You have a fifty fifty shot of getting this right. They were both entertaining, but I will be honest. On any other night? I don’t think either one of these makes the best match.

But since it’s just these two choices? Man it is tough…but I give a slight edge to TM61/Authors of Pain. But if you ask me in five minutes, I might think that Dillinger and Blake fit here.

Worst match of the night:

Same here. Fifty fifty proposition, sort of. But just as I said neither match would likely make the “best of the night” on most cards, I don’t think either would fall in as “worst” either. So, I say no one lands here, because if I struggled with which of the two matches really was the best of the night, then none of them was so bad. So this one ends up empty.

Crowd Chants of the Night:


Ten! Ten! Ten!

Blake’s a zero

Star of the Night

Man, these get harder when there aren’t many options.

This one will sound crazy, but I think that TM61, in the loss, actually impressed me and improved their stock. I see big things in their future. Granted, I see big things for the Authors, too, but TM61 impressed.

Honorable mention for Tye Dillinger, as he was really over and looked strong.

Spot of the Night:

My choices are limited….

Man oh man can TM61 fly. The over the top rope, to the outside leap? Before the match even began? Just awesome to see.

Jobber of the Night:


Upset of the Night:

There wasn’t one. But I really should put TM61 in here, for just hanging in with The Authors of Pain for as long as they did. I mean, damn, they scored a two count, and it was the first time in a match these two big men were challenged.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

That TM61 hung in there with the Authors. NXT wants the AoP to be monsters, and they should be, but they also need to remember that there has to be some balance there, and they need to have teams look competitive. And that’s what we got tonight. I can see a match in the future where TM61 goes over AoP.

And, looking back at TakeOver-if Joe really did have his jaw dislocated, as he tweeted. It looked like a nasty Kinshasa, but if that injury is legit and not storyline, then damn. And yes, I realize that happened a few nights ago, but it was just a short night.

Botch of the night:

Nothing glaring tonight.

Commentary of the night:

He might be less than a ten, but he’s not a zero

Even their names scare me

Did we just see a near fall on the Authors of Pain?

LOL Moment of the night:

The fact that Authors of Pain have been in NXT a couple months, and we only now heard names (Achem and Razar? I think?) but the announcers still say “one of the Authors did this or that”. It’s funny. Like, everyone is too afraid to even ask them.

Aside from that? I got nothing. What do you want from me? There just wasn’t much going on tonight.

Noteworthy Moment:

As is the usual form, the post-TakeOver show is all about the recaps. Video recaps of the PPV, recaps of Bayley’s last match in NXT, and her RAW debut. Not a complaint, just makes the show light on new content.

But, speaking of new content, the Bayley retrospective after losing her match was a nice touch. I was really fond of Ember Moon coming up in the back and saying how she is in NXT because of Bayley. Bit of a passing of the torch there, but the segment felt a bit awkward at times. It’s my one knock on Bayley-at times, those backstage interviews seem, I don’t know, too scripted maybe? Too stiff? I can’t place it, but she still has so much working for her, so it’s not a glaring flaw.

Overall lowlights:

The big bummer about these shows, is that its like, thirty minutes of recaps and twenty or so minutes of wrestling. I don’t mind the recaps, but when you have to write a recap? Of a recap show, that you wrote a recap for on Saturday? It’s not ideal.

Overall highlights:

Ignore my griping before, because as tired as I could be with the recaps, I give the NXT video/editing crew credit. They do  nice work with the packages.

Tye Dillinger and TM61 were my highlights. Loved seeing them both in action. They should have bright futures.

After the final bell:

This is like a throw-away week. And, sometimes, the next few will be. Next week we do get to hear from Nakamura, he who is new champion. I wish there was more follow up on the angle of Joe having his jaw busted by Kinshasha prior to losing the title, but I am sure we get that soon enough.

We did get two solid matches-it’s nice to see Tye Dillinger back in action, and the onslaught from the Authors of Pain continues.


Tye Dillinger beats Wesley Blake

Authors of Pain close the book on TM61

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